Three 7000 MGH Ozone Generators / 9″ Metal Fans / 24 hour Timers. Free S&H

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Three 7g ozone generator with pivoting 9″ metal fan and a 24 hour 30 minute interval timer.

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Forever ozone does not design or sell disposable ozone generators. If you want one of those, go to Amazon. They sell Chinese crap that lasts only one year then craps out. This is a USA designed and manufactured ozone generator sold by a USA company that answers the phone and answers questions that will LAST A LIFETIME! If and when the ozone transformer craps out, simply send it in for a free replacement. You can buy the ozone plates from us for $12 or from Amazon for $14. (they sell these as 10g plates by the way because Chinese sellers like to lie. These are 7g plates.) Many ozone generators sold on amazon that claim to be 10g use these same plates or the double-stacked ozone generators also used on many US ozone generator said to create 10g, but they run hot so they create less ozone than these 7g ozone plates. And those ozone generators are disposable. Virtually impossible to replace the ozone plates which are glued into place.

This deal is for three 7000 mg/h Cool-Tec Ozone Generators / 9″ metal fans Kits with the standard 24-hour timer at a $30 savings over the single unit price of $119.99

Since ozone generators simply convert the available oxygen in the air into ozone, placing ozone generators 20 or more feet apart will create higher concentrations of ozone faster than placing one higher-powered ozone generator in one location. Also, the 7g plates stay 20 degrees cooler than the 10g plates, and since heat destroys ozone, these plates actually help create higher ozone concentrations than 10g plates!

You get much faster, higher ozone concentrations from these 3 ozone generators vs one high powered ozone generator.  The pivoting metal fans throw the ozone towards the roof, another good idea.  Placing several of these ozone generators throughout your structure will create the highest ozone concentrations possible.

How much area will these three 7000 mg/h ozone generators cover? 2100 sq feet if you have 10-20% humidity. If you have 50-60% humidity these will only be able to treat 1100 square foot structures, in other words, create a high concentration of ozone needed to kill mites and small pests. If you live in a dry, cold area, you can treat 5000 square feet or more with these three units, but in the real world, it’s not that easy at all. Because when humidity comes a-knocking, the ozone concentration will fall. And it’s sad but true, but the one thing I’ve learned selling ozone generators is that the customer doesn’t always get the right machine for their needs, here in the real world.

So my advice, be honest with yourself and buy enough ‘ozone power’ to get the job done right, given your humidity levels. These machines are worth it! Without your health and your sanity, what good is money?

Included with this ozone generator special deal:

Three: 9″ metal fans

Three:  7000 mg/h Solid State Ozone Ballasts

Three:  Plugin 7000 mgh ceramic ozone plates

Three:  Heavy-duty 3 pronged power cords

Three:  Power strips, 9 zip ties

Three: 24 Hour Timers

Free Standard Shipping in the USA (expedited available)

If you want us to ship these assembled, call us. The cost is $30 plus the extra shipping charge vs a USPS flat rate box.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very prompt response in replacing a non working fan, I mean like immediate, no BS , just action.
    I like the fact they have a wealth of info on getting the most out of the generator,hot vs cold, humid vs non humid, life cycle of mites, etc.

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