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We rely on happy past customers to grow our business. The benefit? A lower ‘cost of goods’ because we don’t have to spend money on advertising and in turn, lower prices.

We have people still buying ozone plates for their 12 year old ‘bare bones’ ozone generators. I have an idea. If you have one of our old machines and you want to upgrade to one of our new machines, we’ll give you a 30% credit on your machine that is ‘in need of repair or new ozone plate’s and apply that discount to one of our newer machines.

What if you are happy with your old machine and it works fine. You just want to buy our newest version? Call us. I’ll give any past customers 10% off to say ‘thank you’ for helping us keep our prices low. (PS. Past customer who bought a machine, not just parts)

Our new quartz tube ozone generators are humidity resistant and never need replacement. (glass and stainless steel tube). UV and quatz tube ozone generators usually cost $1000 (don’t believe me, price them) but we found a way to offer them for a fair price thanks to our business model. Take advantage, and enjoy!

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