Bare Bones 10,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Ozone Generator / Lifetime Warranty / Humidity Resistant

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Forever Ozone Bare Bones 10,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Ozone Generator.

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Quartz is a type of glass, and like glass, it shatters easily. For this reason, we’ve held off selling a “bare bones” model. But now that we’ve relocated to Arkansas, where our cost of operation is much cheaper than San Diego, we decided to offer it in the ozone resistant PVC case, with a lifetime warranty, for only $69.99. All you have to do is have a fan gently blow air into the enclosure, or put it on the back side of a 20″ box fan so that the ozone is sucked out of the unit and out the box fan. (better idea, unless you’re in a hot region, then blow the air into the unit.)

This new technology doesn’t run as hot as ozone plates, which burn at over 140 degrees during operation. Heat destroys ozone. It also poses a fire risk. Those are two of many reasons why we’ve decided to invest exclusively in this ozone technology moving forward. The other consideration is humidity. At 50% humidity, ozone plates ozone production is reduced by 50%. That’s not the case with tube technology! Ozone production is not reduced at all with humidity, This means you get much more ozone for your money in humid areas.

We also sell fans / power cords that fit into the back of these bare bones units, and different types of timers that you’ll need to perform ozone shock treatments as well.

(Same as the $99 model except it doesn’t come with a built in fan nor does it come with a timer)

6 reviews for Bare Bones 10,000 mg/h Quartz Tube Ozone Generator / Lifetime Warranty / Humidity Resistant

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic upgrade to the old 7000mg/h units with two fragile plates, and so easy to carry without breaking it.

  2. Darlyne Duffey (verified owner)

    An excellent little unit. I was only disappointed that I was not able to contact customer service.

  3. Daniel E. (verified owner)

    Great Customer service, Def best in the industry.

  4. Buddy Carr (verified owner)

    I have been using their ceramic plate generators for close to 15 years in my a/c return, and having to replace the plates every 6 months to a year. I was happy with those, but am glad that there are no replacement costs for these new quartz generators.

  5. Brian K. (verified owner)

    Five star as usual bought several units in the past best customer service. Will be buying again soon thanks.

  6. Melody Morrison (verified owner)

    This is wonderfully barebones. The innards are all visible and a fan is needed to distribute the ozone throughout the room. No on/off switch, just plug and unplug the unit, or use a timer switch if desired. I’m excited that it’s supposed to last a lifetime. It sure beats the last one I had, with a sleek case, mysterious innards, and a mysteriously short lifespan.

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