Now we know how and why the US Petrodollar will eventually fail.

Saudi Arabia is trying to talk China into getting off the US Dollar and pivoting to the Chinese Yuan. On the surface, this is concerning because frankly, the main reason why the USA has enjoyed the economic status it has enjoyed for the past 100 years is because of the Petrodollar. When a country goes to buy oil from any oil producing country, save a few hermit states, (that we bombed to hell for doing so by the way), they have to buy USDs to make the transaction. This so-called Petrodollar has been our saving grace.

Our alphabet agencies learned long ago that technology would allow the ‘world order’ established around 1950 to create a ‘new world order’ during this crucial decade that ends 2030. Because the US is based on human rights, freedom, and liberties that are not congruent with a 100% lockdown police state, the type of world the next “world order” seeks, and thanks to technology can finally now have, China was determined to be the best fit to be the worlds next ‘superpower’ post 2030.

For those who love technology, fake computer generated realities, Facebook and social media, and not having to work, (or owning any possessions- a 100% share based society), this coming New World Order will be heaven! (Think the freak show that was “The Capital” in Hunger Games) This Utopian future according to the World Economic Forum, the people tasked with pulling the strings that will ensure we have this “financial reset,” will usher in 1000 years of world peace. (I think they got that idea from the Bible, just a hunch) What will we have to give up for all of this awesome NWO stuff like free healthcare, free education, free housing, green energy and the end of ‘global warming,’ and sharing everything? Our god given liberties. Our freedom. Our religion/belief system. (Nobody will own a gun in this future world/ that’s the first thing these types of folks come for) Everyone who participates in the commerce of this future NWO will be chipped and tracked 24/7. Even their thoughts will be known and recorded by Ai in the ‘cloud’ and ‘pre-crime’ as in “Minority Report” will be a ‘thing.’ This is one of those ‘it is what it is’ situations that is about to come to fruition, at least for those who consent to this future world. For those who say ‘NOT on my watch’? They’ll pivot to a better reality.

Side note: Did you know that Phillp K Dick’s books were written for him by a ‘voice in his head’ that said she was from ancient Greece? She penned his famous Sci-fi books (Minority Report, Blade Runner, Terminator, to name a few) to try and warn the world about ‘a group of murderous, evil conspirators who hijacked our Democracy and replaced it with a worldwide police state, eventually. Listen here to the interview where PKD makes this revelation. (1hr 40 minutes in) This entity (spirit) who wrote those books spoke all languages but her main language was Greek. She said she was around during the time in Greece when the concept of democratic style governments was formed, and she was sad that our experiment in democracy here in the USA was about to be hijacked by technology and come to an end. Replaced by a WORLD WIDE police state in the future. Of course those books have always been considered science fiction. But given this revelation. Are they? Or are they a glimpse of what our future holds in store? Very few people know this fact about PKDs books. I like to share this story when it fits as well as remind everyone that we live in a holographic electric universe. The double slit experiment proved that everything is just data, frequencies, waves of potential until witnessed at which time they manifest as solid matter. (This is how the future can be seen by entities beyond the veil or by people in this real who learn how to separate their soul from their body.) Anyway. I’m going off the rails here. Listen to that PKD interview to expand your world view and to gain knowledge few know. Then realize what is happening today is part of a larger agenda. The warning signs have been all around us for quite some time.

Back to our current mess. History teaches us that all Fiat currencies eventually become worthless. Just as the British Pound was replaced by the US Dollar at the end of WW2, the USD will be replaced by global digital dollar (SDR from the IMF) as the world’s currency once we pivot to a worldwide cashless society. I foresee the IMFs SDR (Special Drawing Rights) digital currency as a global currency that will be the only legal way to make purchases once we pivot to global government. However. To play in that world, one will have to accept the terms of service of their digital chipped money. That chip, when plugged into our future ‘credit score’ world which will also monitor everything we say, everything we watch, everyplace we go for our future world government once this ‘reset’ takes place. Covid19 was Act I. WW3 which started already and will spread once China takes Taiwan will be Act II. The economic end of the US dollar and the Civil Unrest that will cause all around the world will be Act III. Leaders like Biden and Trudeau were put in place because they will tap out and accept a communist/socialist styled NWO run by the WEF with China as the world’s new superpower. That won’t fly in Arkansas however. FWIW. And that future won’t be your future if you don’t consent. I 100% know this. Our world. Our reality is what we consent, believe, and love. In the blink of an eye the creator of your consciousness can put you in an alt universe where you get to live your best life if you have faith and just believe. (The universe is mental, in the final analysis) “As a man so thinketh, he becomes.” So yes, faith can move mountains, because the mountains don’t really exist but in our minds. In our Creators mind more accurately said. So don’t fear the ‘NWOs’ future! Be happy and thankful that won’t be your future.

Good news! Those things are still several years away. Also. The good news about the Saudi’s wanting to dump the dollar is this. China won’t go along with it!! At least not right now. Saudi’s may want to stick it to the USA, but China has a different agenda that requires their money (Yuan) remains weak. Why? China devalues their money to make their products more attractive in the USA marketplace and throughout the world! So, you see. We have a parasite host relationship with China. The world allows them to feed off of us (to our long-term peril) because it provides US consumers with cheap prices at the store. It also keeps inflation at bay. Imagine what inflation would look like if we couldn’t buy cheap crap from China? Yikes! So at this current time. The last thing China wants is to have the USD devalued and the value of their Yuan to go up. So expect the dollar (and the DXY) to continue to rise in over the coming months, not go down. This will also keep Crypto and Bitcoin in particular from going up too high during this phase of “The Plan,” something China and the IMF and even the USA on the down low doesn’t want for National Security reasons. I however love Crypto and will continue to invest in it (without margin. Margin = losing your money, not making money.)

So here is what the media isn’t telling you. China has the US over a barrel when it comes to Russia and Taiwan. They have been helping Russia skirt sanctions, and they will continue to do so. They will use Saudi Arabia and the Petrodollar as their aces in the hole. Yes. They can cause the devaluation of the USD at the time and day of their choosing. (for instance, if the US sanctions them – to prevent that from happening) My guess is that once they invade Taiwan, the USA will have no choice but to heavily sanction China. However. China knows this, and at that point, they won’t care. They will pull their Saudi USD card and give our dollar a double death blow. (Saudi ditching the dollar and US no longer being able to acquire cheap products from China) The sanctions will further exacerbate inflation and destroy our RE and stock markets, but my hunch is that Powell’s rate hikes will have already accomplished that. Prices at places like WalMart will immediately double or triple and when things run out? Shelves will remain empty. When we try to buy things from other countries, we will discover our money is quickly losing its value. Stagflation will kick in. People being broke, few items to purchase, and inflation to boot. What will happen to China’s money? China’s money is backed by gold. Having it become the worlds Petrodollar will cause it to quickly rise in value. Sure. The cost of the goods they sell will start to quickly rise. But so will their standard of living. That will more than make up for the lost markets of the West. I also foresee China taking out their competitors in the region (Vietnam for instance) to ensure they become the only game in town for manufacturing. This will result in China’s wealth ramping up over time, and the USA’s ramping down to third world status. All by design. All because the enemy was within our own ranks. When traitors are in charge, the ending is always predictable.

But what about all of the countries the USA defended and generously supported for the past 100 years? Will they come to the USAs rescue? LOL. The opposite. They will show their true hidden contempt towards the USA and our way of life during this time and jump on the China bandwagon! Mark my words! The world is mostly run by Satanic pedophile under-cover communist types that can’t wait for this future to come to pass. Even Canada will hand the keys to the country over to China without a shot being fired. Eventually, after a spell (years) of civil unrest, the future new world order, with China emerging as the world’s superpower, facilitated by the World Economic Fourm, will usher in a new world government that will be able to easily control the world. Our younger generation has been programmed to believe in global warming. The sin of Capitalism. Evolution and the nonexistence of a Creator. So, they will accept this future, I’m sorry to say. (Except here in the South. This part of the USA will become a breakaway region and fight to the death. Why I moved here!) Yes. The rural areas of America will forever remain free, live off grid and self-sustainable. And live disconnected from this future cashless, chipped, high tech new world order that is forming right before our very eyes. Like a slow-motion train wreak with loud Gregorian religious music blaring in the background as laughing old politicians cackle rubbing their hands in the background like gargoyle hyenas.

There’s no reason to fear what is coming in the future. Let them do them. You do you! We do need to change our attitude however, and de-program from the many lies that got us to where we are today as a society. Jesus said, “The truth shall set you free.” He wasn’t just whistling Dixie! He was telling you a deep truth. What you believe. You will attract. You will manifest. You will create as your future reality. So quit believing their lies and decide here and now that you will not consent to a future without freedom! A future where you’re every move, even your thoughts are monitored 24/7. A future without even the basic human rights that give your life dignity and meaning. Plan to live self-sustainable, then make it happen! I feel blessed of having ozone and stockpiles of vitamins to be my doctor. I also live in an area where one can live off the land and food are plentiful. I believe we need to wake up and face the future head on. Looking for solutions rather than lamenting or being fearful. Yes. We’ve been had. We’ve been lied to about so many things. There were too many ‘enemies in power around the world to stop evil forces from hijacking our future freedoms. However. That’s THEIR future! It doesn’t have to be yours. Unless you consent. So much about the evolution of our consciousness revolves around consent and the decisions we make. Decisions we were lied to and told are inconsequential but in reality, have severe long-term (even generational) consequences. And one thing is for sure. If we don’t plan for this forthcoming dystopian future, we’ll end up like the masses. Seeking handouts in a FEMA camp. Content to live off the ‘free stuff’ the NWO will hand you in exchange for your freedom. I’ve already decided against living that future! If you do too, continue reading my blog and supporting alt health companies like mine. The fun part about life is finding solutions! A positive way to look at the challenges ahead is that we’ve been driving our vessel down a long boring stretch of highway. Separated. Safe. Straight. Four lanes with occasional passing lanes. Now. We’re going to have to go off road. Blaze our own trail! Yes. We will encounter some running creeks that we’ll’ have to splash through and yes we’ll get a little mud on us in the process. We’ll have to climb some rocky, dangerous hills and that will leave us worn out, terrified at times, and achy at the end of the day. Yes, we’ll have to occasionally outrun bears and wildlife. Avoid snakes. But eventually we’ll learn. Adapt. Then thrive. And the best part? Getting back to nature is AWESOME! I can’t believe what I was missing until I started experiencing this new type of lifestyle recently. Men will be able to become men again. I don’t know about you, but I personally look forward to those challenges! Bring it! And I promise you this. I will be the last ozone vendor standing, even after China fail us. Why? I’ve seen the future. I planned for it. And I’ll be ready! With our Creators help and continued inspiration of course. Amen.

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