10,000 MGH Forever Ozone Generator / 9″ Turbo Fan / 24 hour Timer. Free S&H

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The Forever Ozone concept: Use a pivoting 9″ turbo fan vs a 4″ computer fan to blow the ozone straight up. Why? Ozone is heavier than air. If you don’t do this, you will create an ozone cloud at the ground level while the air near the roof remains un-ozonated.

The transformer comes with a lifetime warranty, so this isn’t your typical landfill fodder disposable ozone generator! It’s simple to replace (just attach with zip ties)

HOW IT WORKS:  Just plug the ozone transformer power cord into the supplied multiple outlet strip, then plug that into the supplied timer (set it to run while you’re away) then come back one hour after it’s cut off. That simple! The transformer comes attached to the 9″ turbo fan.

ABOUT OUR TRANSFORMERS:  We invented these transformers here in the USA. You won’t find these solid-state transformers offered anywhere else. You see, here In the USA, we like to design things to last, and these do!  They don’t feature the typical red ‘hot’ high voltage wires on the outside of the transformer like the Chinese designed transformers. They also cement their wires onto the plate, which makes them impossible to switch out, and if those wires ever come loose over time, look out!  Our transformers are also closed-circuit so if they overheat, they shut down automatically. Of course, use as instructed! (Don’t place near drapes, on the carpet, other common-sense instructions per the manual)

WHAT AREA DO THESE COVER?  With low humidity (0-10%) 1000 square feet. With 50% humidity, 500 square feet (for ozone shock treatments)  If you’re only looking to freshen the air, choose the 10,000 mg/h model with a repeat cycle timer. ($10 more)  Those cut on for x amount of seconds every x amount of minutes and can freshen the air in areas up to 40000 square feet.

HOW TO USE SAFELY:  Ozone shock treatments are performed in empty spaces to permanently remove odors, kill mites, small bugs, parasites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and VOC’s. You need to get the ozone concentration above 5ppm.  Ozone generators convert the available oxygen in the air into o3, so the stronger the fan, the more ozone you create. This is why our strategy to employ turbofans that can be pivoted to blow the ozone up towards the ceiling is superior to traditional ozone generators with 4″ computer fans. Place the ozone generator in the center of the space to be treated (under 1000 square feet) on a tile or glass surface.  Point the fan towards the roof, set the timer, and leave the area. Come back 1 hour after it’s cut off.

KEY FEATURES:  Another thing that is unique and special about these ozone generators is the ozone plate. The ceramic ozone plates used in our ozone generators last four times longer than traditional ceramic ozone plates (20,000 hours vs 6000 hours) They plug right into the ballast (transformer) – no soldering needed. When the transformer craps out, unplug the plate and the power cord and send it in for a free replacement. (lifetime warranty)   The 24 hours 30-minute interval timer can be set to run while you’re away. You can set it to run for a few hours between 9 and 5 PM while you’re at work for instance.  Ozone is great at getting rid of pet odors and creating a mountain fresh clean smell that will prevent mold, bacteria, even flying insects (they hate ozone too) to occupy your home. Mountain air has 1 ppm of ozone and studies show that people who live in the mountains live longer. Can it be because they don’t have to worry about molds, bacteria, viruses, and parasites because of the elevated ozone levels? I think that has something to do with it since older folks aren’t very active in their 90’s.

Included with this ozone generator special deal:

9″ turbo fan / attached 10,000 mg/h ballast

Plugin 10,000 mgh ceramic ozone plate

Heavy-duty 3 pronged power cord

Power strip, 3 zip ties

24 Hour Timer

Free Standard Shipping in the USA (expedited available)


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Weight 6 lbs

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  1. Deborah (verified owner)

    Ozone is very strong with only a 5 minute run. Use caution when starting works really well and fills a room quickly. Would recommend product.

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  1. A The CFM information isn't provided on the fan or any website I've found, but according to the manufacturer, it moves 300 CFM. Pretty weak compared to the 20" fan that moves over 3000. I was surprised it was that weak. It's good for an 8-foot ceiling but beyond that, you'll need the 12" or 20" fan.
  2. A We ship UPSP 2 day priority mail. Our experience is that if we ship Friday, it arrives on Monday. Sometimes if we ship on Saturday it will also arrive on Monday. (As long as you don't live in a rural area)