10,000 mg/h Medical Grade Ozonator / Oxygen Concentrator.  Lifetime Warranty on the 10g Ozone Machine

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This 10g Ozonator comes with a high-quality oxygen concentrator, (we have tested it for 1 year) and includes Made in the USA glass stone that will not add impurities to your water or oil.  It also features food-grade Made in the USA silicone tubing. This set-up retails for well over $1000 but is sold here wholesale to the public for $899 wholesale factory direct to the consumer.

Despite the low price (medical grade ozonators of this strength sell for over $2000), it does not suggest it is not high quality.  The only reason for the low price is that you don’t have to pay for expensive pay per click ads or expensive marketing campaigns, so you pay a wholesale manufacturer direct to the consumer price.

What is not cheap, the ozone tube and transformer. The ozone tube is quartz and has a huge heat sink to keep it cool. The barbs are stainless steel. It is housed in a nice looking stainless steel box with an on-off switch and a 1 hour timer (with hold function to go longer).  The white glass bubbler stone is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. It does not leach impurities into the water like the Chinese made stones that are not ozone resistant.

This medical-grade Ozonator can be used for ozone baths, making ozone oils, or making ozone water. Something that the weak medical-grade machines cant do.  

At 10 grams per hour, this Ozonator is more than capable of filling your bathtub with pure ozone for ozone therapy purposes, or your ozone resistant spa enclosure/silicone bag.  Run the concentrator at 8 LPM to create 80 gamma concentration ozone.

Price includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the USA.  The cost to ship this to Canada is $60.


10g Ozonator

Oxygen Concentrator / accessories

5 feet of food-grade silicone tubing

2 glass bubblers (one for oil, one for water)

Warranty:  Lifetime on the ozone tube and transformer

1 year for the oxygen concentrator


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  1. A Yes. That's what they call ozone created by glass or quartz tubes
  2. A Ozone and oxygen are not flammable UNLESS in a pressurized tank. All kinds of o2 and o3 in the air we breath, and it can never catch on fire.