Everything in-stock. New 15g tube machines in the works.

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The breakdown of our supply chain has caused us long delays in sourcing parts that in the past were easy to source. That all ended mid June when we received a long overdue order of electronic parts which included ozone plates. Everything is now in stock!

We are coming out with a new 15g ozone tube later this month. It will be used in our commercial air ozone generators to make a 60g unit (for 15g quartz tubes in one cylinder) We will still offer our current 40g unit (60g contractor kit deal) but also be adding the a stand alone 15g and 60g unit to our offering. (and a 80g kit) We will also offer a 15g unit that utilized an 8″ in-line fan. We have the parts, we’re just looking to source the fans and other parts we need to make that unit from US vendors.

Our 3.5, 5, and 10g ozone plates are back in stock. We ran out during this current supply chain delay.

We thank our faithful past customers for their continued support and referrals. Some have mentioned they were worried the FTC had put us out of business because of a warning letter from the FTC they found online when they searched for “Foreverozone.” I think I created a blog post about that letter, but if I didn’t, I will make one shortly. Basically, we linked to a story from Ibiza Spain early in the pandemic where they claimed they were curing Covid-19 patients with 10 pass ozone treatments and the title of my blog post was “Is 10 pass ozone a cure for Covid?” Of course that’s a big ‘no-no” ….to claim something cures something without providing scientific proof. My proof was anecdotal information from doctors in Spain. I didn’t think I was claiming anything, I was just asking a question, but the lawyers at the FTC didn’t mince their words. Take down that blog post or be shut down. Of course I took down that blog post. Interestingly, the original article was scaled down by the newspaper in Spain that published it. (I went and looked for it recently) Gone were the words that suggested they were curing people of Covid with the ozone treatments. Instead, they said that the treatment looked promising in treating Covid. There is a ton of published data in scientific journals that document ozone’s ability to kill viruses, I also found articles claiming ozone shock treatments kill coronaviruses, such as this one. So no, Foreverozone doesn’t have a problem with the FTC. We quickly took down the offensive blog post and learned our lesson. We plan on being around til NWO takes away everything and the chips in our brains convince us actually very happy owning nothing, lol. Until then. We soldier on.

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