45,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Commercial Bare Bones Ozone Generators / Lifetime Warranty

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Three fifteen gram quartz tube ozone generators, each with its own power cord.  Comes with stainless steel screws and self locking nuts to mount on the provided acrylic base. We also include wood screws in case you want to mount it to wood.

They come packed in 1′ bubble wrap with plenty of padding around the sturdy quartz tube to ensure safe passage to you, and we insure the shipment so that if it is damaged in shipping, you’re covered. (rare)

This ozone technology doesn’t run as hot as ozone plate ozone producing technology that requires powerful blowers yet still runs hot. Heat destroys ozone, and running a powerful fan over ozone plates doesn’t allow the oxygen enough ‘dwell time’ or time to come in contact with the electric spark to create high concentrations of ozone. Ozone plate technology is also limited by humidity, so at 60% humidity, the output is reduced by 60%, not so with quartz tube ozone producing technology. So this is the best ozone equipment to us in humid areas along the coast or in basements where you can set these to turn on and off 24/7 to prevent mold damage, kill small insects, and keep critters from setting up shop below our above your dwelling. (30 minutes ever 12 hours does the trick)

This kit doesn’t come with a timer.  We sell several types of timers. Check them out and buy the best one for your particular application, or give us a call. We’d be happy to help you choose the best one for your job.

P.S. We used to sell a 15g quartz tube ozone generator in a stainless steel case for $189.  This ‘deal’ utilizes the 15g quartz tube/ballast that was featured in that product. We decided to quit selling that product because it wasn’t that great of a deal. The shipping cost of $30 (on avg) drove the cost of goods up to $190, as did the stainless steel box. While shiny stainless steel boxes look nice, they don’t produce ozone!  With this deal, you virtually get three times more ozone minus the stainless steel case for the same price!  That’s a great deal, and great deals are what Forever Ozone built it’s business on, so we’re happy to revert back to our ‘keep it simple stupid’ philosophy that has served us well all these years and allow our competition to sell the fancy, nice looking ozone equipment for those who don’t know any better, lol.

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This is a commercial ozone generator that produces high levels of ozone even in Florida or other high humidity locations. Ozone plate technology reduces the amount of ozone that can be created by the percentage of humidity in the air. For instance. At 80% humidity. You’re only getting 20% ozone production from your ozone plate technology ozone generator.  Quartz tube and UV ozone technology on the other hand does not suffer this ozone production loss. The nice thing about this design is that it can be stacked and placed in front of a 20″ box fan to create a 60,000 mg/h ozone generator for around $300.  Or you can place it behind a high velocity blower to suck air through the tubes. We have one company that uses these units to bubble ozone into fish tanks (aquaculture application). They placed fitting on either ends of the tubes that allow them to pump air into the tube and then into PVC piles with tiny holes. (very creative!)  They saved themselves thousands vs ozonator/pump technology. The 1/4″ thick acrylic is sturdy and supports the 2 units well.  We recommend keeping the box the units come in and storing the unit in there to prevent the quartz tubes from being damaged.  We’re not worried about them being damaged in shipping.  Make sure you test the unit the day it arrives to make sure it arrived functional/undamaged. We won’t warranty damage to the quartz tubes (from dropping the unit) but the transformer comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s up to you to protect your investment. I know you can do it! lol

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 in

4 reviews for 45,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Commercial Bare Bones Ozone Generators / Lifetime Warranty

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    Rental house unoccupied and secured so no one could enter..The house had carpet with a very strong dirty dog smell. Carpets had been cleaned professionally still had a problem.. We cooled house down to 70 deg.f during day with A/C ,then turned A/C unit OFF at night fall. Setup fan & Ozone generator in carpeted area on timer 2 hours on 1 hour off till morning. During day cleared out ozone with fans then cooled house down to 70 deg. F till night fall again.. This process was repeated for 3 days . At the end of the third day all odors and smells were gone.. Excellent product did a great job..

    • Mike (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Andy. As long as you cycle the ozone so that it has a chance to break back down into oxygen (40min. 1 hr is conservative, our recommendation) then you can run it 2 on one off 24/7 if you wanted. The flash point to damage foam (furniture, beds) 4-5 times longer than 2 hours, so you won’t be damaging any substrates. Hurting most plants. Or damaging paintings. You will however kill all mites. Molds. Small bugs, etc. I’ve kept one running 24/7 with 1 hr off in my basement here in Arkansas to dissuade any critters, bugs, or bears from even thinking about setting up shop under my home! It’s also done a great job of getting rid of a musty smell in the lowest floor. Now a thing of the past. Viva la ozone!

  2. RICHARD (verified owner)

    Excellent products, high quality and I am very pleased with my purchases, thank you!

  3. Rob L. (verified owner)

    The box arrived intact and well packed. Strangely a piece of one of the plastic transformer boxes fell out as I lifted the unit from the box. It was was in good shape other than that and the tubes having slid a little during shipping. Those were easy to ouch back in place. This machine makes a ton of ozone and it needs a fan to spread that good stuff around and so it can make more. It looks pretty cool too with the lights off.
    I’ll have to figure out some sort of protective enclosure for it.

    Image #1 from Rob L.
    Image #2 from Rob L.
    • Mike (store manager)

      Thanks Rob. These 15g transformers are top heavy. Anchoring them via a screw to the plastic base causes this type of damage if the shipping box is dropped from say 5-10 feet on the side. We tried adding
      silicone to the corners of the transformer to provide more support to no avail. Now, we ship the ballast un-attached to the acrylic base and allow the buyer to attach it upon arrival. That’s been working
      out much better. So far, no damaged ballasts or quartz tubes. (double wrapped in 1″ bubble wrap)

      A little crazy glue with some backing powder sprinkled on top will re-attach that broken piece better than new. You’re a good guy for not requiring us to send you a new ballast for what amounts to cosmetic
      damage. That saved us a few bucks which helps us keep our cost of goods down. I wish all customers were like you!

      The best protective enclosure I’ve seen a customer make was simple. He cut two foot long 2″ board into four 5 inches sections. Screwed a hole in each corner of the plexiglass (and a pilot hole into the wood.
      Then he put down some silicone or liquid nails and attached the 4 posts and capped the top off with a piece of wood with a handle on top of it. It would have looked better if he used 1/4″ acrylic. We could
      have sold him a 11″ x 11″ piece to match the bottom for $8. If it were me, I’d use solid oak to make the pillars 1″ x 5″. Or a hardwood round piece of wood from a discarded shovel or old broom. Others have simply attached the acrylic to a milk crate so that they can toss it in the back of their truck and protect it en route to the jobsite. 101 ways to go about this, but all end up giving you more ozone than a fancy stainless steel box.

  4. John E. (verified owner)

    Superb service in getting the product to me on time as requested!!!
    Went above and beyond to make this happen!!!!
    I am however a bit disappointed in one of the legs on one of the units being broken somehow during shipping. Glued it back together as suggested with crazy glue and was able to mount it to get it started on the job. Not sure how long that will last or hold up. That’s my only disappointment so far. I will see how good the product did as I am going back today to remove them and see if the smoke smell is indeed gone. Thank you for your great service and sorry that the postal office is so brutal with packages.
    I do hope if the base does not hold up that there would be a replacement base for it or something coming to rectify it. I will inform.

    • Mike (store manager)

      Thanks John. If the base of the 15g transformer that broke during shipment does fall off again after being crazy glued back into place, let me know and I’ll send
      you a new transformer. The unit does have a lifetime warranty. I just hate wasting good transformers with cosmetic issues when they can be fixed with crazy glue.
      Thanks again for helping us with this issue. Here for you in the future if the need arises. Mike

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Hi, Do you ship to Australia? I am interested in 30,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Commercial Bare Bones Ozone Generator Can you supply one that will work on the 240V AC power supply? if so, what would be the shipping cost? Thank you, kind regards MaryBack to product
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