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Tomorrow we’ll get the last of the air ozone generator backorders out and start working on some stray phone orders that never got processed. I worked until 11 PM all last week and even this weekend to accomplish this feat. Let me explain why it was so difficult.

We do local ozone fumigation (pest control, to sanitize surfaces of viruses, etc) and since we ran out of our 10g solid-state ozone transformers, we went back to using our 3.5g, 5g, and 7g ozone plates. We have an ozone meter that works with a cell phone app to tell us the parts per million of ozone (we decided to sell this unit, ordered 10 that will be here soon. $500 for the standard model and $600 for the one with the cell phone app -wifi feature – a must-have for contractors!) and we noticed that the lower-powered units we were utilizing were achieving a higher part per million of ozone concentration faster than the 10g plates. We figured out the reason why. Placing several lower powered units around a residence does a better job than one or two high powered units. So we decided to discontinue selling 10g transformers (we will still stock the 10g ozone plates, however). We will now recommend 14g max per fan (two 7g transformers-plates) spread around your residence or office.

The seven-gram transformer and plate is our new ‘go-to’ product for ozone shock treatments. We can fit two of these transformers on a 9 or 12-inch metal fan pivoting fan that throws the ozone straight up towards the roof. We also designed several new commercial ozone generators we will unveil soon. They are encased and come with the ozone plate attached.

We are still waiting for out 5g ozone transformers and tubes. We should be getting them within the coming 2 weeks, God willing. These are some crazy times. God help us all!

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