Our Digital Water Ozonator / Air Dryer is Back!

We’ve added what I feel is the best water ozonator value in the world. It’s made for us by a company that’s been selling ozonators for over 20 years, with a few modifications for the US marketplace. It is my belief that US consumers will pay a little more for a better product, especially a product that is supposed to address health issues. Sure, all ozonators, even the cheap $49 200 mgh ones create ozone. However. They also put toxins into the water. The lower end ones do this because they use metal tubes, plastic barbs (the thing the silicone tube connects to) and cheap stones made from toxic materials. Even the higher end ones are guilty of this unless the vendor cares enough to replace the toxic parts with US food grade parts (silicone tubes, bubblers, and quartz tubes). I’m that type of vendor. I can’t sell a product used to address disease and illness with a product that may, well, you know.

The main modification is the stainless steel barb. It won’t crack and break off within a year, the whole time leaching chemicals into the water like the plastic counterpart. We’ve also opted for made in the USA glass bubblers. Each unit comes with two, a $34 value. Lastly, the silicone tubing is US food grade, not made in China. These modifications add at least $50 of value, hence the $149 price tag. For a limited time, we will sell it for $129 to get word out the best ozonator value in the world is back in stock. We had several vendors who bought 10 at a time from us to get the wholesale price. When we get those vendors back, we’ll end the special and go back to the retail price of $149.

The timer can be programmed for 1 to 60 minutes. A rheostat allows you to adjust the ozone concentration downward for insufflations. At full power, the gamma is over 80 and too much for some types of insufflations. We don’t offer medical advice about gamma, but you can get that info from your doctor. We just advise you on how much gamma you get with x y or z setting.

The air dryer is the thing that makes this superior to ozonators without an air dryer or air intake. You can hook this up to an oxygen concentrator, oxygen tank, or the supplies air dryer. Without an air dryer, you’re creating unhealthy byproducts so technically, the ozone being produced shouldn’t be consumed (drank if bubbled into water) If you do so with the typical ozonator, you’ll be getting all kinds of toxins along with the ozone. With this ozonator, using the air dryer which limits the amount of moisture that can enter the ozone tube to a minimum, you can product nearly medical grade ozone without the use of oxygen. Let me put this another way. This is my daily driver for making ozonated water, and I have access to an oxygen fed higher powered ozonator. I have one of these in my bathroom to ozonator water to gargle with before and after I brush my teeth. I have this unit in the kitchen to make ozonated water that I use to make ozonated ice (in a silicone ice tray) that I use on skin conditions. Cuts. Scrapes. And to keep fish fresh (sushi grade) just to list a few. Being portable makes it my travel ozonator as well. When the ones I’ve had in stock for years (for personal use) finally crapped out, I decided to resurrect this product. And this time, I won’t allow it to fall out of stock in the future, permanently adding it to our ozonator product line. Enjoy!

Forever ozone ozonator
Forever Ozone water ozonator with air dryer
stainless steel barb
Features a stainless steel barb (not plastic which adds impurities, breaks off)

2 thoughts on “Our Digital Water Ozonator / Air Dryer is Back!

  1. I received my ozonators. I’m having difficulty comprehending how to set it up to ozonate water. Do I use the stone as well as the air dryer or just the air dryer to ozonate the water? I can’t tell from your picture that’s posted on this site.

    1. Hi Cathi. Didn’t your unit come with instructions? If not. Let me know and I’ll send them. It’s simple really. The air dryer connects to the air intake via the smaller more rigid nylon hose. The silicone tube connects to the stainless steel barb. Then you connect the white glass bubbler to the end of the silicone hose and place it in a glass of water and push the on button then choose how many minutes. Three is enough for a tall glass of water. Hope this helps.

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