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Thanks to all of our customers who have been patient as we waited for our ozone plates. They were supposed to arrive Monday. They were delayed and will now arrive Friday. Therefore, if you’ve been waiting for your order, it will more than likely arrive Monday of next week.

We now have a few hundred plates and transformers in stock and more plates arriving in around two weeks. We may run out of plates again if people keep ordering extra sets, so be kind and don’t order any extra plates now, please. We have over 30,000 past customers and many of them are ordering plates right now, to hoard them in case things go sideways, but they won’t. We’ll be fine.

The water ozonators inside of a case will be back in stock in 2 weeks. We hope the oxygen concentrator as well, but you never know. Big government orders have driven the price above $1000 for what we sold for $350 weeks ago. Crazy! We’re working on getting the ‘guts’ to make oxygen concentrators and will make our own soon. Stay tuned for that.

One thing I want you to keep in mind about virus infections or bacteria infections. They are like seeds. They need fertile soil to ‘grow.’ If you boost your immune system with Vitamin C and Zinc, and perhaps drink some ozone water, you’ll be fine even if a seed (the virus) is planted inside you. So stay positive! Laugh. Eat good food. Don’t stress. Get as much sun and fresh air as possible. While you’re outside, do a 30-minute ozone shock treatment to kill toxins (viruses, bacteria, mold, germs, fungus, parasites, even mites) that can cause our immune system to overload and make us sick. (Indoor air more polluted than outdoor air). That will also help keep your immune system stay strong! So don’t forget to get fresh air daily, and keep your indoor air clean.

We knew this day would come. Now that it’s here, those who have ozone at their disposal will be fine. Ozone will be the blood above the doorway that causes the angel of death to bypass your home, and we’re happy to have been able to provide ozone to so many people! God Bless you and stay positive! You’ll be fine!

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