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15g Quartz Tube Bare Bones Ozone Generator now available.

15g Quartz Tube Bare Bones Ozone Generator now available.

We decided to sell these 15g quartz tube ozone generators for $70 as a DIY kit first. We’ll have enclosed units in the future.

The 8″ inline fan will put you back another $30 but still a great deal considering what you’re getting, and we pay shipping and tax unless you live in Arkansas.

These are best paired with an 8″ inline fan that can also be attached to an 8′ flexible ducting. Any fan however can be used to create high concentrations of ozone. Just have the air blow right into the 3′ wide ozone tube ozone tube. Or you can opt to suck the air over this ozone tube by putting it on the air intake side of the fan. It’s the inside part of the the tube that actually lights up to create ozone, not the outside part. That’s how dielectric/corona discharge works.

Since heat destroys ozone, these quartz tube type ozone generators produce higher concentrations of ozone than the stated amount of ozone that is created by a ceramic ozone plate unit. (why we switched) Well that and the fact that humidity doesn’t get reduced with this type of ozone element like the ceramic plates. At 80% humidity, with ceramic plates, you’re only getting 20% of the stated output. Yikes! Not an issue with the quartz tube and UV technologies.

We do recommend you build a box to house these bare bones units. They are made out of glass and you don’t want to damage your investment, right?

We now accept BTC or ETH at checkout!

We now accept BTC or ETH at checkout!

We added a feature to our shopping cart that allows us to accept Bitcoin or Ether as payment.

I’m a long-time crypto investor who just found out WordPress supports Crypto payments, so this is a ‘no-brainer.’ Just choose “CryptocurrencyCheckout” after you fill out your shipping information at checkout. Click on the blue “Pay with CryptocurrencyCheckout” button on the email you receive to make your payment via your wallet to ours. Simple as that!

The more online stores that join the party and start accepting crypto for payment, the better for the value of our crypto investments. If you own crypto, please pay with crypto and spread the word! Support businesses that accept crypto.

Forever Ozone’s Move to Arkansas Complete!

Forever Ozone’s Move to Arkansas Complete!

Today, 11/12/2020 we sign our new lease in Fairfield Bay Arkansas. I moved Forever Ozone from California to get back to nature. To family values. To sanity. It’s been a touch 10 days (moves are not easy) but we’re now set-up and ready to start shipping again!

We left supplies behind in San Diego to take care of the orders placed during this two week move but I see we ran out of our best sellers pretty quickly. We’re all stocked up on raw materials and will get all past orders out by tomorrow so that hopefully they arrive by this coming Monday. If you experienced a delay in your shipment, we will issue a partial refund of 10% to your order, along with our apologies.

This is going to be an exciting time for Forever Ozone! We are partnering with a genius inventor who lives here in Fairfield Bay to market many new products, including some new ozone inventions I’ll be able to share with you soon.

An big “THANK YOU” to all of our loyal customers! We look forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead and being able to continue providing you with the best ozone generators in the world.

office AR

Our physical address is 14469 Hwy 16 East, Ste 4, Shirley AR, 72153 just outside Fairfield Bay, next to the Craven’s and Dollar General store.  I’m so happy we’ve gone Country. 

New Commercial Ozone Machine – Humidity proof!

New Commercial Ozone Machine – Humidity proof!

I’ve been working on this product for a while. This so-called “pandemic” has really thrown a monkey wrench into production capabilities, so we’ve had to adapt. We made a deal with a large stainless steel fabricator to make us what I feel is the best commercial ozone generator on the market, at any price!

This commercial ozone generator solves a few problems, mainly:

  1. Humidity issues. At 70% humidity, the amount of ozone a ceramic plate ozone generator can produce is reduced by 70%. Up to now, the solution has been UV lamp ozone generators. The problem; they’re too expensive, (over $2000 on avg) and the UV lamps lose power with every use. This new quartz tube technology solves that problem. Best of all, it never wears out, no need for replacement ozone plates (quartz tube comes with a lifetime warranty, along with the transformer).
  2. Heat issues. Heat destroys ozone. Most ceramic ozone plates run at around 150 degrees! That’s not good, especially during summer months. This technology runs cool. Under 90 degrees. That helps prevent NoX production (that burnt ozone smell that lingers for days that you get when you utilize a ceramic plate ozone generator)
  3. Shoots ozone towards roof: This unit comes with a 9″ metal fan that slides under the ozone generator and will blow the ozone being produced straight up towards the roof. This is important because ozone is heavier than air, and most ozone generators utilize a 4.5″ computer fan and blows the ozone sideways. That will create an ozone cloud near the unit, but leave the air near the roof ozone free. This innovative design also allows you to attach an 12″ blower / PVC HVAC hose (sold for $170 more) for jobs that require blowing ozone into the attic or basement.

We also sell a 0-20 ppm ozone sensor for $299 (retails for $799 elsewhere) for our customers who buy our commercial ozone generator.

Shipping is free to the West coast, Central states and East coast pay’s $20 for UPS ground shipping. (Call to order if you’re not sure)

Warranty: Lifetime, transformer and ozone tube.

Ozone Generators Compared

Ozone Generators Compared

I spoke with a nice gentleman today, the owner of an ozone business in St Thomas Virgin Islands. He was telling me of his frustration with his Chinese transformer ozone generator bought from a guy he called “Charles.” He said his ozone ‘cannon’ arrived with 2 out of 5 defective transformers. He immediately called Charles, expecting him to make things right. Instead, he was told that his machine was tested to work before it left the ‘factory’ so he was shit out of luck. It was the carriers’ fault, call and bother them. He bought one of my 50K machines and I offered to throw in two free Chinese transformers at cost ($16), the kind in his unit. The kind with the ‘hot’ high voltage red wires that are glued to the ozone plate, making them effectively disposable. I have 20 of those I bought to test. All of the tested samples caught on fire if the fan quit blowing. All failed within a month if used over 12 hours a day. (Terrible invention – a knock off of my transformer my invention)

Those ‘hot’ high voltage red wires on the Chinese ‘double stacked” transformers, if those wires come undone (with high heat) can touch the side of the box. That poses a shock and fire hazard. Most of the cheap ozone generators sold on Amazon feature these disposable transformers. (buyers, beware). Out transformer has a lifetime warranty and was designed to last 10 or more years, even with daily use. (If connected to a fan and run in the manner we recommend, on 30 off 30 for as long as you want.) A 15-30 minute shock treatment is all you need to kill mold, viruses, bacteria, mites, etc at the concentrations our ozone generators create.

Forever Ozone has been in business for over 10 years, and we’re not in this to make money. Real Estate, other investments are how I make money. I got into this business for health and safety reasons. I knew that we live in ‘end times’ and wars, (burning plastic) civil unrest, pandemics (manmade or otherwise) were coming. I knew that owing ozone would represent the blood above the doorway to ward off the angel of death. I know our gov is part of a world order that has a depopulation agenda. I’m not happy about this. (Wrote a book about it in case you’re interested in this type of thing. If you want a signed copy, just let me know. I sell the hard copies for $10 to my customers and friends.) But I created our ozone generators to last, and to be highly effective. If your ozone transformer ever craps out, we’ll replace it for free, gladly! We want you to have ozone! Ozone kills the ‘bad guys” that can kill us. If you choose Forever Ozone, you are supporting a USA company that cares about your health. If you buy products with poorly designed cheap Chinese transformers? Good luck.

Chinese ozone transformer 10,000 mgh
New Website Format: Please leave reviews – ask questions.

New Website Format: Please leave reviews – ask questions.

This new Forever Ozone website format lends itself for much better customer participation. We feel this is the best way for our company to preach the virtues of ozone moving forward. By giving our customers a platform to share their experiences with our ozone generators with the general public, we feel we can continue to reach more people without having to spend money on expensive advertising campaigns. After all, paid ads aren’t exactly known for their objective impartiality, lol.

So if you own one of our machines, Won’t you join us in this new venture and create a new account so that you can post reviews and join our community? We’d really appreciate it.

We have over 25,000 past customers over the past 9 years. People move, change phone numbers, emails address, etc so we don’t store that type of info. We don’t spam our customers. All we retain is your name and order info from our end. When you call, we can look up your order but we don’t know where you live, your phone number or your email address. We don’t need or care about those things. If you order something, we’ll get that info so no need to store it. The reason why you want to create a new account is that you’ll be part of the WordPress family. You’ll be able to comment on millions of blogs worldwide. Most importantly, you’ll be able to help us better explain how ozone works for our future customers.

It really is us against the International Corporate world. We need to rally together and share information, and this new Forever Ozone website format will help us do just that!

Revamped Forever Ozone Website!

Revamped Forever Ozone Website!

If things look different, they are. In October of 2019, Forever Ozone changed its website platform from Shopify to WordPress. Why?  Many reasons.  Shopify was slow. Their platform caused us to lose valuable ranking in the search engines after the latest Google update. Shopify doesn’t support easy product reviews, something we really loved about our previous service and about our new one.  Basically, WordPress allows for a better customer interaction and better integration with social media, customer questions, reviews, and comments. All of the things we feel will help us connect better with our customers moving forward. 

We hope our customers take a few minutes to offer their input and experience using our ozone generators. We also hope you offer your advice on what you found works best to get rid of odors, kill mites or mold, etc. Forever Ozone is a team effort! Please help us help others, sharing is caring after all!


Why Our Transformers are Best!

We invented our 10g transformers with a removable plate and plug-in power cord to solve several issues – problems with the Chinese designed transformers.

1) No red “hot” high voltage wires outside the transformer. If they touch or come loose, they become a fire and shock hazard. They also result in electricity loss vs having the wires internalized.
2) It’s hard to remove the ozone plates from the Chinese transformers.
3) It’s hard to re-wire the Chinese transformers.
The Chinese responded to our invention by creating a double-stacked transformer with non-removable ozone plates. It’s flawed, and it’s not safe. Here are the main problems:

1) They cement the red high voltage wires onto the ozone plates making them impossible to replace and a fire-shock hazard should they come loose.
2) The bottom of the transformer sits flush with the surface and builds up heat. If you run this for an hour or longer, it can burst into flames (gets very very hot) Our transformers feature a heat sink and face the fan. Stay super cool.
3) Air rushes past the ozone plates from the side from a weak 4″ fan. Bad design. Our units feature 9, 12, 20, or 24 metal fans that pivot to send the ozone towards the roof, a much better design.

The 4 columns are electrified with high voltage and can cause the plastic part to melt and even burst into flames if left unchecked.
I’ve had a couple of dozen people who tried these transformers and had a terrible experience call me to order our ozone generators. Several stated they caught on fire, one was even nice enough to send me a picture.

Optimal Duration for Ozone Shock Treatment. How long? I’ll tell you.

How long should you run an ozone generator to achieve optimal results when trying to get rid of odors, kill mites or bed bugs, or reverse second-hand smoke damage? If you ask 10 ozone generator “experts,” you’ll get 10 different answers. This begs the question, has there been any research done on this subject? Answer: no. Then how do ozone generator sellers come up with their recommendations? Good question! I’ve found the Chinese made models offer some pretty awful advice that sometimes will do more harm than good. (running an ozone generator too long is a terrible idea) So then, what are our recommendations and what is our Ozone Shock Treatment Protocol? (OSTP)
I spend at least 1 hour a day searching the Internet for information on ozone, wellness, and alternative health-related news and research. I also talk to contractors that use ozone in their remediation business every week. I’ve also had years of remediation experience. The Forever Ozone STP addresses all of the different issues related to ozone shock treatments and in turn delivers what I believe are the best results, bar none. So what makes the Forever Ozone STP different? For one, our ozone generator ballasts and plates are different than the Chinese designed ballasts. Heat destroys ozone and creates NoX in the process. When you utilize a cheap computer fan that only moves 100 CFM to cool your ozone plate from the side, a few inches away, and you have the air “plane” or glide over both sides of the ozone plate as it passes over the ozone plate from the side (the air doesn’t hit the ozone producing side of the ozone plate flush like our units) then the ozone plate will reach temperatures of over 130 degrees. At those temps, the ozone production will be limited as heat destroys ozone. Others use MICA ozone plates that don’t produce much ozone and don’t create the elevated parts per million of ozone concentrations in the air to kill mites or quickly break down the hydrogen bonds in chemicals. Those are “ozone air purifiers” that are often run with people in the room. They create around 1 ppm ozone concentration in the air, which is fine for reducing say pet odors, but not effective at reversing damage or killing pathogens or insects (high ppm ruptures the membranes of those pathogens – low ppm doesn’t – only bothers them) At low ppm concentrations, the recommendation is to run the ozone generator for 2 to 3 days straight. The reason that’s a bad idea is that most substrates have a “flashpoint” at which they break down with ozone, and that flashpoint is usually over many many hours, usually around 18 to 24. So allowing a say 1-3 ppm concentration of ozone over say 30 hours is going to also result in some damaged foam in your furniture, bed, and carpets. Sadly, you won’t kill the “bugs” and you won’t reverse smoke damage at those lower concentrations. You will leave a “burnt ozone” smell behind that lasts weeks however, caused mostly by the damaged substrates. You will also create by-products in the air that are not desirable. A proper ozone shock treatment will only leave an “ozone smell” that will last a day or two, not weeks. That can be minimized by airing your area out after the ozone shock treatment and following our ozone shock treatment protocol to the T.

Before I reveal our ozone shock treatment protocol and expose how long we run our ozone generators for optimal results, why should everyone perform regular ozone shock treatments to improve their indoor air? (not just those with odor or pest issues) Simple! We all shed pounds of dead skin each year. “Old folk home smell” is actually caused by many years of dead skin and tons of dust mite droppings! Disgusting, right? Right. Dust mite droppings are actually the number one indoor air allergen. They wreak havoc on our immune system and that “crap” is the main reason why indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. The ONLY solution is to perform bi-annual ozone shock treatments to kill the mites and neutralize their droppings. An ozone shock treatment will also sanitize all surfaces of molds, bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms. It will also rust the tiny nanoparticles of metal that are now part of our environment thanks to fuel additives in jet fuel. (long story – trans human agenda – you don’t want to know) Well, I do know and that’s what actually got me into the ozone business, so let’s just say your health will improve if you’re not breathing the “crap” and “junk” that’s part of the air we are forced to breathe today. At least the air in your home can be a bastion of clean, fresh, feces and nanoparticle (including smart dust) free air! I’ve actually been “shocking” the air in our home at least one hour every day for years now and during that time we’ve never gotten sick. Coincidence? I don’t think so. A Russian study on the effects of ozonating office building HVAC systems with ozone at night found that it reduced sick leave days and I’ve blogged about the same results in school rooms that ozone shock their classrooms at night.

Our process creates an ultra-high concentration of ozone for a short period of time that does not mess with any substrate yet wreaks havoc on micro-organisms, small pests, and chemical bonds. First, we place our “Caution – Ozone in Use” sign on the door – it’s a CYA legal thing that we recommend and do. We come in with 30 to 40 grams of ozone power per 1000 square feet, 3 to 4 times more than what is really needed but since time is of the essence, it’s what we do. We then employ de-humidifiers to bring the humidity level under 30% during the ozone shock treatment, and drop the temperature under 70 degrees before we start the ozone shock treatment. After the shock treatment, which typically lasts up to 8 hours in homes and one hour in RV’s and cars (with several one-hour shock treatments spaced apart in homes so that the ozone has a chance to revert back to oxygen in between the shock treatments, done with a timer.) There are some other things we do, it’s not just that, as for placement of the machines and things like that, but that’s the basic process. We then use negative pressure to suck all of the resulting air (after the shock treatment) out of the structure and bring fresh air in via opened windows. This is the smartest, safest, and most effective protocol to achieve the best results, and I hope everyone who performs ozone shock treatments for business gives it a try and adopts it. “I don’t get it. Why are you revealing your process for free on the Internet, don’t you know that the “game” is to be sold, not told?” Simple. I am in ozone not to get rich, but to help improve indoor air quality and kill the ‘bad guys” in the air that rob us of our health. I want to lead an “ozone revolution” someday that will lead to a healthier population. That to me will be priceless!

New Commercial Ozone Generators for 2019

After years of using 20″ box fans with our ozone generators featuring our solid state ballasts, here in 2019 we are pivoting to a more expensive but vastly superior 20 and 24 inch metal blade high velocity fan. Through months of testing we have discovered that utilizing high velocity fans pointed straight up at the ceiling with 50,000 to 80,000 mgh of ozone power does the best job of quickly converting all of the air in the area to “shock” levels of ozone (over 6 ppm).  When you can get to 6-10 ppm within minutes, it doesn’t take long to get rid of odors, and that means it doesn’t take hours but rather minutes to address most odor remediation jobs.  (how long depends on the severity of the odors) 

Our two new commercial ozone generators feature swivel base metal fans that can shoot the ozone straight up at 3000 to 4000 CFM with 50 to 80 grams of ozone. Since ozone is heavier than air, the ozone will hit the roof and push the oxygen down to the ground level where it will quickly be converted into ozone.  The fans come with a 2 year warranty from Home Depot to boot! (with free delivery to your door).  

Most ozone generators require expensive shipping fees to get serviced once something goes wrong. With our design, the most you’ll be out for shipping is $7, the price for 2 day USPS service via a flat rate envelope to send back a ballast for replacement!  Our ozone machines are designed with the end user in mind. No soldering, no wiring, no problems! If the fan fails, just bring it into a local Home Depot for a free replacement.  

If you are a contractor who offers odor removal services, you should really consider adding our commercial ozone generators to your arsenal.  They will save you a ton of money and help you create higher concentrations of ozone faster, and if you follow our protocol, you will get the best results possible.