Smart idea: Ozonate your salad greens first then eat with peace of mind.

Viruses. Bacteria. Parasites. They can all be found in salad greens. Even packaged salads. Why? Because producers and consumers don’t take the simple step of sanitizing the greens before shipping (or consuming) for a few minutes with ozonated water.

The culprit. Fecal matter under fingernails from unproperly washed hands. Most producers only wash their greens with water, sometimes heavily chlorinated water, but that won’t kill 100% of the ‘bad guys.’ They’ll grow in the dark, moist environment. The people who pick our food often have to go #2 out in the field and can’t properly clean up afterwards. The system in place to pick our food is what it is. So you have to protect yourself by ozonating your food before consumption if health is a high priority.

How ozonating your food works. You fill your sink (or a large container if you’re a producer) with ozonated water. Let the greens or veggies soak for at least five minutes. Ozone will remain in the water for 40 minutes at room temperatures, even longer in chilled water. But all it takes is a few minutes to make sure your greens or veggies are 100% bacteria, virus, and parasite free. If the fare is not organic and was treated with pesticides. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes. Ozone breaks the hydrogen bonds in chemicals, Harmful pesticides are broken down into innocuous substances rendering your food organic-like. (Pesticide free).

We sell two ozonators that will do the job. Our $129 digital 500 mgh ozonator and our stainless steel 10,000 mgh ‘all in one’ ozonator. The Digital unit is more than enough for residential applications.

Reference article: A parasite in bagged salad was linked to a spike in cases of a stomach bug that can cause explosive diarrhea

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