Had a mini-run on our products this week. What’s in stock?

Forever Ozone > Had a mini-run on our products this week. What’s in stock?

This happens from time to time. We have 3-4 times the usual amount of sales and run out of certain products for a few days or week. Given we’re in a pandemic and people are discovering the many benefits of ozone, it’s not a huge surprise. Issues in the supply chain however are making it a challenge to ‘keep up’ with demand.

So here’s the deal. We have plenty of 15g air units available as well as 10g ‘bare bones’ units, but we ran out of fans for the 10g Large Room ozone generator and won’t get more until Thursday of next week. So if you need something shipped right away, I recommend you go with the 15g or 10g bare bones. We can have the $30 8″ inline fan shipped via Amazon (2-3 days unless you live rural) so that’s an option if you need a fan-unit fast. Otherwise, just order our $99 10g / fan and wait until late next week for shipment.

We have a 15g unit with a stainless steel case being made this week that features a fan and as well as another encased 15g unit (housed in a plastic tool box) that works with an inline fan. The stainless steel model will sell for $149. The tool box model without a fan will go for $90, add $30 for a 4″ inline fan. Both will be available next week, so beck back for that.

I am worried about supply chain issues moving forward. And the economy. Cold and flu season is right around the corner. Less sun means less vitamin D production, and that means a weak immune system ….unless you supplement with Vitamin D3! Add some Zinc, garlic, and C for good measure and you’ll be fine! Stay stress free my friends, and God bless you and your families.

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