Ozone Air Purifier 0-10,000 Mgh / 9″ Fan, Repeat Cycle Timer

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This can be used as an ozone air purifier to freshen the air in homes with pets or smokers or as a shock treatment machine.


This ozone generator can be used to freshen the air OR perform ozone shock treatments in unoccupied rooms. It’s the most versatile ozone generator on the market!

How does it work? By utilizing a repeat cycle timer, you can introduce just enough ozone to freshen the air and remove odors but not too high to bother your lungs. (under 1 ppm – EPA guideline for safe exposure) How much ozone is created depends on many factors. The humidity level and the amount of ‘pollution’ or biologically active particles in the air are the main factors. If you live with dogs and your air wreaks of pet odors, and you live in a humid area, then you’ll need more ozone than someone without pets who lives in a dry environment. The great news is that the timer allows you to easily adjust the ozone output so regardless of your environmental condition or your ozone needs, you can program the timer to deliver the perfect amount of ozone.

This unit utilizes a 9″ metal fan. This 9″ metal fan pivots to shot the ozone straight up towards the ceiling. A great innovation over traditional ozone generators that utilize a weak 4″ computer fan. Our customers also love how easy our ozone plates and ballasts are to replace vs traditional ozone generators.

What sets Forever Ozone generators apart from the competition? Our USA designed ballasts you won’t find offered anywhere else don’t feature red “hot” high voltage wires outside of the transformer that is cemented onto the ozone plate. (disposable – non-replaceable plates) It’s next to impossible to glue a high voltage wire onto the ceramic. I don’t even know how they do it! I do know those wires sometimes comes loose and cause a fire or shock danger. I’ve seen pictures. Our transformers are closed-circuit so if they overheat, they shut down automatically and with no high voltage wires that can come loose, safer to operate if used as instructed. (Don’t place near drapes, on the carpet, other common-sense instructions per the manual)

How much area does this ozone generator cover? To freshen the air, up to 4000 square foot homes. For ozone shock treatments, with low humidity, 1000 square feet. With 50% humidity, 500 square feet (for ozone shock treatments) Ozone shock treatments are performed in empty spaces to permanently remove odors, kill mites, small bugs, parasites, molds, bacteria, viruses, and VOC’s. You need to get the ozone concentration above 5ppm.

Introducing small amounts of ozone into your air is the best, healthiest way of getting rid of pet odors, cooking odors, or second-hand smoke odors. Just use common sense when using ozone as an air purifier and follow all of our instructions. Ozone creates a mountain fresh clean smell that will prevent mold, bacteria, even flying insects (they hate ozone too) to occupy your home. Mountain air has 1 ppm of ozone and studies show that people who live in the mountains live longer. Can it be because they don’t have to worry about molds, bacteria, viruses, and parasites because of the elevated ozone levels? I think that has something to do with it since older folks aren’t very active in their 90’s.


Included with this ozone generator special deal:

9″ metal fan / attached 10,000 mg/h ballast

Plug in 10,000 mgh ceramic ozone plate

Heavy duty 3 pronged power cord

Power strip, 3 zip ties

Repeat cycle timer (can also be used as a traditional timer)

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