10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator. Free S&H

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This US-designed solid-state ozone transformer allows for a plug-in ozone generator plate and power cord. It features a lifetime warranty and powers our moisture-resistant 10g ozone plates.



The USA designed ozone generator transformer has the following key features:

  • Solid State / Closed Circuit Design (no ‘hot’ high voltage wires outside transformer – a fire, shock risk)
  • The plug is an 18 gauge power cord. No soldering, no wire nuts.
  • Lifetime Warranty from an established (in business over 10 years) USA Company.

What is the difference between Forever Ozone transformers and the Chinese designed “stacked” transformers you’ll find in most ozone generators?

  • The “stacked plate” Chinese ozone generators cement high voltage wires to the ozone plates. The ozone plates in those units are basically not replaceable.
  • The wires in those transformers can come loose and cause a shock or fire hazard.
  • Those types of transformers sit flat, so air can’t properly cool the underside. Consequently, they shouldn’t be run for more than 30 minutes at a time. (Our transformers can run for hours at a time, no problem.)

Our solid-state transformers attach to the metal grill of pivoting fans (so that the ozone can be directed towards the ceiling – best way to create ‘shock’ levels of ozone) We sell kits that include a 24-hour timer (or a repeat cycle timer if you’re only looking to freshen your air), a surge protector, and a 9, 12, 20, or 24 inches pivoting metal fan. We also sell assembled units for about $10 more than the “kit” price and also offer volume discounts.

One 10,000 mg/h ozone generator will create ‘shock’ levels of ozone in areas up to 1000 square feet when the humidity level is around 10%.  At 50% humidity, 10,000 mg/h will treat about 500 square feet.  At 70% humidity, around 300 square feet. Corona discharge ozone generator output is adversely affected by humidity. This is why UV ozone generators that produce 10,000 mg/h cost upwards of $2000.  However, two of our 10,000 mg/h units will treat 1000 square feet at 50% humidity – a better deal.


Size: 6″ x 2″ x 2″

Includes 18g power cord and 10g moisture-resistant

ozone plate (rated for 20,000 hours of service)

Warranty: Lifetime.

Volume Discounts Available

Free USPS Shipping anywhere in the USA. For Canadian or International orders, please call 619-874-3904 9-5 M-F PST.

3 reviews for 10,000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Generator. Free S&H

  1. Rebecca B. (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, this purchase did not work. I have purchased 4 units in the past, and was extremely pleased each time. Decided to try the stronger one, but something is preventing the plate from being seated in the unit…….there is a piece of metal too close to the top. Therefore, it is not usable. If there is a way to fix this, I would love to know, so I can use it!

    • Mike (store manager)

      Hi Rebecca. Did you fix this issue? If not, we can replace the transformer in question. The copper tabs in the holes sound like they got bent. You can fix this by pulling the copper tab in the hole out. Sounds like it got jammed in the hole. If you can’t fix it, send it in and we’ll be happy to replace it.

  2. Amy Ryan (verified owner)

    Works great. I used it to clean my cat room. It is 6 feet wide and 12 feet long where that kitty liter box and play structures for the cat are located. What a difference it made cat seems happier so that makes me happy. Thank You Forever Ozone for all of your help before and after purchase. I will be ordering another one soon.

  3. Robert H. (verified owner)

    So far so good. The generator really puts out the ozone. I attached it with the included zip ties to a box fan I already had, and have used it for several hours at a time for about four or five sessions. The reason I have already used it so much, and the reason I bought it in the first place, was because we came home one night to a house full of skunk spray. I think there must have been two or more skunks fighting for the cat food on the front porch. When our cat sitter entered the house, she must have inadvertently tracked the actual spray into the house because the smell was absolutely horrendous. Each time I’ve used it, the skunk smell diminishes a little bit more. I think I may have it conquered after tonight’s four and a half hour session. I basically set the fan blowing toward the hvac air intake and set the hvac system to “fan”. That way the ozone gets dispersed throughout the house through the hvac system. It also “cleanses” the duct system as a side benefit. If you buy one, I suggest that you wrap tape around the ozone plate to transformer plug assembly as it will work itself loose if you don’t, probably from the slight vibration of the fan. I also hold my breath as I enter the house after treatment and turn the whole house fan on and open windows. Then I leave for about a half hour to let it air out. If you don’t have a whole house fan, then open all your windows and let it air out for a good amount of time, like an hour, before going back to your normal routine.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes. Anywhere USPS ships, including the territories, we ship free.
  2. A Yes, all of our products are legal to be shipped to anywhere in California, except our ozone air purifier.
  3. A If the transformer every fails, just send it in for a free replacement. We pay return shipping. The ozone plates are not covered with a warranty. If they arrive in good shape, they should last many years (2000 hours) As long as you attach the transformer to a fan (so that it gets proper cooling) the fan should last many years. Replacements are $20. If the power cord ever fails, that too is covered in our warranty. The fan comes with a one year warranty and costs under $20 to replace down the road.
  4. A Killing mites takes weeks because of the egg cycle. We recommend doing an 'hot shot' fogger and then running the ozone for 4 hours to break down the pesticide so that it doesn't make you or your pets sick. Then continue with the ozone for 2 hours a day for three weeks, with a fogger every 5 days. You can find this info here
  5. A We ship USPS Priority mail for free. It usually takes 3 days to arrive at your door in Hawaii. Humidity reduces ozone production in correlation to the humidity percentage. 50% will make a 10g machine a 5g. 70% will make a 10g a 3g and so on. It's best to use these with a dehumidifier and also running the AC and fans to lower the humidity as low as possible.
  6. A It takes a very high concentration of ozone to break down the biologically active material being released by decaying flesh and thus remove the dead animal stench that coats all surfaces and is very hard to remove.  Our 10g Cool-Tec can create those high concentrations because it never gets hot, it can be run for 12 hours (it turns on and off every 20 seconds to keep from getting the plate hot, plus the design) and over that time period it can remove rotting flesh odor and even mummify dead animals over several days (if for instance in the crawl space - let it running 24/7 to mummify the dead carcass)
  7. A Yes. Our ozone generators are not illegal in California because they are not ozone air purifiers and are not intended to be used in occupied areas. Contractors use ozone for odor, mold, and smoke remediation legally in California. Homeowners can act as the Contractor and "DIY". As long as you don't use these in a business or place where others will be subjected to the ozone, you'll be fine.