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dust mites

Our homes are built are air tight, but all kinds of pests still manage to make their way inside. Instead of using unhealthy pesticides or chemicals to address indoor pests, why not try ozone? After a one hour ozone shock treatment, you’ll find that the ultra high concentration of ozone gas killed mosquitoes, flies, and small insects. But it’s actually much better than that! The ozone shock treatment also kills mites and neutralizes their feces so that it is no longer biotically active! (the number one indoor air allergen – mite feces) All surface molds, bacteria, and viruses are also killed with a proper ozone shock treatment. Just like drinking too much water can kill humans, too much oxygen on steroids (ozone) kills small pests. (and then reverts back to oxygen) 

What is the best way to use ozone for pest control?  1) Lower the humidity with a dehumidifier, box fan, and AC or heat. The lower the better.  2) Perform the ozone shock treatment early in the morning when the temperatures are as low as possible and nobody is home. 3) A one hour shock treatment is plenty long to kill pests as long as you have enough “ozone power.”  For green pest control, we recommend two to three times the normal 1000 mg/h per 100 sq feet. 

To combat mites, the secret is to lower the humidity as much as possible. Mites can’t survive in low humidity (except in pillows and bedding – sweat provides the moisture they need), and the combination of low humidity and ozone is absolutely deadly to mites. If you don’t own a de-humidifier, borrow one for the ozone shock treatment. Also deploy box fan and run them on high. Wind helps lower humidity, and 20″ box fans provide plenty of wind action (only $44 for two with free shipping if you buy from us

Using pesticides indoors can kill bugs, but it can also weaken your immune system and harm your health, and it can’t address the mite issue. Using ozone for green pest control is the smart way to rid all surfaces of viruses, mold, bacteria, and parasites and kill airborne pests, even small insects and of course mites. 

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