20,000 mg/h Commercial Ozone Generator / Pivoting 12″ Metal Fan. Free S&H

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Commercial grade 20,000 mg/h ozone generator features a 2000 CFM pivoting metal fan that can shoot ozone straight up and send it in all directions!


This 20,000 mg/h ozone generator features a 2000 CFM pivoting metal fan and can perform ozone shock treatments in areas up to 1000 square feet with 50% humidity. (2000 square feet if 0-10% humidity) The pivoting 12″ metal fan shoots the ozone straight up towards the roof, sending ozone in all directions and forcing air down to the ground level to be ozonated.  so that ozone shoots off in every direction and forces air down. (Ozone is heavier than air) The air that is forced downward can then be converted into ozone. This is our unique design concept that utilizes pivoting metal fans and our exclusive solid-state transformers. Best of all, the transformers come with a lifetime warranty!

Included in this package are two of our 10,000 mg/h solid-state ozone ballasts that power our 10,000 mg/h long life (20,000 hr) ozone plates. We include six zip ties to attach the ballasts to the supplied 12″ metal fan (ozone-producing side facing fan). All you have to do then is plug the heavy-duty power cords into the ballast and then plug the cord into the supplied power strip, then plug that into the supplied 24 hour 30-minute interval timer. Set this commercial shock treatment ozone generator system to turn on when you’re away for at least 30 minutes a day. Mold, Mites, viruses, bacteria, and micro-pathogens of all types won’t stand a chance with the high concentration of ozone this unit produces. The secret is the open design, the high CFM fan, and the fact it can shoot the ozone straight up towards the ceiling. Now that’s a winning hand against the “bag guys” that rob us of our health and sanity!

Warranty: Lifetime on the ballast.

Included: 2- ballasts, 2- ozone plates, 2- power cords, 6-Zip Ties, 1- 12″ metal fan, 1- 24 hr timer, 1- surge protector.

Free Standard Shipping (2-5 days) Expedited Shipping available. Free Next Day FedEx Shipping to Southern California (except for fan, that takes 2 days)

12" metal fan
20g ozone machine

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2 reviews for 20,000 mg/h Commercial Ozone Generator / Pivoting 12″ Metal Fan. Free S&H

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product is great! Simple, yet effective design does the job with no expensive parts to fail or break! With a few extra zip-ties you can attach the entire power cords around the side of the fan to make a clean (and less messy) look for the unit.

    I had a little issue with the service part but they made everything right in the end (and quickly).

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    • Mike (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. And the recommendation about the power cords. We’ll start to include extra zip ties for the power cords, great idea!

  2. francis endryck (verified owner)

    the product is great.Too long between order and delivery.send a note to clients if delivery is delayed.keep up the good value and education for ozone.

    • Mike (store manager)

      Yeah, sorry about the late deliveries lately. Our supply chain has been disrupted. What used to take 3-day snow takes 2 weeks. It’s amazing to watch. We’re lucky though. We have few parts made in China. We ran out of the ceramic plates recently (Made in China) because we couldn’t get a spot FedEx plane. Waited over a week. Now, we are sending a ‘heads up’ message if we can’t deliver within 7 days. In good times, it only takes 2-3 days. Items not affected by this = the water ozonators and the 3500 mg/h plates, car ozonator. Also, please don’t hoard the plates! (caused recent delay) Several customers bought 30-40 plates and made us run out. Now, we limit plate purchase to the # of transformers you buy to prevent that from happening again. We’ll always be able to get parts, no need to hoard.

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  1. A Simple. It just takes a minute. The 12" long zip ties snake right through the grill easy enough and it's just a matter of lining them up along the outside wire and using the 2 holes on the transformer to connect the left and right size to that outer fan grill wire and then snaking one around the center of the transformer.
  2. A Placing two 10g units / 9" fans 20 feet apart will convert the air into ozone faster than one 20,000 mgh unit. Ozone generators convert the air into ozone, they don't create ozone out of thin air. The 12" fan will move more air than the 9" unit but still, placing ozone generators shooting ozone straight up towards the roof in different parts of the house is technically the best way to create high concentrations of ozone. This 20g machine is good for large open areas with high ceilings. The 9" fans aren't strong enough to get past 8 feet or so ceilings.