15,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Bare Bones Ozone Generator / Lifetime Warranty



This 15,000 mg/g  quartz tube ‘bare bones’ air ozone generator (no case, but includes a 4″ inline fan) can treat areas up to 1500 sq ft with ‘shock’ levels of ozone.  It includes a 4″ inline fan that can be hooked up to a 4″ tube to feed the ozone into cars, crawl spaces, etc.  You can upgrade for $8 to a repeat cycle timer or a ‘smart plug’ timer that allows you to turn the unit on and off with your cell phone.  Shipping and handling via USPS Priority Mail is included.

This package ships as a ‘kit’ that does require some assembly.  (attaching the fan and ballast to the acrylic base / supplied screws and bolts)  The reason. We need to protect the quartz tube with 1″ bubble wrap to protect it in shipping.   We also include wood screws in case you want to mount it to wood, walls, air ducts, etc.

This ozone technology doesn’t run as hot as ozone plate ozone producing technology that requires powerful blowers yet still runs hot. Heat destroys ozone, and running a powerful fan over ozone plates doesn’t allow the oxygen enough ‘dwell time’ or time to come in contact with the electric spark to create high concentrations of ozone. Ozone plate technology is also limited by humidity, so at 60% humidity, the output is reduced by 60%, not so with quartz tube ozone producing technology. So this is the best ozone equipment to us in humid areas along the coast or in basements where you can set these to turn on and off 24/7 to prevent mold damage, kill small insects, and keep critters from setting up shop below our above your dwelling. (30 minutes ever 12 hours does the trick)

Shipping. We have several shipping options. Free Ground Shipping (3-5 days)   Expedited 2 Day shipping for $15Next Day Shipping for $50.  Learn more about our shipping options.

P.S. We used to sell a 15g quartz tube ozone generator in a stainless steel case for $189.  This ‘deal’ utilizes the 15g quartz tube/ballast that was featured in that product. We decided to quit selling that product because it wasn’t that great of a deal. The shipping cost of $30 (on avg) drove the cost of goods up to $190, as did the stainless steel box. While shiny stainless steel boxes look nice, they don’t produce ozone!  With this deal, you virtually get three times more ozone minus the stainless steel case for the same price!  That’s a great deal, and great deals are what Forever Ozone built it’s business on, so we’re happy to revert back to our ‘keep it simple stupid’ philosophy that has served us well all these years and allow our competition to sell the fancy, nice looking ozone equipment for those who don’t know any better, lol.

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This is a commercial ozone generator that produces high levels of ozone even in Florida or other high humidity locations. Ozone plate technology reduces the amount of ozone that can be created by the percentage of humidity in the air. For instance. At 80% humidity. You’re only getting 20% ozone production from your ozone plate technology ozone generator.  Quartz tube and UV ozone technology on the other hand does not suffer this ozone production loss.  

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 in


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