Commercial 40,000 mgh Cold Corona Ozone Generator

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This is the best commercial ozone generator on the market. It checks all of the boxes! Works in humid areas. Lifetime warranty. High parts per million production. Made in the USA. Fair price. Well established vendor who answers the phone, takes care of his customers.

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Humidity kills ozone production. At 70% humidity, the ability to produce ozone with ceramic ozone plates is reduced by 70%! The problem? Places with high humidity need ozone the most! High humidity equals mite and mold problems. Solution? Cold Corona ozone technology that is not effected by humidity!

We have partnered with a large stainless steel fabricator to professionally make this commercial ozone generator. It sits on four legs, the ozone output shoots towards the roof. Under the unit, a 9″ metal fan blows the ozone being created towards the roof. You can also opt for a 12″ blower and PVC HVAC hose to blow the ozone into crawl spaces, attics, etc. (optional, $170)  We offer free shipping to the West coast.  Any Central or East coast areas have to pay a $20 shipping surplus for ground shipping. (add shipping to your order to prevent it from being slowed down, or call in your order, better idea!)

This Commercial Ozone Generator spits out over 20 ppm of ozone! (our meter only tests up to 20ppm)  That’s in 70% humidity in San Diego. This is four or five times more ozone than you’ll get from regular corona discharge ceramic plates.

The quartz ozone tube, unlike ceramic ozone plates, will never wear out. It, along with the transformer, come with a lifetime warranty. If the transformer ever fails, just send that part in for replacement! (No need to ship in the entire machine, such a waste of money!!)  We design our units to save you money, and to prevent your investment from ending up in a landfill (Hence the name Forever Ozone)

Included with your purchase is a 9″ pivoting metal fan (standard). You can also opt for the 12″ blower and PVC tube upgrade ($170 more)  That device can suck the ozone created by this machine and blow it via PVC tubing right into an air duct or attic, basement, etc.

We also have ozone sensors for sale now, but only for our customers who buy this unit from us.  The sensors retail for $799 elsewhere. Sensor price is $299. If you are in the ozone shock treatment business, or want to start your own business, having a sensor is a ‘must have’ tool! You can take a picture of the ozone ppm concentration and share it with your clients. Because our units create such high ozone concentrations so fast, you can perform an ozone shock treatment in one hour, instead of 12-24. We also share our information on the right way to ‘air out’ the structure after the ozone shock treatment to bring in fresh air and eject any ‘tiny particles’ that might have been created (if there was second hand smoke present. Very important!)

Ozone shock treatments with high ozone ppm over short durations of time are the way to go! This is by far the best commercial ozone generator deal on the market, so pat yourself on the back! Good job finding us. (We don’t advertise. Rely 100% organic searches and word of mouth, happy past customers.)


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