15,000 mgh Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Summer Specials

When we ran out of stainless steel cases for our 15g ozone ballasts/tubes, I made an executive decision not to order more cases. I wasn’t happy with the amount of money that the case itself plus shipping was adding to the ‘cost of goods’ for that $189 unit. (Required a big box and 10 lb shipping weight) I decided that I should tap into the roots of Forever Ozone and offer a ‘bare bones’ option that allows our customers to get the most ozone possible for a low price. So that’s what I did. I came up with three options. 45,000 mgh for $199. And 15,000 mgh / fan for $99.

Working with glass tubes that require extra care during shipping and manufacturing is a pain in the butt. I can see why no other ozone generator vendor offers them. It’s bad for the ‘bottom line.’ I lose out on future residual replacement ozone plate business since this new (better) type of ozone technology never wears out over time. However. The fact this new technology is never diminished by humidity like the old plate technology makes it a better value for the consumer. The stainless steel mesh on the inside and outside of the quartz tube (a type of glass) never wears out. The transformer may wear out down the road, but it’s covered by our lifetime warranty, so no worries there either. So there is no upside and considerable downside for a manufacturer to offer this type of ozone producing element. But there is one upside. It allows us to offer the best ozone equipment on the market. That is priceless! Also priceless is the fact I no longer have to line the pockets of the globalist Corps with (advertising, fees) since word of mouth is more than enough to power Foreverozone these days.

We’ll continue to offer the best prices, service, and ozone products. If you like our products, please tell a friend!

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  1. Awesome Ozone generator. replaced a $400 plate generator, which failed after 4 cycles, with your $99 special. It works much better and should last longer too. thanks for a great product.

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