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We’re a two-person operation. Me and my son. That changes next month as I will join forces to expand the business and grow our product line but for now, that’s all we’ve got.

I’m spending 5 hours a day answering the phone and haven’t had time to answer emails lately. That’s a first. I’ll get caught up on emails this weekend. We’re struggling to fill backorders and create new product offerings at the same time. If you do have a backorder, can you please wait until next week please to inquire? We will be getting product out all this week and should be caught up by next week.

As for product update, we’re still out of the 5g ozone machine. We’ve ordered the parts over a month ago but the factory didn’t send it in this last batch. Reason? Fedex increased the shipping price from $8 a kilo to $40 a kilo, and they simply deducted product since I pre-paid shipping a month ago (rather than ask me for more money) That’s how they roll over there. I’m so blessed I don’t rely on them but for a few electronic parts. It’s hard to run a business like not knowing if what you order is what you’ll get.

Also, we’re re-designing our units to create more ozone. This downtime has allowed us to do a lot of R&D and testing. We have an ozone meter (we’ll soon start to sell it for $500 to contractors, others sell the same meter for $600) that allows us to see the parts per million we get when we perform ozone shock treatments in our area, mostly for AirBnB’s and a few Apt complexes. We’ve found we can create higher concentrations of ozone spreading machines about and using 5g instead of 10g ozone plates. They run a lot cooler than the 10g transformers and plates, so that’s what we’re going to offer in the future. Two 5g ozone machines spread 15-20 feet apart create a higher ozone concentration than one 10g unit. So a 30-50g machine for instance will create the same concentration as two 5g units spread 20 feet apart. We were shocked at the finding, didn’t expect that. So we’re going to change our product offering soon to something that will cost less and produce better results. And best of all, our ozone transformers have a lifetime warranty and removable ozone plates! The Chinese made machines are disposable and crap out within a year due to the way they’re engineered and designed. The thin strips of copper in the electronic timers, on off switch rust from the close, high ozone output, within a year, and that causes the unit to fail. Shipping it back for repair will cost you more than one of our machines. That’s why we say, eventually all ozone users will become Forever Ozone customers, lol. Just give it some time! Once you go through our competition repair process, you’ll see the light!

We thank you for your patience during this time. We’re excited for the upgrades we’ve made to our product offerings and will update our website this weekend. If you have a backorder, it’s coming (except for the 5g water machines, they”re a few weeks out still) Please wait until next week, or this weekend, to call. God Bless, and stay fearless!

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