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Based on the evidence, (See picture below) the Coronavirus pandemic started in December, not recently. The real threat with this virus isn’t death, it’s economic. Because of the nature of the virus, it must be ‘respected’ and that respect brings economic activity to a standstill. Unlike most viruses that only last 24 hours on surfaces, this one lasts nine or more days. Unlike most viruses, if you get this one twice, you can actually die of a heart attack. I’m getting reports that China is burning paper currency because they found people were spreading the virus via money handling. (Makes sense, since it can last up to 9 days on paper currency). I do believe this will happen in the USA as well (transmission via paper money). Be very wary of this, and wash your hands often (and use sanitizer after handling money).

I am most worried about the financial ramifications of shutting things down (and China suffering economic consequences as well). If you, heaven forbid, come down with this virus; no worries. Take high doses of Vitamin C, E, and Zink. Self-quarantine. Use ozone therapy (drink ozone water or go to an ozone doctor for 10 pass ozone treatment) What about prevention?

Since this virus lasts so long on surfaces, the solution is a simple 30-minute ozone shock treatment daily. Ozone will kill the virus on all surfaces and substrates. (when over 5 ppm – our machine reaches those levels easily) It’s impossible to spray disinfectant on all surfaces, plus, you’d be filling your home with toxic VOC causing chemicals (not advisable if you value your health)

I am worried that we will get a run on our ozone generators if the factories that make Chinese ozone generators can’t get back to work soon. I have increased our supplies so that we won’t run out again in the future. I will not be raising our prices (price gauging is SO un-American IMO) BUT I will give past customers first rights to our products if our future supply chain breaks down again. I think that’s only fair.

Owning an ozone generator is a wise investment in this day and age. I’ve always felt it’s a ‘must-have’ prepper’s tool not just in case of pandemics, but in case of forest fires or man-made fires (Civil Unrest – rioting). Those types of fire can cause toxic fumes from the burning plastics and rubber. Ozone would be a life-saver in a time like that (ozone main area while in a bedroom, then after breaks back down into oxygen, clean the air in the room and hang out in the living area)

If you have any questions, please call during business hours. My cell is: 619-874-3904. Thanks for all of your support over the years! God Bless and take care.


wuhan pollution

These are areal photos of pollution in Wuhan China. Note that on January 1, the skies were almost clear, compared to Jan 1 the previous year. This suggests China had already put the city on lockdown. 

7 thoughts on “Kill Coronavirus with Ozone Shock Treatments.

  1. I’m happy with your product. I purchased you model OG-KF 3500 mg/hr in 2013 to eliminate the smoker smell for a used car I purchased. It took several high dosage treatments to get rid of the smell due to the deep penetration contaminates into the fabric and foam of the seats. With some perseverance, it completely eliminated the smoker smell. Since then, I’ve used it in an apartment to eliminate mold smell and to eliminate cat urine odor in my storage room ( where the litter box is located … cats sometime have bad aim). I’m happy to have it in case I may need to use it to sanitize room.
    I find the simplicity of design and the fact it looks like a well made home DIY project endearing. Thanks for making it! It has been a high value/ low cost purchase. I could not ask for better. I wish you and our company continued success. My only regret is that I did not purchase the model with the integrated fan. I purchased your lowest cost model because I was skeptical of it effectiveness. It turned out to be very effective. It is only a minor inconvenience to set up a fan to keep the generator plate cool.
    Do you have a suggestion for how long to run this unit per 1000 cubic feet volume to generate enough Ozone concentration to kill viruses? Not fair to ask about killing Covid 19 since studies are not yet published; or if they are I have not found them.

    1. Covid lasts up to 9 days on surfaces, so it’s tougher than other viruses. Studies show 5ppm kills viruses on surfaces in about 4-5 minutes. Maybe double that is my guess for this virus. So a simple 15-minute shock will allow the ozone to linger another 40 minutes, and that will be more than enough.

      People are used to shocking their pool water, now they new normal I believe will be to shock your living area for this virus moving forward. I’d feel better staying in an Airbnb that performed an ozone shock treatment when the last customers left than one that didn’t offer that service, given the life span of viruses on surfaces. The same goes for gyms, restaurants, and any business. Just shock the air for 15 minutes every night to protect your customers! It should be mandates but our gov doesn’t like to promote ozone. Pharma and the chemical companies (large corps) own our politicians – run our gov – reason why.

  2. Could we get a mg to sqft chart that would provide what the exposure times are and what it would kill(smells/viruses)
    I currently have the 3500 and just ordered two 10000 units.

    1. Hi David. At 50% humidity, 23500 mgh will treat around 1700 sq ft / 8′ ceilings by creating over 5ppm of ozone within 15 minutes and holding that level for 10 hr if you run it for 30 minutes.

      Humidity and heat destroys ozone, so colder and dryer = higher ozone ppm.

      Tests show that ozone shock treatments killed the SARS novel coronavirus in around 15 minutes at 5ppm. So no need to run for hours. Just a quick 15-minute treatment, then air our for 15 minutes
      with windows open when you come back 1 hr later (give time for o3 to become o2 again, takes 30 to 40 min at 70 degrees) will keep your indoor air clean and healthy. Indoor air is so dirty, and that
      compromises our immune system which in my opinion gives viruses fertile soll to grow fast. Make the soul inhospitable = letting your immune system neutralize the threat. Thats what ozone does. Boosts the
      immune system (ozone water) and kills surface pathogens (air)

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