100% Potent Ozonated Oil Blend 8 oz Frozen (Edible)

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100% fully potent edible (for guns or skin) ozonated oil blend, 8oz.


While we know there are many different protocols to make ozonated oil, our method of creating ozonated oil yields a 100% potent ozonated oil, meaning the oil retails copious amount of ozone.

Ozone is very reactive at room temperatures. It’s been known for over 100 years that ozone reverts back to oxygen in around 40 minutes at room temperature. Those who bubble ozone into oil for weeks will infuse the oil with a lot of oxygen but not ozone. Our protocol calls for chilling the oil to under 40 degrees then infusing it with 20 grams of ozone per hour, for four hours, then freezing the oil. This yields a fully potent ozonated oil with a high yield of ozone.

What edible ozonated oil contains an equal mix of the following oils:  Hemp, Avocado, Coconut, and Pumpkin seed oil.  It is delivered frozen in an 8oz mason jar anywhere in San Diego, straight from ice to your freezer.

If you don’t live in San Diego and want to make your own ozonated oil, it’s simple! We can sell you 8oz of our specialty edible ozonated oil blend for $20 and you can ozonate it at home yourself using your Forever Ozone ozonator. You might not be able to put as much ozone into the oil as we can in 4 hours, but you can still ozonate it and create an ozone oil with tons more ozone than the type you buy online and arrives with tons of oxygen but no ozone (due to the reactive nature of ozone at room temperature – loss of ozone during shipping.)

Disclaimer: We do not make any medical claims for our ozonated oil to comply with FDA regulations. If our customers wish to make claims, that’s okay,  but should not be taken as medical advice.


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