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Best Way to Get Rid of Odors

Best Way to Get Rid of Odors

Like all things, there is a ‘best way’ to do just about anything. In this article, a former IAQ tester will share with you what I believe to be the ‘best way’ to get rid of odors.

The easiest (but worse for your health) way to get rid of odors is to mask them with chemicals. Products like Febreze or any other air freshener, according to the Environmental Work Group contain many cancer-causing chemicals. If you must mask the odor, use essential oils and do your lungs a favor.

The first step in your quest to get rid of odors is to properly clean the floors of any dust (mop, vacuum, etc) Once you get rid of dust, all you need is to run the HVAC system 24/7 with a MERV 11 furnace filter. I’ve blogged about that several times.

If you want to get rid of pet odors, you’re probably dealing with urine. You’ll need to rip out carpets and pads. Next, you’ll need to douce the urine stain areas with enzymes. Lastly, you’ll have to perform a one or two-day ozone shock treatment in the unoccupied structure. The best way to do that is one hour on, one hour off via a 24 hour 30-minute timer.

If you want to get rid of cooking or second-hand smoke odors, then you’ll need to clean off surfaces with a de-greaser, clean the carpets with a degreaser (or replace them) and then follow up with a one to four-day ozone shock treatment, on hour on and one hour off the whole time. This time, you’ll need to flush all of the byproducts of the oxidized chemicals (now tiny particles) out of the house via a negative pressure technique we preach. It involves opening all of the windows and doors and pointing a 20″ box fan outwards from the lowest window, the rest of the window sealed, to draw air in and force the air out via the box fan. If you don’t do this (and most ozone generator vendors only care about selling you and ozone generator, don’t care about your health, so they won’t tell you this) then those tiny particles will be breathed in deep into the lungs and like second-hand smoke, potentially cause problems for health. (humans and pets) So make sure to do this final step whenever you perform an ozone shock treatment to get rid of second-hand smoke.

Just remember, ozone is not for breathing! It’s only for use in unoccupied areas. Wait one hour after the ozone shock treatment before going back in and comply with all state and local regulations. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs (see EPA warning on ozone air purifiers) We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by Contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY! Please use as directed for air shock treatments, and only if you feel you can competently follow instructions.

Love Dogs but Not Dirty Dog Odors? We Have a Solution.

I had a nice lady in Newport Beach call today to see what I recommend for making her house smell like a fresh mountain meadow despite the fact it now smells like a barn because her kids aren’t properly cleaning their dogs. She has company coming this weekend and wants to find a quick solution. Here is a solution I shared with her and I know works because I’m using it myself now that I find myself living in a home with 2 dogs. 

First, I put a blanket that gets washed often on the couches so that they don’t absorb the plethora of bacteria their backsides harbor. Secondly, the floors now get swept and mopped every day. Thirdly, while the dogs are getting walked (for at least one hour a day) the house gets a 15-minute ozone shock treatment. (the ozone lingers for another 30-40 minutes) Lastly, I am using the ozone air purifier I recently added to our offering myself to keep the air smelling mountain fresh despite our dogs. I program it conservatively to turn on for 5 seconds every 3 minutes which is just enough ozone to make it smell like a fresh mountain meadow but not enough ozone to get above .002 ppm, well below the .01 ppm EPA guideline. If I cook fish, which I often do, I bump it up to 30 seconds every 3 minutes for an hour or so, then go back to the 5-second program. 

I know that there is a lot of controversy about breathing ozone, but the fact is that studies have found that breathing low levels of ozone is good for you. In Europe, doctors often tell their patients to take their kids with asthma to the mountains for the holidays to allow their lungs to heal with the elevated ozone levels (and smog-free air.) Breathing city air, smog, the stuff ozone breaks down (why there is a lot of ozone in the air when there is a lot of smog in the air) is harmful to the lungs. Breathing fresh clean pollution-free air with a little ozone, on the other hand, is great for the lungs. Our lungs can handle oxygen, and the simple fact is that we now breath 1/2 of the oxygen content we used to breathe thousands of years ago before we replaced everything green with concrete, buildings, and asphalt and even worse, allowed the Amazon rain forests to be burnt down. Now our air only has about 21% oxygen. Bumping up our oxygen uptake with a small amount of ozone isn’t bad for you, I believe it promotes good health, and the science I’ve read on the subject confirms my beliefs. Yes, for asthmatics and people with COPD or other lung issues, breathing elevated ozone levels is not advisable, and I don’t advise that. The simple fact, however, is that ozone is ‘self-regulating’ in the sense it tells you it you’re breathing too much by making you cough. If you cough around ozone, turn off the ozone machine or get out of the area! Simple as that. However, if you don’t cough with a small amount of ozone in the air, and it makes you feel good? Know what? It’s promoting good health. 

Another solution I also use it to clean my pets backside with ozone water after they do a #2. I do this several times a day. They don’t seem to mind it, I think they like it and appreciate my Mike’s Magic Butt Cleaning Service. (Franchise opportunities available, lol) How is this done? I just bubble ozone into a 16 oz of water for five minutes with our 1g ozone generator, I then pour the highly ozonated water into the ozone proof sprayer we sell and spray away with a fine mist right where the sun don’t shine on my kid’s dogs. I do this at least one time a day before they get in bed with my kids. (disgusting, I know, but they insist) I like to do have it done to the dogs after they go #2, but then again, I’m a little OCD about bacteria. Call me weird, I don’t care. I think ozone is why I haven’t aged much or been sick in 10 years. 

Airborne viruses, molds, fungus, bacteria, chemtrails, pollution, etc don’t like it when you introduce a small amount of ozone into the air. So if you love your dogs, but want your home smelling clean, fresh, with not even a hint of dirty dog, consider our fresh clean air solution. (or the tush cleaning solution, lol)  

Best Way to Use Ozone Generators to Remove Second Hand Smoke Odors.

Like with anything, there is always a “best way” to do something, and in this case, there is a “best way” to perform an ozone shock treatment to get rid of second-hand smoke odors. I’ll explain how.

First, you need two times the amount of ozone you normally use to get rid of odors like food odors, musty smells, old people smell, etc. That means 2000 milligrams per 100 square feet, and that’s if you use our Cool-Tec units that stay cool. Ozone generators that have air pass over both sides of the plate at the same time don’t get properly cooled and the ozone plates run hot, over 100 degrees. At those temperatures, ozone production is reduced around 50%. Secondly, you need to make sure the humidity level is under 30%. If not, use a dehumidifier. Thirdly, you need to make sure the temperature is under 78 degrees, if not, turn on the AC. Why? At 50% humidity, ozone production is reduced by 50%. At 90 degrees, ozone production is reduced by 30%. If you don’t mind the temperature and humidity issue and you use a poorly designed ozone generator, you’ll need more like 5000 mg/h per 100 feet.

Next, the actual protocol to get the job of removing second-hand smoke damage done right, per years of experience in the remediation industry. First, don’t even think of painting over smoke damage. It will still seep through. What about the carpets? Carpets are nasty, especially if someone smoked or had pets. Tile is easier to clean, or hardwood floors, so get rid of the carpets, especially in a rental.
The first step is to run the initial ozone shock treatment. This should be a 6 to 8-hour shock treatment with one hour on, one hour off. Ozone lingers for 40 minutes so no need to run your generator constantly. Giving it time to cool down between run times prolongs the life of the transformers and gives you a better shock treatment because heat destroys ozone. After that initial shock treatment, wipe down all surfaces and walls with a degreaser to get rid of the tar and nicotine from the smoke damage. You know, that dull yellow haze that films the walls and cabinets? Ozone will get rid of the odor but not that funky stuff. That needs to be removed with a towel dipped in dishwashing soap, tied to the end of a mop stick, and continuously being changed or cleaned. That’s the hardest part of the job by the way.

The next step is to do ozone shock treatments for three or four more days, at least 12 hours in duration, at cold temperatures followed by a heating period. The heating up period allows for smoke damage that has penetrated deep into substrates to “off-gas” i.e. come to the surface so that ozone can break the hydrogen bonds and break those chemicals down. There are over 1000 chemicals in second-hand smoke. Most cause cancer and respiratory issues. If you live in a house that was smoked in, my guess is you’re getting yearly respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and your kids may develop asthma, even if nobody is currently smoking in your home. The damage that was done will continue to cause illness for many, many years until someone remediates the smoke damage.

The last step is to draw all of the air out of the house after an ozone shock treatment to remediate smoke damage. This part is a bit of a pain, but how a professional with IAQ training will do the job. Why? When you use ozone to get rid of second-hand smoke damage, you create tiny particulate that is harmful to your lungs and immune system. Not as bad as second-hand smoke, but still harmful. You need to AIR OUT THE HOUSE after each ozone shock treatment! This is best done by opening up all of the windows in the house, preferably early in the morning, and using a 20″ box fan placed facing outward in one of the windows to blow the remnants of your ozone shock treatment out (lowest window in the house). Place a piece of cardboard above the box fan so that it creates a negative pressure environment that will suck air in from outside via the open windows, bringing in the fresh air and draw out the fine particulate.
Now, if after you do that, you want to paint it? Knock yourself out. At least now that new paint won’t wreak of second-hand smoke when temperatures start to warm up!
This is, I guarantee, the only way to reverse second-hand smoke damage from a structure. You can try to paint over smoke damage, but the smoke damage will leach into the paint, even Killz paint, and all of those cancer-causing chemicals will still make you or your future tenants sick! They will leach through and harm the future occupants, guaranteed, and you (the owner) may find yourself legally liable if they suffer permanent lung damage, and guess what? They will. That’s what second-hand smoke damage does, harm people. By now, everyone should know that.
If your lungs were harmed by moving into a place that previously suffered second-hand smoke damage or has/had mold damage, you may want to consult with a lawyer and your insurance company to make yourself whole and to fix the problem right. Why do you think Insurance companies are happy to pay ServePro (they have a contract with insurance companies) thousands of dollars to run ozone generators in structures with second-hand smoke damage? Because they know the financial liability that looms if they don’t. They’re in the business of risk management, and liability mitigation. They know that harming a kid’s lungs for life can cost them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, and they know that there are case precedents to support that type of action. Negligence is no excuse. Second-hand smoke is known, and medically established that it causes serious harm to the lungs, especially the lungs of little ones or older folks, and it can create life long asthma and even lung cancer. How much is that worth? I don’t know. Millions perhaps if that were my kid.

Sadly, the HVAC industry spends a lot of time poo-pooing ozone shock treatments instead of ineffective HEPA filters or carbon filters that do NOTHING to remove chemicals from walls, cabinets, floors and the roof. Yes, ozone gas is not for breathing. Yes, you need to flush the area with fresh air afterward. And yes, ozone is the only way to permanently remediate second-hand smoke damage from a home. Period.
P.S. Lawyers also love to sue ozone generator companies as well because ozone gas, when inhaled, can cause lung damage. For this reason, you must place a sign on the front door that says “Warning, Ozone Shock Treatment in Progress. Stay Out” so that if a burglar breaks in and harms their lungs with ozone, they can’t sue you. Most often, it will be a Real Estate agent and his clients, from past cases where a warning sign was not placed. We don’t get sued because our machines are not air purifiers, they are only to be used in unoccupied spaces and used by contractors or homeowners acting as contractors to do it themselves. That means they use common sense precautions and use our equipment as directed, that includes using them with fans, not placing them near curtains, on the carpet, etc. (per our instructions.) We live in a litigious society, so one has to be careful to protect themselves.

Walmart Recall of Aroma Scents contaminated With ‘Rare and Dangerous’ Bacteria Tip of Iceberg.

Walmart Recall of Aroma Scents contaminated With ‘Rare and Dangerous’ Bacteria Tip of Iceberg.

A recent news article about a potentially fatal bacteria found in contaminated aromatherapy scents sold at Walmart is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of air fresheners. Let me explain.

20 years ago I worked for an environmental engineering firm that basically worked with insurance companies to test the air for toxic mold and VOCs (new home syndrome). The knowledge I gained from that training has served me well over the years and even helped inspire the creation of several companies including Forever Ozone. One of the things I learned was that air fresheners are a major cause of indoor air pollution (VOCs – volatile organic compounds) Unfortunately, the company that owns Febreze, Proctor and Gamble, is one of the wealthiest Intl Corps in this world, so the dangers of air fresheners is a ‘shhhhh’ subject.

Years ago, Febreze ran an ad campaign that claimed that their products not only get rid of odors, they ‘eliminate‘ them. I contacted them and claimed that’s what ozone does, not their chemical products that actually contribute to air pollution and actually contain a long list of health damaging substances. The truth is that their products don’t even cover up odors! They just add another foul chemical smell to the mix. Foolish me threatened to sue them and expose the truth. Help promote ozone. A win-win situation for me and my company. I got a threatening email in response that suggested they have the resources to litigate me out of business, if I dare try to rain on their false marketing parade. A few days later they had a local lawyer deliver a personal message to help me understand what I was up against and that those people don’t play. The very health and well-being of my children would also be impacted if I chose to try and litigate this story via social media and the Internet. When I asked how, I got a coy response that they knew where my kids went to school and that I would ne longer have the funds to live in a nice house or send them there if I chose to pick a fight with P&J. Hmmm I thought. They must have hired a PI to find out where my kids went to school. That’s odd I thought, unless they were trying to intimidate and scare me. And it worked. I took that as a personal threat. But after talking about this with my wife, I decided that they were bluffing. I was in the right and had nothing to worry about. So I blogged about it and called the local news station and tried to get them to report on this story and my pending litigation. Boy was that stupid! Within months I was kicked off Amazon where I was getting 66% of my sales. I wasn’t able to pay the $10,000 lawyer retainer. And this dream of exposing the truth about Febreze was dead. I still wonder if picking a fight with P&J over Febreze had anything to do with that. I had a perfect sales record on Amazon and then out of the blue people were posting bad reviews of my products and asking for their money back, returning broken machines. Do you believe in coincidences?

My attempts to bring attention to the false advertising and the many health risks of their air fresheners never even got off the ground. I came to learn that the parent company, Procter & Gamble, one of the wealthiest Corporations in the world has enough money and ’33 connections’ to squash any story that painted Febreze products in a negative light. P&J has more products and spends more money on advertising those products than any other Corp in the world! There isn’t a news station in this country that would be foolish enough to risk losing their largest advertiser.

This makes perfect sense in retrospect. We live in a world where bad is called good (air fresheners) and good (ozone) is called bad. This now all make perfect sense. So I just filed that away as just more proof that Corporations and governments have an agenda to make money and cause illness, (to feed Pharma and medical establishment), not to be good citizens of this world or to honest. And for sure. Not to promote our well being. That’s our job. And I also learned that here in the real world, you pick a fight with Goliath and you get squashed. But on a positive note, I’m much happier now than I was back then! Much more peace in my life now. I learned that peace comes from within, not from things outside of me.

The fragrances found in nature elicit different emotions, and good quality essential oils are also healthy in my opinion, but you value your health, stay away from the heavily processed chemical ‘scents’ and air fresheners on the market! Cleanliness is next to godliness and nothing says clean better than a thunderstorm (creates ozone) or an ozone shock treatment to sanitize and purify the air. Get rid of all the ‘bad guys’ which include bacteria and viruses that can rob us of good health. Ozone shock treatments in unoccupied rooms even kill flies and mosquitoes! Cost if you own our machine? Free, which is just more proof that the best things in life are free! I also learned it’s not wise to mess with mother nature. But above all, I got to witness how this world works, and where lasting peace and happiness come from. It’s not from Amazon. Or fake fragrances. Or anything outside of us. I learned that if we do what is right, the real ‘us’ will be blissful deep inside us come what may, and that our path will be blessed with peace and happiness despite whatever happens in this ‘movie’ we call live, good or bad. There are no problems, just solutions waiting to be solved, and new exciting trails ready to be explored and witnessed! So yeah, I tend to laugh at this fake, backwards messed up world and don’t allow it to set-up shop in my consciousness! I’ve got this 🙂

PS. If you have that recalled fragrance product from Walmart, the best way to sanitize all surfaces of that harmful bacteria is with an ozone shock treatment, not trying to wipe surfaces down with chemical products that will create indoor air pollution (another problem) Isn’t it interesting that Pharma solutions cause side effects but natural solutions like ozone don’t? Ozone is natures air cleaner, and without it, we’d all be dead. (Smog from fires, volcanic eruptions would linger and eventually kill us all. Ozone breaks down pollution and eliminates it by breaking down the chemical bonds that comprises what is in air pollution) Blessed will be those who have the power of ozone at their disposal when things hit the fan and modern society falls apart. (By designed, can’t stop their plans. But you can be prepared!) Fires will rage, burning plastics and chemical laced materials creating toxic clouds. Water, giver of life, will also be contaminated. Ozone will be like the blood above the doorway that keeps the angel of death that kills 1/3 of the world in the last days from paying your family a visit. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to sell our machines when that day comes, and what good will having a million dollars in the bank be if you don’t own our all in one ozone generator then? When that day comes, I wouldn’t trade our 10g ozone machine for any amount of money. If you don’t have good health, you don’t have anything.

Revamped Forever Ozone Website!

Revamped Forever Ozone Website!

If things look different, they are. In October of 2019, Forever Ozone changed its website platform from Shopify to WordPress. Why?  Many reasons.  Shopify was slow. Their platform caused us to lose valuable ranking in the search engines after the latest Google update. Shopify doesn’t support easy product reviews, something we really loved about our previous service and about our new one.  Basically, WordPress allows for a better customer interaction and better integration with social media, customer questions, reviews, and comments. All of the things we feel will help us connect better with our customers moving forward. 

We hope our customers take a few minutes to offer their input and experience using our ozone generators. We also hope you offer your advice on what you found works best to get rid of odors, kill mites or mold, etc. Forever Ozone is a team effort! Please help us help others, sharing is caring after all!


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

When we sold on Amazon from 2013 to 2017, our ozone generators averaged 4.6 to 4.7 stars out of 5. 

View amazon reviews for our 2 transformer model 

Our past websites allowed customers to leave reviews. We switched to the “Shopify” platform in 2017 and were no longer able to receive reviews and at the same time, we quit Amazon. We miss getting customer feedback, so here in October of 2019 we left Shopify and switched to a WordPress website format, the best format for getting product reviews, asking and answering questions, and getting customer feedback. So please, feel free to share your experience with our company and products, give advice or constructive criticism if that’s what’s called for. We’re not perfect, we’re just trying our best and always looking to improve.

Here are a few of the more helpful or informative reviews over the years:

Great product, cleared up cigarette smoke completely26 Mar 2017I relocated recently and wasn’t aware until after I signed the lease that my apartment unit is directly above an indoor chain smoker. The drifting of the cigarette smoke becomes so bad that I have to close off the room most affected by it. Until I researched and bought this product from ForeverZone, I thought I only have two options, to move to another rental ($600 moving quote) or speed up my timeline to purchase a home ($3600 penalty for breaking the lease). Either choice will cost me a lot of money and time off from work. I bought both the ForeverOzone 10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator & the timer and went to Walmart for the box fan and bungee cords after reading a bunch of reviews on how best to do this. I’m not a diy person but the instructions were simple enough to follow. After 1 hour of running this in the room with the door closed, I then opened the door to that room and all windows in the apartment and go somewhere else for 2 hours. When I came back, the cigarette smoke odor was gone completely and the room actually smelled fresher than the rest of the apartment. Since then, I have done this for all the rooms and I plan to do this before moving into my next home. With the smoker still living below me, I’ll have to set the ozone generator to run every few weeks but it’s no big deal and I don’t have to move until I’m ready. Thank you so much for making this extremely affordable and lives up to all my expectations. Works great, used in the kitchen for lots of applications 26 Mar 2017  Tiffany N     Roseville California

I bought this Digital Water Ozonator along with the 10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator when both were on sale. As a family, we eat 90% vegetables and organic produce is expensive. I use this in the kitchen to soak the washed fruits and vegetables, and sometimes meat. I honestly can’t tell you what the ozone water did for the meat but the meat color is much lighter than before soaking and there’s lots of residue at the bottom of my stainless steel bowl when I dump the water out after soaking the meat in it for 10 minutes. I also run it at a 3-min cycle for drinking water. While you use it, there’s the ozone smell coming out of the water. If it bothers you, just turn on the hood fan or leave the area until the machine stops running. 

For the cupboards and the kitchen after extensive cooking (I prep a week’s worth of meals at a time), I use Plastic Drop Cloths, 9×12, from the dollar store to tape around the kitchen opening to other rooms (to keep the ozone generated contained in the kitchen). I also open all the kitchen cupboard doors and then run the  Foreverozone Digital Water Ozonator for a 20-min timer. I hope I’m doing it correctly but I use whatever setup I have for putting it in water except I just leave the grey ball outside in the air to generate ozone. Afterward, I open the window to the room and run the range hood fan for an hour. You’ll be amazed how fresh everything in the kitchen smells as a result of doing this.  25 Nov 2016 Susan LA.

Forever Ozone by far manufactures the best ozone generators available. I use these machines for industrial purposes and they work great very reliable.     Dr. Ozone  Kauai HI Works great!16 Nov 2016

Highly recommend!  They work magic.  We first saw one of these in action at a resort in Mexico as our room smelled of cig smoke until they unleashed an ozone generator!!  You won’t regret the purchase.    Mike Gaydos
Massachusetts BookBrains Bookmarks 13 Nov 2016

NOTE: this is a review of the 5,000 mg/h generator. I love this generator–very powerful and easy to use. I would love to know of a container to store it, especially to protect the ozone plate which is relatively thin; this could easily be something already on the market. The blogs on their website are fantastic; you will learn more about ozone & ozone generators there than you probably ever have. I will definitely be buying more products from this company. Robert Gabriel
Santa Maria California happy customer26 Aug 2016

This manufacturer/distributor is for real. I already had a 3000 mg/h from an Amazon unit but purchased the 5000 mg/h from ForeverOzone directly and saved a shipping charge.  I have a 700 sq ft one bedroom apt and I’m trying to disinfect the A/C ductwork.  I had my ductwork cleaned (brushed) and vacuumed this summer to get rid of accumulated dust and allergens. That worked pretty well, but the cleaning actually made the problem worse as it disturbed and loosened allergens instead.  So, I’m using the 3000 mg and 5000 mg together with a little fan to “shock” my air distr ductwork. The setup blows into my A/C intake.  I think it’s working.  When I leave for a couple of hours to go to the gym, I leave the A/C set cold at 65 F so the unit runs continuously with the ozone generators. Once I get back I open doors and windows to clean my apt.  I’ve done this quite a few times now and I think it’s working. My symptoms are not gone but my eyes aren’t watering as much and I’m generally more comfortable. I’m going to continue to repeat the treatments going forward. Doug 
Texas Ehhhh h04 Jul 2016

Well, I had hard times managing the airflow, would prefer paying higher $$$ to have the same unit with a built-in fan and an enclosure. I ran it in a flooded vehicle with all carpets removed. It took me 3 separate 1-hour treatments to remove the moldy smell but now after 3 days, the vehicle smells like chlorine. Am I gonna keep using it? Definitely.
Company response:  We do sell a  unit with a fan. The reason we don’t have enclosures …these units are used in unoccupied areas and not having a cover makes it easier to remove-clean the plate after each use and prevent toxic dust and mold from building up inside the unit itself. Sami Turgutalp
Houston Excellent and Simply Machine 03 Jul 2016

After researching several ozone machines I decided on this one. I purchased it along with the count down timer. I was surprised at how small it is. I also bought a 20″ box fan from HD. I have a 60+-year-old home and two dogs. There is some old house smell and dog smells in the house. I set up the ozone system on a table in the dining room with the box fan behind it. I closed the windows, turned on the furnace fan for whole house circulation and set the timer to 1 hour. I did not plug the fan into the timer as I wanted that to continue running. We left with the dogs for about three hours. Upon our return, the house smelled great, like after a thunder/lightning storm smell. I was very pleased. Today I used it in our bedroom after stripping the bed as I wanted to make sure that the ozone cleared our bed of any bacteria. I left it on for 15 minutes and the fan for an hour and with the furnace fan on. Again on our return home the smelled like clean air. 
The ozone machine is very simple and it works. All I bought for the ozone machine is the count down timer and a box fan. Total cost under $80. The advantage is that you control the size of the fan and the more air to blow across the ozone maker the better. I highly recommend this machine. Kevin Hannah Poulsbo WA 24 Jun 2016

I’ve been able to run the ozone generator once and I do really believe that it helped with the mold in our house.  You could smell the difference and my husband’s use of his inhaler declined.  I’m ready to run it again, however, be warned this does NOT come with the cord (the reason for the 3 stars).  It’s a normal computer cord thus how we were able to run ours.  I sent a number of e-mails to customer service and never received a response. 

Company response:  Sorry about that Kristin. This is a new website format and for a while Larry our Customer Service guy wasn’t getting the emails forwarded to him, now he is. If anyone ever doesn’t get a reply to their emails within 24 hrs via our automated form, email us directly at foreverozone@gmail or call my cell 619-874-3904 Kristin Idaho Better than Chinese crap I’ve owned before 16 Jun 2016

I bought an ozone air purifier with one ozone plate off Amazon last year, the damn thing only lasted me 3 months and 4 or 5 hours of usage.  I couldn’t even open it up to figure out what was wrong because one of the screws that holds down the cover was stripped.  I  tried to send it back but they said I only had 30 days so now I’m stuck with an $85 doorstop.  So this time I bought an OG-7000 based on the Amazon reviews and so far, no problems, just tons of ozone. I can see that if something does go wrong the parts are easy to switch out so this will be the last ozone generator I ever have to buy!  Great deal, awesome company. Thanks!    Bob Los Angeles good deal 13 Apr 2016

Amazing output of Ozone in a little package.  Very cost effective – the most on the market. Forget paying for cases etc just to hold the ozone producing elements.  Get this one.. you will not be disappointed. John Weaver Dds
Olympia WALove the new compact design!24 Mar 2016I’ve bought ozone generators from Foreverozone for years. I smoke and have pets and use the crap out of these to make my trailer smell fresh as a daisy so that when my kids visit they don’t die. I love the new compact design of their basic unit. It straps onto our window AC with a shoelace. I have it attached to their $15 wireless on off switch and turn it on when I smoke and when the dogs take a dump. Love it!Mindy H
Albuquerque Love it! 28 Feb 2016

I love this little thing!  I’m able to take this with me on the road when I travel for business to disinfect my hotel room before jumping on the bed for the night. I check in, turn it on, go get something to eat, and when I get back the place doesn’t smell stale, like chemicals, or like grandma’s house (stale smoke and perfume) and I know that any viruses or bacteria have been killed as well.  It’s so small it fits in my bag.  LOVE THIS THING!!! Juan Portland This thing kicks azzzz! 16 Jan 2016

I read hundreds of reviews on these machines on Amazon and decided to give it a try in my hotel.  Customers sometimes complain that our hotel smells musty and now we’re doing a 10-minute shock treatment after cleaning and before customers go into the rooms. No more complaints and customers now say our hotel smells better than a 5-star hotel because it’s nice and fresh-smelling without any chemical smells or air fresheners. Thanks, Foreverozone!  You’re helping our online reviews so I’m returning the favor. Dick 
San Antonio Wish I knew you were changing designs! 15 Jan 2016

I get an email asking me to review my product and I see they updated the design to a solid state model.  That’s great I’m stuck with yesterday’s crappy design and they won’t exchange it for their new design so I’m only giving them 3 stars.  

Company response:  Yeah, I  understand. We got dozens of requests to exchange the old style to this new solid state style …but we can’t do it because we no longer sell the old style, even though those old ones work just fine. Been making us happy customers for years. But I understand your position. Sorry, we couldn’t help. PS. Maybe your review has something do with the fact you’re in Seattle, lol? Carol Seattle Complete? 09 Jan 2016

The unit does come with one glass bubbler / Kevlar nipple (does not put impurities into the water as do all of the Chinese made ozonators which defeats the purpose of ozone in our opinion) and 3 feet of silicone tubing. * I only received 16.5 inches of silicone tubing * The glass bubbler was sold separately for $15. Should it have been included in the cost of the ozonator? * the instructions received says the unit comes with an 8-inch nylon hose attached to one side of the ozone tube. This did not come in the package. Please clarify these issues. Thanks and regards, Eduardo Zxxxxxxx Company: Thanks for the heads up and sorry we didn’t get back to you on this in a timely manner. We’ll get the missing nylon hose out to you. However, the glass bubbler isn’t actually made out of glass, it’s made out of white silica (glass technically) that does not break down with ozone. We usually attach it to the silicone hose that is usually 36″ long. No idea why yours was only 16.5 but we’ll take your word for it and send you a 36″ hose.Eduardo Zea S. America Great at killing mosquitoes 22 Dec 2015

I live in the south and have always had a hell of a time trying to kill mosquitoes.  That was until I discovered that just a little bit of ozone dives those bastards ape shit crazy and heading for the windows!  Same for flys.  Now I just nuke my bedroom before I go to bed with ozone for 10 or 15 minutes and if there is a mosquito in my room it dies or finds a way out because the ozone seems to kill them pretty fast.  Very happy with my purchase.  Alvin Absolutely the Most Effective Odor Removal 25 Nov 2015

I could not believe how well this machine, that looks like a kid’s science fair exhibit, actually works. Not only is the pet odors gone the air smells like fresh laundry dried in the sun. One application is all it took. My house is for sale and all I had was negative feedback from pet odors. Odors are gone. Kerry Denver So Satisfied 15 Nov 2015

I have a house that was empty for around 8 years. I tried everything to get rid of the musty smell. Emptied all contents of the house, replaced broken windows, primed and painted all walls. Pulled up all the carpet. Used enzyme cleaner on the concrete floors. Sealed the concrete floors with Kilz! And…. Nothing! I was so discouraged. Finally, I decided to try the 7000 mg/h unit. I ran it with positive pressure for 24 hours. Now, I don’t recommend running the unit that long because I did have a burnt ozone smell for a couple of weeks afterward. But, after that was gone, there was no musty smell or any other smells for that matter. Don’t waste a lot of time and money as I did, just use ozone in the first place. And you will not find a better deal on ozone units than here. Mark Smith Boston Works Great! 12 Nov 2015

This unit is great guys! Your digital water ozonator puts out potent ozone and ozonates water quickly. It’s easy to operate, just set the timer. It’s bigger than it looks in the video, the mug they use is very large. Came 2-day priority mail and was boxed well. So glad I was able to find a great product from a company right here in the USA. Thanks, guys!!    Mike  Great Device 25 Oct 2015

I was initially a little skeptical from the appearance and open build, but after the first use, it all made sense. This works beautifully and should parts fail replacement will be simple. We’ve used the big industrial machines in the past – this rivals them at a fraction of the price. Best 100 bucks I’ve ever spent!!    Don  Amazing ozone! 25 Sep 2015

I am absolutely ecstatic about this product! It eliminated every older in my basement,garage and house. I highly recommend everybody purchase one NOW!!! What a great smell you are left with after you use this product. David Sguazzin WOW! All I can say is WOW! 23 Sep 2015

As realtor’s we encounter many pesky fragrances in the homes we list. Conventional wisdom among us is to contract remediation services to remove them.   We decided to test this product in a home where the principal spice used was curry. LOADS of it, for 17 years. Pretty nasty.  We used a box fan with to 7000 model, running the unit for 4 hours, 3 different times in just the kitchen area. Results were phenomenal!  Absolutely NO CURRY SMELL, at all. Even after this unoccupied home was closed up for a week!   We’ll be buying 2 more 7k units to allow us to shock a 2100 sq. ft. house, all areas at the same time.Otto Kubik So happy with this purchase! 17 Sep 2015

We have wanted an ozone generator for years but always felt that the price was too high to justify, then recently I stumbled upon After researching what really makes a good generator I decided to give them a try. Wow, am I glad we did. Recently we had a major smoke issue from unattended cooking in the kitchen. The walls were not discolored but the smell was strong and lingering. I had been able to lessen it a little by washing all surfaces in the house but that was ridiculously laborious and not all that effective. When the Bare Bones 3500 mgh Ozone Generator arrived we put it to work immediately shocking room by room. The smell was completely gone after one treatment per room! We also used it to help freshen and sanitize my little boys room after he spent several days in it sick with a virus. I’ll be recommending these to friends. Vanessa  Miami Great value!19 Aug 2015

I’ve owned the Chinese version of your Digital Water Ozonator from Enaly so I’m familiar with the timer and the machine itself.  I’m a doctor so I have access to different testing services and decided to test the water your machine makes vs the Enaly and frankly was quite surprised with the results. I didn’t think that there would be much of a difference and their isn’t as far as the amount of ozone being produced but when it comes to impurities in the water, your machine shines.  I use ozonators to clean instruments so I’m not too concerned with impurities in general but I do have to say that the general public has no idea how much crap they’re getting in the Chinese made ozonators, truly shocking.  Good work in providing a good product at a fair price. Herbert  New York Problems fixed and now happy 15 Jul 2015

My machine arrived with a cracked acrylic base and they originally wanted to just send out a new one and have me replace it myself but I told them no way, don’t have the time so they sent me a new machine and a return label. Machine works great and does the job for 1/2 of what I’ve paid in the past just not happy with the original customer service so giving 3 stars.Russell St Louis SO powerful and SO EASY to use! 07 Jul 2015

I’ve read so much about the benefits of ozone lately and became convinced that a corona ozone discharge generator was the only way to go, especially one with the ozone generating capacity that this one has (most retail generators are not the cold corona type and VERY few designed for food prep and drinking water have more than 200 mg/h). I couldn’t find anything else comparable after several exhausting searches.You really can feel the benefits right away.
I have yet to use it to purify the air in a room but look forward to doing so soon. Only complaint? I had to put A LOT of effort into finding Frankly, I just happened to stumble across it in some readers’ comments (on another brand’s generator) on Amazon (which doesn’t even carry this one yet). Suggest that this company find a way to show up in web searches for this type of product (which it never did, even after days of searching using different search terms) and perhaps consider selling on Amazon, my go-to store for everything.  Company Response:  Thanks for the review.  We should sell these on Amazon but the 17% commission plus free shipping adds up to $30 and that’s tough on the bottom line. \Jacque Post  washing veggies 05 Jun 2015

I have treated all my drinking water with ozone since last fall. I also have proof of its effectiveness by washing all fruits and veggies in the ozonated water. Prior to using the ozone, strawberries would mold in two or three days sometimes less. Now if not eaten in a week – no mold but might be beginning to shrivel. purchasing new units for my son and summer home     John Coulson Like the new design11 May 2015

I have their old oak base machine from a few years ago which still works fine but decided to invest in another machine.  I like the new acrylic base they now feature, easier to store and looks better.  Nice to see they’re not resting on their laurels!  Good job and keep up pumping out these low cost long lasting ozone machines! Jack M  New York Puts out a LOT of ozone 09 Mar 2015

This is a simple unit and works great for shocking a room. Just be warned, I would buy the remote switch and turn it on once leaving the room, the ozone is instant and you DO NOT want to be breathing the quantity this put out.REPLY: The timer works well, the on-off switch is better for using it as a air freshener after you cook the machine on top of the fridge and turn it on for a few minutes then turn it off with the push of a button. The timer lets you set it for a specific run time …say 1-2 PM when you’re not home and when you get back at 6 PM the air is clean. Jim Huntington Beach

Received unit broken 28 Feb 2015I received my ForeverOzone 1000 unit today on 02/28/15. It was broken right out of the box. I’ve sent an email to the company requesting the immediate shipment of a new, working unit. This is not a warranty issue and I fully expect a working replacement, and I have no intention of paying for shipping back to the company so they can file an insurance claim with the post office and be paid twice for my unit while I have to pay for shipping. I paid for a new, working unit and I have the legal right to receive what I paid for. The unit I received was not like the one pictured on the website. That was a little disappointing. I thought it looked very cheap, but I have no way to see if it performs as advertised since it’s broken. UPDATE: Received a new machine quickly and it works great. Thanks! I will update this review as the situation play out. Update Dec 2015. This thing isn’t much to look at but it had held up very well. Not much to look at so I keep it on top of the fridge and turn it on and off with a wireless on off switch whenever I need to use it. Overall happy with this purchase. RESPONSE. Sorry to hear, we pack these units in 1 bubble so it takes a lot to break off the nipple. We’ll get that part out to you today. Thanks for the heads up on the picture. We are now using the same unit as the more expensive Shvartsman ozonator that has a 1/2 acrylic base and glass top. It’s actually more sturdy than the older design with an oak base. I’ll update the photo’s today (3-2) Our goal is to make every customer happy not just now but for years to come.Unknown From USA  built to last and it works 26 Jan 2015

I am very happy with it. I have been treating a few areas of the home every day. It is easy to use. Just close a door and set my timer, and put my 20 inch fan next to it. Then I turn central air and heat off for a couple of hours. The room comes out smelling fresh. I have finished all the rooms with carpet. I really think it has helped my health. I have had problems with coughing in the past, and I am definitely doing better. I like the construction of the unit. Everything is accessible, and parts will be easy to replace if needed. I set it on a shelf inside my desk when it is not in use. I have order their water ozonator also, and am looking forward to receiving it.Joe Underwood Longview So far, I love it. 16 Jan 2015

Before this little machine arrived I got sick with an upper respiratory infection/sinus infection. The machine arrived on the third day of being sick. I started drinking ozone water right away. By the next day I was still not feeling great but was better and able to grocery shop, cook for my family and pay the bills. By Sunday I felt well enough to attend church and Monday I was back to my regular routine. Usually, when I get sick I’m miserable for two weeks. Not this time. My daughter works in nursing where they had quarantined two floors due to a flu epidemic. On Friday night she felt like she was getting sick. Saturday I started her on Ozone water. She never got worse and never missed work. She has escaped the flu so far. We try to drink the ozone water ten minutes before each meal if possible and two hours after the evening meal. We aren’t always successful at getting it four times a day but at a minimum, we get it twice a day.Marsha Houston Fantastic Product!!! 25 Dec 2014

I cannot begin to tell you how much money we had spent (wasted would be more accurate) over the years on expensive ozone machines from a variety of manufacturers that did not put out very much ozone and then to add insult to injury soon broke. One of them was even an industrial model!I had long ago given up hope of ever finding a decent dependable unit at a price I could afford until I happened to run across a mention of the Forever Ozone company in a comment section somewhere.I researched the company and thought their products would be very good. I ordered the OG-7000 Bare Bones Ozone Generator. It exceeded my expectations! It generates a tremendous amount of ozone. It even generates more ozone than the overpriced industrial machine from another manufacturer I had years ago that soon broke. I am absolutely thrilled with my OG-7000 Bare Bones Ozone Generator! This is my second product from Forever Ozone–I also got their Shvartsman Water Ozonator which I just love too!Don’t waste your money on other companies who’s units don’t work nearly as well and don’t last as long as the units manufactured by Forever Ozone. J. Lee Antioch CA Best Water Ozonator for the price 24 Nov 2014

I recently bought the 1000 mg water Ozonator and the Air Dryer for a salt water tank application.
I had my doubts due to the look and price of it.
I have another much expensive one I had bought over Christmas that has not performed well so was hoping that this one would.
After Talking to Mike on the length of use and options of using a timer etc. I tested it and to my amazement, this one beats the other more expensive fancy one hands down. I shut that one off and don’t even have to use it. My ORP levels in the tank are set to 375 to 400 range and within a matter of minutes it as able to achieve it. No over heating of the tube no performance issues. I had waited for a long time to order his because they had run out of the parts and me $$$$$$$. I am glad I bought this one. Only wish I had known about it before I bought the other one as I wasted money on it.
Only down side I have faced is its hard to get in touch with Mike or any other customer service folks and I also experienced full voicemail box. I am hoping that it is due to good business and wish the Forever Ozone team much success. Need to work on Customer service though. Part of my order did not get shipped and there was no indication in he pkg that it was back-ordered. After finally getting thru and talking to Mike, I was told he will buy one of the competition timers and send me. Look forward to getting that and further update on this review. The product though deserve full 5 Stars.
Resonse. Thanks Shreekant for the insight and the review. We were short handed during the middle of Jan and I (owner – Mike) had to make the machines myself without any help. We ship out over 20 machines a day, I usually have 2 people who assemble the machines and do the shipping. I always do the electrical and QA. One of my workers decided not to come back to Las Vegas after the holiday, the other hurt himself playing sports and will be out for 2 weeks. I’ve tried to answer as many calls as I could while wearing all 3 hats but it’s been too much. My retired father has been helping me this past week and I managed to get caught up. Customer Service is very important. I chose to concentrate on filling orders on time and working 18 hr days but in the future, if this happens again, I’ll hire a temp to make things go more smoothly. Lesson learned. Shreekant Thaker  Great as long as you have clean, dry well-oxygenated air 18 Nov 2014

The only reason I am giving this 4 stars and not 5 is the troubles I have had making good ozone in the wintertime in California. It is by far the best cheapest thing around for making home ozone. The thing was fantastic in the summer for ozonated water but forget making oil because at night, i.e., running it 24/7, the air is too moist and you will just end up making nitric acid which eats things and is counter-productive. I advise purchasing the silica tube air dryer with your ozonator even if you are only buying the 1000 watt generator. If you want ozone in moist or indoor or polluted urban conditions, you need to use bottled oxygen.
Response. Most indoor environments are not that humid so an air dryer is not needed, but if you do have high humidity in your home and you are using the ozone for internal use, then yes, use oxygen or an air dryer. Most people won’t need to use oxygen or an air dryer to ozonate water for drinking, gargling. or cleaning food-veggies.Pia  Los Angeles Little Powerhouse 03 Oct 2014I’ve had one of these for about 9 months and love it! This little baby throws out more ozone than the $600 product I’ve had for 7 years. I have it placed in front of an osculating fan to distribute ozone evenly. I bought a 7000 this time to replace it just to make sure it covers the entire crawl space, will move the existing 3500 to cover another area, and purchased a spare plate just in case. The new 3500 will be used to purify my cars and indoor areas occasionally. Just have to say they are great products with a super warranty.    Bob W Houston Simple, affordable, and WORKS GREAT 21 Jun 2014

This product is very simple and easy to use. It is also much cheaper to purchase this from foreverozone than to rent the same caliber equipment from other providers. I would definitely recommend them. It got the smoke smell out of our place in just two hours. Also, when the product arrived the plexiglass was cracked, however after contacting foreverozone they promptly sent a replacement piece of Plexiglass. Judy  Built To Last, Very Powerful, Simple and Effective 02 Jun 2014

I don’t usually write reviews on products I buy online. This, however, deserves one. I spent a LOT of time researching various ozone generators and knew I didn’t want an overpriced and underpowered Chinese machine. I found this OG-7000 Bare Bones Ozone Generator and was very curious. I like the idea of simple and powerful. It’s hard to describe how well it works, but wow does it work.The first thing I did was run it in a truck that smelled like cigarette smoke and old-truck-smell with the vent on high/recirculate. The instant I plugged it in it lit up purple and started buzzing. Immediately the ozone smell hit me; better close the door! 30 minutes later…whoa. Let the truck air out for an hour and not a hint of any odor, except minor ozone. A week later? The truck is still completely odorless. The wife said That thing is incredible.Next up? An 1100 sq/ft house. I have a very powerful 20 industrial fan I use around the shop so I knew I had the required airflow covered. After two puppies peeing all over the carpets for months (and the routine of trying to clean them) and the wife complaining of various weird smells in the closets something had to be done. Carpet cleaners just masked the odors and various air fresheners just created a fake scent! The house just never did smell right. Two-hour shock treatment using a plug-in timer (with the HVAC system running in the house) and two hours to let it air out? I couldn’t believe it. Not only were the smells gone but the house smelled brand new weeks later.So not only is this thing simple and unbelievably effective but it absolutely does what it claims. What more can you ask for? And for $97? My advice: Don’t pay more for less. ForeverOzone has a real quality product here. I can’t remember the last time I bought a product and was more pleased with the results. Keith Pittsburg !Absolutely Awesome: Mold, Mildew, Smoke, Funk Blaster22 May 2014

Thank You for putting together such an effective product for dealing with Mold, Mildew, Smoke/Funk Stink. I have an Ecoquest Fresh Air that does what I thought was a good job of filtering and ozonating the air when I lived on the Oregon coast. Mold/Mildew is a big problem there. It has the High setting that said Vacate the Area. In that setting, it put out 350 mgh of ozone.The OG 7000 is in a League of Its Own. At 7000 mgh it gets the job done. I have used it to shock treat houses for family and friends. They are Happy with the results.Personal research has shown that a very high number of health issues have Mold as a Common Factor.For first time users: THIS IS NOT A TOY! IT IS AN EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE TOOL FOR MOLD AND MILDEW REMEDIATION.READ UP ON APPLICATION PROTOCOLS! Thanks again Mike for all that you are doing.Vernon Jarvi Miami
Simple, effective, well backed12 May 2014

The design is simple. The device is effective when used as directed. I had the transformer on one unit stopped working and it was replaced by the company quickly. Looks like it truly is an investment that will last a lifetime.    Ialilave  The best ozone machine on the market! 06 May 2014

Hello everyone! I just bought this wonderful machine and I am very happy with all the benefits it brings me to my health. I’m french and even having had a technical problem on the fan very easily repaired this machine came back to me two times cheaper than the price in France for a machine 5 times less potent. I highly recommend this machine for its price/quality ratio and all that will bring you the OZONE! Thank you again Mike, you do a very good job! Louis LA Nice Machine! I’m Grateful :18 Mar 2014

This is my first water ozonater. Glad I did my research and found you before being suckered into a cheaply built device. Easy to use, the quiet hum and bubbles are pleasant, the water is delicious, and my food is clean. (the way nature and nature’s God intended it to be). What a worthwhile home business you have! Thank you for your fine work and FAST service. To infinity and beyond!    Grace MS Much Higher Quality at a Fraction of the Price 05 Feb 2014

I bought this water ozonator to make ozonated water for the health benefits, so I was very excited when it finally arrived. It works great and is very powerful so I can make my ozonated water strong and quick. I’ve also used it without it being in water and it produces enough ozone to clean the air. Most commercial water ozonaters cost about $250 and only produce about 250 mg/hour plus and are much lower quality, while this ozonater produces about 4 times as much at less than half the price which is really amazing. I really appreciate this company for making quality ozone generators easier to get at a good price. The only small problem was that the screw on the ozone cylinder wasn’t in the wood for my unit. I’ll try to spread the word so that more people can buy from here.
Response. Hi Graham, please contact us if there was anything wrong with the machine so that we can get’r fixed for you. Thanks for the review.Graham Carrington Worked well – Used for the first time 28 Jan 2014

I installed the unit in a 10 inch plastic drain pipe I had left over from another project. I had an old 120 volt saucer fan which I mounted in the end of the pipe. The ozone generator slipped in the pipe and I fastened it with a screw on each side. Operated for 6 hours on a steel building that is 20 X 30 feet with 15 foot ceiling. Plenty of ozone in the area.Larry Smith
NashvilleGreat Product01 Dec 2013Product was shipped promptly and has performed very well. Upon receiving the unit, I called the company to ask one question about the operation of the unit and someone answered and was able to help me out. Robert Dallas These machines are amazing. 29 Nov 2013

These machines are amazing. They produce huge quantities of the great O3. Great service, great magic. Thanks.Andrew N
St Paul Nice Water Ozonator29 Nov 2013

I received my water ozonator quickly. It works good and makes the water taste a lot better and it makes me feel better when I drink it. April Rain Detroit Less is more 24 Nov 2013

I got my water ozonator to detox my body. I recommend this wonderful product to everyone as it does everything promised. Eric Powerful Ozone Generator 22 Nov 2013

I cannot believe the ozone power this little thing creates. It will be the best mold fighter I’ve ever used, and I’ve had several products from a major player in the industry. Bob Wieland WORKS GREAT. I WAS WARY AT FIRST 23 Oct 2013

The product is great. Exactly as described. No frills but totally effective. My only complaint (and small one) is the site says ships in 24 hours. I ordered on 10/1 and it shipped 10/7. Not sure why the delay but was ok. I received on 10/10. Thanks again for the product. 
COMPANY:  Thanks for the review. The reason for the late shipping, we ran out of ozone plates. We have thousands more more arriving 10-24 by sea freight (cheaper, helps us keep cost down) We did order some via air freight but even those took 10 days to arrive, hence the delay with your order. We thought they would arrive in 4-7 days as has been the case in the past when we’ve had to order parts via Fedex express. Rxdork Maine high output 13 Oct 2013

if this looks like a high school science experiment to you it kind of is. Basic, simple construction but hopefully with components that will last (and if not the replacement parts are pretty cheap). The important thing (at least to me) is that is works well and puts out a lot of ozone. I have not had it long to it has already been put to use in my car, office and a few separate rooms. It blasted the smoke smell from an office where I work in about 15 minutes. I also set it up for 15 minutes in our ‘dog room’ and it has stayed fresh smelling for a day now without re-treatment which I am sure it will need with the four dogs in there. I am probably going to order another one as i plan to build this into my duct work and a portable unit is nice to have. I thought I would need the larger unit but I do not. Thinks that make it simple to use include a good fan and a timer. I bought a 40 minute timer from facebook that seems to work great with roughly 1-minute adjustments per 40-minute cycles. I also got an old fan from a jennair downdraft and with that pointed at the ozone plate you can get a ton of output in a larger area (very large) Tmonkey  banana tree Great product at very reasonable price 06 Oct 2013

When I first received this generator, it didn’t make any ozone. I called FO & talked to Mike. He promptly sent me an ozone tube & a transformer as it wasn’t ascertained which one wasn’t working. That pkg got lost in the mail. Mike then sent out the same parts a second time. It proved to be the transformer that wasn’t working & now I have a spare ozone tube which I wasn’t charged for.I love this ozone generator & it does generate a lot of ozone. I love the simplicity of it & the fact that you can get replacement parts & at a reasonable price. I also purchased the wireless switch which works great for shutting unit on/off. Since it only has one plug-in receptacle which I used to plug in the O generator, I had to plug in the variable pressure air pump to another outlet which necessitated turning it on/off separately. But then, I got an xtra plug in the receptacle with three outlets which I plugged into the wireless unit & now I can use the remote for both. It’s a great quality machine at a very reasonable price & great customer service. Can’t go wrong here!! I highly recommend. Thanks Mike!    June  CA I finally have ozone! 24 Sep 2013

Over a 4 year period, I’ve purchased 2 different mica board units off Craigs List & bought a UV bulb unit claiming 1000 mg an hour from a hydroponic shop. The mica board units failed quickly due to humidity issues but when they did work the ozone smell was very faint at best. The UV bulb unit was an expensive waste of money and the bulbs were $50 a pop!I came across Forever Ozone’s website and gave it a good look over. I found a YouTube video of some fellow demonstrating it. I was impressed so I ordered one. I was impressed again when the package was delivered in 2 days. Now I’m impressed every time I use this unit. I had a bad natural gas/mildew & stinky clothes smell in the basement. I put this unit to the test. After about 2.5 hours of shock treatment, the mildew stinky clothes smell was gone. I determined my natural gas pipes needed maintenance.Bottom line, bare bones unit- very surprised/relieved/impressed & anxious to use this unit all the time. Ozone is very strong- this is no gimmick. I’ve seen the $500-$800 units online. Thank God I didn’t fall for them. Not saying they wouldn’t do the job but I only paid $110 for mine…    Theclone19  Sioux Falls Most Bang for Buck 08 Sep 2013

The product gives great ozone for the money. It has saved my teeth and my gums from the evil dentist from hell. It works. With the 1000mg hour I don’t worry about needed to connect in pure oxygen as ambient air probably has enough. It would be nice to have a silica air dryer tube for moist winter air coming up. Two Caveats: The device is hard to move around with the air pump separate from the stuff on the oak board so I am thinking of investing in a toolbox to mount or store it in so I can easily move it inside or outside the house for summer use. The noise is maddening plus I need a big fan to blow off excess ozone in the house so outside/move-ability is a necessary option. I have only had the thing about two or three months and with daily use I have worn out my first silicone hose. I have been taking the air stone off and on and the hose has become brittle and splits instead of stretches when I try to put the air hose back on. Thankfully two extra long air hose pieces are included in the deal but I already need to start shopping around for my next bit of silicone hose. If you don’t want to start shopping for a new hose that quick and you can manage with a shorter hose piece you might consider halving a hose. New hoses are the price of using something as powerfully effective as ozone. Pamela OR Kills Bugs17 Jul 2013

I’ll start off by saying that I’m a clean freak. My bedroom is spotless. However, I was being eaten alive every night by some kind of bug. It really started to worry me and I was having problems falling asleep. So I found a site on the internet that talked about doing shock ozone treatments for bugs. I was interested and then I found this site that sells ozone units…so I said, I’ll give it a shot. (And the price was right too) I started a shock treatment in my bedroom before I left for work and when I got home, my room was full of dead bugs. (They were everywhere!!!)  Now I’m glad that I killed them all and also for the fact that I haven’t had to use those nasty toxic bug bombs or sprays.  This little thing did it for me. Lasurus Abaline Reasonable Cost Solution to Removing Smoke Smell 12 Jul 2013

My son recently bought a house owned by a heavy smoker. Prior to the sale, the owners did clean and paint with Kilz and replaced the carpets. Even with this, you could still smell the cigarette smoke intermixed with teh new paint and carpet smell. Over a weekend, I treated the whole house. It definitely leaves an ozone odor so the unit does work. At one point, I could still smell smoke, but it cleared up with the windows open. It was later that I realized the smell came from the outside of the door and screen door. Looks like a scrubbing is in order as it would be difficult to treat an outdoor area. Do follow the directions. I first treated an area of just over 800 s.f. and there was a slight smoke after-smell. Breaking it into two smaller areas and a second, shorter treatment period solved the after-smell problem. Calvin Mt Vernon Works Great! 10 Jul 2013

I manage a water and fire restoration company and we use ozone for deodorizing contents after fire cleaning. We also have a couple of apartment complexes that use our ozone service when they flip tenants. We have a couple of expensive Sonozaire units that are UV…they are only 3500mg/hr. I used the 7000 MG bare bones with a fan in an apartment yesterday and the results were fantastic. I will be getting more of these. The only complaint is that they took 10 days to arrive, am told that the ozone plates ran out of stock but I wasn’t told, so only giving 4 stars because of bad customer service. Tighten it up guys!  You have a great product. Kelly Smith  Portland So far so good! !21 Jun 2013

I used this in 2 cars, both for about 3 minutes each. Both cars are older and both smelled bad. After 3 minutes the cars have no smell at all!  I paid $106 and the price went down to $95 so I’m taking 1 star but still very happy with the purchase! Nate 
Dixie Love it! 22 Apr 2013

I am so very glad I found the water ozonater from ForeverOzone and feel that this machine is such a blessing. I haven’t hooked my oxygen to it yet but I am looking forward to getting even more benefit to the already increased health benefits I have experienced. Thank you for what you do! I had waited a long time, more than a year, to find one I believe in and you have built it with out me breaking the bank!Sincerely, Gabrielle Shiha MI Works well 07 Mar 2013

I didn’t give it 5 stars because I asked for expedited shipping and it did not ship until after I expected it to arrive. So we had already moved all of the furniture in the new house.But this thing cranks out some ozone! As soon as you turn it on you can smell the ozone.IT helped the house with the musty moldy smell, but the dirty dog rug has to be replaced. Brett Fort Worth
does what I need it to do 05 Mar 2013

This unit is perfect for producing ozone which is all I really need it to do. I have used this in several different locations. Right now I am running it in my mold infested garage and the air quality is much improved after just one run last night. I plan to treat that garage for several days. I am using a timer and a small box fan to cool it and move the air. Those were items that I already owned. Having the timer is great if you don’t want to babysit the unit and makes it so you don’t have to re-enter the room to unplug the machine. Everyone needs this for grandmas house or any vacant house that smells musty. JUST BE CAREFUL WITH IT AND KNOW ALL PRECAUTIONS REGARDING OZONE. If you have a cabinet for any obsolete equipment, you may be able to mount this inside and have a case for carrying it. I have just been using a sterile container with a plastic lid that locks on for transporting this unit.    Tom Custom installed in my home HVAC unit 19 Feb 2013

This little unit works great and the company was very helpful and knowledgeable when I called asking about setting this up for Whole Home Air Purification. I had a worn out Living Air purifier that really only helped 2 rooms of the home. I was able to setup a whole home system for about 1/4 the price of replacing the Living Air unit. I installed the ozone plate inside the air handler so it blows ozone through the air vents in every room of the house when the heat/ac fan is running. These guys recommended a repeat cycle timer and I’m still playing with the cycles to get the ozone level just right. Overall I’m very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend this product. Check my name below if you want to contact me about this setup. Jason Marsh Austin Plain Jane unit, incredible output!15 Feb 2013I was skeptical due to the low price, especially when competitors are so much costlier. But I was amazed at the output of this basic unit. 2 day shipping was free, and I am a happy customer! It removed the smoke odor in one treatment. Mark Canton Top Quality Product !21 Sep 2012

I always shop for the best product at a fair price. This is it! I purchased the 7,000 mg/hr bare bones unit for several reasons – shock treat large or small areas – eliminate musty smell in our 1,600 sq ft basement and to maintain the whole house (via HVAC w/ a timer). I have used it for a week and could not be more pleased – the basement smells fresh as a daisy.Bill 

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

Professional ozone shock treatments are part of a protocol that is used to permanently get rid of pet odors.

If you have urine odors in carpets, doing an ozone shock treatment alone will not solve your odor problems. (it can, however, mask the smell of pet odors) You’ll need to remove the carpet and pad and perform ozone shock treatments while the bare floor is exposed.

We’ve found that the combination of enzymes and ozone shock treatments work best. After you remove the carpet, apply the enzymes and allow them to dry. Once dry, perform a 24-hour ozone shock treatment. Get the air as dry and cold as possible during this process. Depending on the severity of the urine damage, it might take several days of ozone shock treatments to permanently break down the organic component to the urine.

The combination of enzymes and ozone shock treatments is the best way to permanently get rid of pet odors.

Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use in the USA. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs (see EPA warning on ozone air purifiers) We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by Contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY! Please use as directed for air shock treatments, and only if you feel you can competently follow instructions.

Ozone Generators for Odor Removal. What is Needed?

What is needed is a lot more “ozone power” than what you get from the typical Chinese made ozone generator, the type you find on Amazon and eBay. Here is why.

1) Heat destroys ozone. The air glides over both sides of the ozone plates in those types of ozone generators at the same time, not creating the air friction needed to properly cool the ozone plate! A test with a heat sensor reveals that those ozone plates get up to 140 degrees. At those temperatures, the ozone plates hardly creates any ozone, about 10-20% of what they are rated to create.

2) Humidity in the air reduces the amount of ozone that can be created with corona discharge ozone generators. The UV lamp ozone generators (very expensive, some over $2000) can produce pure ozone with elevated humidity levels, but a 50% humidity level will reduce the amount of ozone that can be created by 50%. If the humidity is 70%, you get a 70% reduction, so on and so forth.

When you plug those two factors into a formula on how much ozone you need to create high enough ozone concentrations to permanently reverse second-hand smoke damage, kill mold, kill mites, etc, you find that one Chinese made ozone generator will only freshen the air, it won’t permanently get rid of odors, kill mold, kill mites, or basically do the job it was intended to do.

What is needed to get the job done right? That depends on the humidity level. Let’s say your structure is 1200 square feet and the humidity levels in your home are 50%. You need at least 24,000 milligrams of ozone per hour to create the high parts per million of ozone power to get the job done right. If you have a 2000 square foot structure with 25% humidity, you can get buy with 30,000 milligrams as well, so you see, the humidity plays a large role in determining how much ozone power you will need. We recommend using dehumidifiers to lower the humidity, and to lower the temperature as low as possible during the ozone shock treatment. We also recommend using negative pressure to draw fresh air in after the ozone shock treatment to flush out the treated air and bring in fresh air by opening windows and using a strong fan to force air out, with the help of a tarp and some duct tape.

Getting professional results with an ozone shock treatment is more than just buying a cheap ozone generator and moving it around. You need to take into consideration the humidity levels and buy enough ozone power to get the job done right, and you need to bring in fresh air after the ozone shock treatment, not just let the ozonated air to linger. You won’t hear that anywhere but here, but it’s the truth, and the truth shall set you free (of the problems associated with toxic indoor air, in this case)

Never use air fresheners. They cause cancer and hormonal issues.

Never use air fresheners. They cause cancer and hormonal issues.

Most people don’t know that products like Febreze have many cancer-causing ingredients. They falsely claim that they “eliminate” odors when all they really do is mask the odors and add toxins to your indoor air. The EPA says that indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air partly due to the many chemicals and toxins found in air freshening products and cleaners. Sad. 

I found this bit of information useful and helpful to this current discussion: 

The Natural Resources Defense Council studied the effects of air fresheners, discovering that they currently undergo no safety testing. The results were disturbing, because they revealed high levels of phthalates, which are known to be especially harmful to children. These chemicals were even present in sprays which were claimed to be “All-Natural” and “unscented”. Phthalates were not disclosed in the list of ingredients for any of the products.“Phthalates are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be particularly dangerous for young children and unborn babies. Exposure to phthalates can affect testosterone levels and lead to reproductive abnormalities, including abnormal genitalia and reduced sperm production. The State of California notes that five types of phthalates — including one that we found in air freshener products — are ‘known to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.'” — Natural Resources Defense Council

1,4-Dichlorobenzene is a chemical that is found in the blood of 96% of Americans. It has been linked to lung damage, is a known carcinogen, and it is an E.P.A. registered pesticide. Studies found it to increase rates of asthma. It can be found in the majority of air fresheners, toilet deodorizers, and mothballs. It works by attacking the receptors in the nose, and thus eliminating the sense of smell. This is how the new generation of air fresheners actually “freshen”. This chemical was introduced into the American market with the Febreze product from Proctor & Gamble. The new generation of air fresheners that were inspired by the success of Febreze are literally using chemical warfare to destroy their customers’ sense of smell. That lack of smell is where the illusion of freshness comes from. The user only smells these air fresheners for about a minute after they have been sprayed, and then the nose cannot smell most fragrances anymore. This is not a normal adjustment to odors, anymore than a loss of one of the other four senses. The process is the equivalent of using a chemical blinding agent to escape the unpleasantness of a bright light; when that chemical is known to be both poisonous and carcinogenic. By design, the freshening chemical causes damage to the mucous membrane, which is claimed to be temporary. However, no long-term studies have ever been done to test the effects of chronic exposure. It is important to remember that anything inhaled is immediately absorbed into the blood through the lungs relatively unchanged. (read more)

Below you’ll find a list of just some of the 87 chemicals found by the EWG in Febreze Air Effects, listed in order of their toxicity to humans:

BHT– Known as a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicity, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, skin eye and lung irritator Acetaldehyde – Known to cause cancer, toxic to reproduction and development, immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin, skin, eye and lung irritator”Fragrance” – One of the three ingredients actually disclosed, it’s a neurotoxin, immunotoxin and allergenPropylene

Glycol – Causes cancer, allergies, toxic to immune system, accumulates in the system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, is classified with “enhanced skin absorption” and irritates the skin, eye and lung1,

3-Dichloro-2-propanol– Carcinogenic (causes cancer)Limonene – Synthetic form used is known allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Methyl pyrrolidone – Toxin to reproduction and development, allergen and immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Alcohol denatured – Also disclosed in the ingredients of Febreze, it’s linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Butylphenyl methylpropion al– allergen, immunotoxin and and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Ethyl acetate – linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, organic system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Geraniol– Synthetic form used linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, organi system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritation

Linalool– Synthetic form used is known allergen, immunotoxin, and and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Benzaldehyde – neurotoxin, and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether – non-reproductive organ system toxicity

Ethylhezanol – developmental and reproductive toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritatorHexyl cinnamal – allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

And many more.

Why are these types of products allowed to be sold without a warning label? Greed. Maybe they don’t give two $*()@ about your health. Who knows. Who cares. Take ownership of your own health, educate yourself, and protect you and your family from toxins. Use ozone to sanitize your air and prosper.

Optimal Duration for Ozone Shock Treatment. How long? I’ll tell you.

How long should you run an ozone generator to achieve optimal results when trying to get rid of odors, kill mites or bed bugs, or reverse second-hand smoke damage? If you ask 10 ozone generator “experts,” you’ll get 10 different answers. This begs the question, has there been any research done on this subject? Answer: no. Then how do ozone generator sellers come up with their recommendations? Good question! I’ve found the Chinese made models offer some pretty awful advice that sometimes will do more harm than good. (running an ozone generator too long is a terrible idea) So then, what are our recommendations and what is our Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol? (OSTP)
I spend at least 1 hour a day searching the Internet for information on ozone, wellness, and alternative health-related news and research. I also talk to contractors that use ozone in their remediation business every week. I’ve also had years of remediation experience. The Forever Ozone STP addresses all of the different issues related to ozone shock treatments and in turn delivers what I believe are the best results, bar none. So what makes the Forever Ozone STP different? For one, our ozone generator ballasts and plates are different than the Chinese designed ballasts. Heat destroys ozone and creates NoX in the process. When you utilize a cheap computer fan that only moves 100 CFM to cool your ozone plate from the side, a few inches away, and you have the air “plane” or glide over both sides of the ozone plate as it passes over the ozone plate from the side (the air doesn’t hit the ozone producing side of the ozone plate flush like our units) then the ozone plate will reach temperatures of over 130 degrees. At those temps, the ozone production will be limited as heat destroys ozone. Others use MICA ozone plates that don’t produce much ozone and don’t create the elevated parts per million of ozone concentrations in the air to kill mites or quickly break down the hydrogen bonds in chemicals. Those are “ozone air purifiers” that are often run with people in the room. They create around 1 ppm ozone concentration in the air, which is fine for reducing say pet odors, but not effective at reversing damage or killing pathogens or insects (high ppm ruptures the membranes of those pathogens – low ppm doesn’t – only bothers them) At low ppm concentrations, the recommendation is to run the ozone generator for 2 to 3 days straight. The reason that’s a bad idea is that most substrates have a “flashpoint” at which they break down with ozone, and that flashpoint is usually over many many hours, usually around 18 to 24. So allowing a say 1-3 ppm concentration of ozone over say 30 hours is going to also result in some damaged foam in your furniture, bed, and carpets. Sadly, you won’t kill the “bugs” and you won’t reverse smoke damage at those lower concentrations. You will leave a “burnt ozone” smell behind that lasts weeks however, caused mostly by the damaged substrates. You will also create by-products in the air that are not desirable. A proper ozone shock treatment will only leave an “ozone smell” that will last a day or two, not weeks. That can be minimized by airing your area out after the ozone shock treatment and following our ozone shock treatment protocol to the T.

Before I reveal our ozone shock treatment protocol and expose how long we run our ozone generators for optimal results, why should everyone perform regular ozone shock treatments to improve their indoor air? (not just those with odor or pest issues) Simple! We all shed pounds of dead skin each year. “Old folk home smell” is actually caused by many years of dead skin and tons of dust mite droppings! Disgusting, right? Right. Dust mite droppings are actually the number one indoor air allergen. They wreak havoc on our immune system and that “crap” is the main reason why indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. The ONLY solution is to perform bi-annual ozone shock treatments to kill the mites and neutralize their droppings. An ozone shock treatment will also sanitize all surfaces of molds, bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms. It will also rust the tiny nanoparticles of metal that are now part of our environment thanks to fuel additives in jet fuel. (long story – trans human agenda – you don’t want to know) Well, I do know and that’s what actually got me into the ozone business, so let’s just say your health will improve if you’re not breathing the “crap” and “junk” that’s part of the air we are forced to breathe today. At least the air in your home can be a bastion of clean, fresh, feces and nanoparticle (including smart dust) free air! I’ve actually been “shocking” the air in our home at least one hour every day for years now and during that time we’ve never gotten sick. Coincidence? I don’t think so. A Russian study on the effects of ozonating office building HVAC systems with ozone at night found that it reduced sick leave days and I’ve blogged about the same results in school rooms that ozone shock their classrooms at night.

Our process creates an ultra-high concentration of ozone for a short period of time that does not mess with any substrate yet wreaks havoc on micro-organisms, small pests, and chemical bonds. First, we place our “Caution – Ozone in Use” sign on the door – it’s a CYA legal thing that we recommend and do. We come in with 30 to 40 grams of ozone power per 1000 square feet, 3 to 4 times more than what is really needed but since time is of the essence, it’s what we do. We then employ de-humidifiers to bring the humidity level under 30% during the ozone shock treatment, and drop the temperature under 70 degrees before we start the ozone shock treatment. After the shock treatment, which typically lasts up to 8 hours in homes and one hour in RV’s and cars (with several one-hour shock treatments spaced apart in homes so that the ozone has a chance to revert back to oxygen in between the shock treatments, done with a timer.) There are some other things we do, it’s not just that, as for placement of the machines and things like that, but that’s the basic process. We then use negative pressure to suck all of the resulting air (after the shock treatment) out of the structure and bring fresh air in via opened windows. This is the smartest, safest, and most effective protocol to achieve the best results, and I hope everyone who performs ozone shock treatments for business gives it a try and adopts it. “I don’t get it. Why are you revealing your process for free on the Internet, don’t you know that the “game” is to be sold, not told?” Simple. I am in ozone not to get rich, but to help improve indoor air quality and kill the ‘bad guys” in the air that rob us of our health. I want to lead an “ozone revolution” someday that will lead to a healthier population. That to me will be priceless!