15,000 mgh Quartz Tube Ozone Generator / Stainless Steel Case

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Nice Stainless Steel case keeps 15,000 mgh quart tube safe. Comes with a 24 hour 30 minute interval timer but upgrades to other timers available.

Warranty: Lifetime. (parts and labor)

26 in stock (can be backordered)


This is a very nice looking stainless steel unit, but it’s much more than just good looks. It features the latest and greatest ozone generator technology and has these advantages you won’t get anywhere else:

  1. No replacement plate needed! The quartz ozone tube with stainless steel mesh will last forever!
  2. Humidity proof. UV and quartz tube technology is humidity proof. Ozone plates suffer a 50% reduction in ozone production at 50% humidity. No ozone production loss here!
  3. Simple design.  Lifetime warranty.  If the transformer fails, we can send a new one and they’re easy to switch out. This is the last ozone generator you’ll ever need to buy!
  4. Washable electrostatic filter. This unit features a washable electrostatic filter to keep the inside of the unit as dust free as possible.
We didn’t design this unit with an enteral timer because ozone tends to oxidize the thin metals inside of the timer and cause it to fail within a year. This causes a huge waste of money shipping the unit back and forth. (I learned this the hard way over 10 years ago which prompted me to start Forever Ozone and create ‘bare bones’ units.)  Ever since. Forever Ozone has only offered external timers on their air ozone generators. This one comes with a 24 hour 30 minute interval timer that lets you run it in 30 minute intervals any time of day. You can opt to pay $8 more and upgrade to a repeat cycle timer, a smart switch/ cell phone app that allows you to set it remotely from your cell phone (pairs with your home Wi-Fi), or a wireless on-off outlet. 

Free S&H in the USA including HI, AK, and all Territories. $35 Shipping to Canada.

NOTE: We can only make 4 of these a week for now (waiting for parts to clear a clogged up supply chain) but soon will keep 50-100 of these in stock by November.

3 reviews for 15,000 mgh Quartz Tube Ozone Generator / Stainless Steel Case

  1. John S. (verified owner)

    I have used Mike’s products for many years. Outstanding customer service and he will answer any questions you have. I purchased a 15 gram machine, this was a no brainier, for me to remove orders. Operation was simple and results stellar. I recommend his products.

  2. Taylor (verified owner)

    Seems to work fine and produce a lot of ozone; however, I am not too pleased the find that it is missing a screw on the fan mount and the top left corner of the fan mount has a small crack. Bought this as a long term machine and that stuff bothers me a bit.

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    Image #1 from Taylor
    • Mike (store manager)

      Hi Taylor.

      I’ll send you the missing screw and if you can circle the crack in the plastic fan guard (I can’t see it) I’ll send a new fan guard as well. In the future, I’d appreciate it if customers contact us directly for these types of customer service requests in lieu of posting their customer service requests on the review board.

  3. Art T. (verified owner)

    An excellent ozone generator from an excellent company.

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