15g Quartz Tube Bare Bones Ozone Generator now available.

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We decided to sell these 15g quartz tube ozone generators for $70 as a DIY kit first. We’ll have enclosed units in the future.

The 8″ inline fan will put you back another $30 but still a great deal considering what you’re getting, and we pay shipping and tax unless you live in Arkansas.

These are best paired with an 8″ inline fan that can also be attached to an 8′ flexible ducting. Any fan however can be used to create high concentrations of ozone. Just have the air blow right into the 3′ wide ozone tube ozone tube. Or you can opt to suck the air over this ozone tube by putting it on the air intake side of the fan. It’s the inside part of the the tube that actually lights up to create ozone, not the outside part. That’s how dielectric/corona discharge works.

Since heat destroys ozone, these quartz tube type ozone generators produce higher concentrations of ozone than the stated amount of ozone that is created by a ceramic ozone plate unit. (why we switched) Well that and the fact that humidity doesn’t get reduced with this type of ozone element like the ceramic plates. At 80% humidity, with ceramic plates, you’re only getting 20% of the stated output. Yikes! Not an issue with the quartz tube and UV technologies.

We do recommend you build a box to house these bare bones units. They are made out of glass and you don’t want to damage your investment, right?

4 thoughts on “15g Quartz Tube Bare Bones Ozone Generator now available.

    1. Hi there. We quit selling the bare bones ozone generators we invented back in 2010 (And China copied our concept) to pivot to something
      that doesn’t require ozone plates and is moisture resistant. The bare bones units with an exposed element work fine in dry weather but in 60% humidity, ozone plate units like that have the ozone output reduced by 60%. In 70%, a 70% reduction and so on and so forth. Since ozone is used a lot in humid areas (causes mold and mite issues ozone addresses) we decided it was best to only sell the quartz tube units for now on. Granted, we’re walking away from a lot of residual profits from the ozone plates moving forward, but you can’t take it with you anyway so who cares.

      We will continue to offer the plates and replace the transformers as they burn out however. I suggest you invest in the quartz tube tech. next gen and works better not to mention safer.

    1. Yes. I’m going to start making a budget model again as well as a ‘bare bones’ version. Check back next week. The budget version
      will sell for $130 and the bare bones for $65 plus shipping.

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