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We have 500 transformer motherboards (used to make our 10g transformer) and 500 plates arriving next week. (around 3-23) 180 sets are already sold. We had a run on ozone plates around the same time people started hoarding toilet paper. We have over 20,000 past customers, and several of them ordered 20-30 plates each, causing us to run out. We still have transformers made and ready to go, and everything else is ready to go. We just didn’t anticipate people hoarding our ozone plates. Now, we’re limiting ozone plate purchases to the number of transformers you buy or bought in the past. However, short term, based on sales patterns, most of those 500 plates/transformers will be gone before we get our next batch around April 4th. We will up our production, but as things get worse, panic can set in at any time and clean us out. Also, if people get wind of the benefits of ozone shock treatments to kill this virus? We may have bigger buyers step in and buy us out of supplies overnight. We are in uncharted territories, really.

We will never run out of ozone plates or transformers! We get shipments ever 2 weeks. There is no need to hoard our ozone plates. None whatsoever.

I also don’t get why people are hoarding toilet paper. You can go online and have Amazon deliver you TP any time. Why hoard it? I think that shows how the MSM brainwashes people to act irrationally. They put scenes of shopping carts rushing to the TP section and fighting over TP as if it were this years ‘hot’ Christmas toy. It’s insane! This just shows you the power of suggestion the MSM possesses. X amount of the general public is a brain-controlled monkey.

Our economy, sadly, and our dollar, the stock market is going to suffer severe once in a generation consequence due to this Coronavirus. The wise will be prepared and will not panic. There really is nothing to fear but fear itself! If you are prepared, if you have faith in God, if you are a good, decent person, you’ll be fine. This virus will change everything in the future the same way 9/11 changes everything having to do with civil liberties 18 years ago. Here is what I think about this situation and how I think we should react.

For starters, we should do away with the use of paper money during this crisis. Paper money harbors this virus for up to 9 days. In nine days, money changes hands dozens if not hundreds of times. China figured out that money was spreading the virus and has been secretly burning paper money or putting it into quarantine. Conspiracy theory advocates will deduce that this is just a pretext to move towards the “beast system” – a cashless society. Maybe so, but it is what it is. This virus is now part of our world and because of the dynamics (can last 9 days on surfaces, it can cause a heart attack the second time you get it) we will have to limit exposure here on out, and this move is a ‘no brainer.”

Secondly, our government should REQUIRE ozone shock treatments overnight in all businesses, especially eating establishments and stores. Ozone shock treatments (our protocol) kills Covid-19 within 10 minutes of exposure to 5ppm ozone gas (in an unoccupied area of course) Businesses should also leave their cash drawer open to kill the virus on the money.) You can’t wipe down all surfaces. You can’t wipe down clothing or paper products, packaging where this virus can survive up to nine days. Not doing this is negligent and assisting the world gov in their sinister depopulation agenda.

Thirdly, anyone with an AirBNB should perform and ozone shock treatment for now on, after someone checks out. I wouldn’t stay in one unless it was ozone shocked. The previous patron could have had it, sneezed, and the virus can be living on a surface or piece of furniture I touch and infect me or my kids. All hotels should also perform ozone shock treatments after each room is turned over.

Of course, these things will not happen because our government is more interested in kowtowing to the chemical and medical establishment than to public safety. Common sense is no longer common anymore. We keep electing Secret Society big Corp shills and we keep getting the same results. More JFK, 9/11, Epstein type lies. One thing is for sure. Your government will not protect you. They have different plans for this world. Only you can protect you, and job number one is to ‘wake up” and realize the truth. Then, act accordingly.

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