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Thanks to all of our customers who have been patiently waiting for back ordered items! We received plates and ozone tubes today and will receive transformers and more plates next week.

Shipping went from $7 per kg to $40 a kg from China. This is why you’ll find even Amazon is taking weeks instead of days to deliver things as of late. It’s just to expensive to ship things by air, they have to go on the slow boat from China (until USA starts making electronic parts – don’t hold your breath!)

I’ll start putting things back up for sale in the coming days. I want to get throught the back-orders first (over 100) by Saturday. If you ordered something and have been waiting, it should arrive to you by early next week. If not, please give me a call at 619-874-3904 (my cell) so I can check on it for you. Please don’t email. I get over 100 emails a day, lots of spam.

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  1. What would be the consequences of replacing a larger 10,000mg/hr with a smaller 3500mg/hr panel ??? this is important to me, so please do reply soon, thanks so much !

    1. The 10g transformer is 90 watts and would burn up a 3500 plates. The 10g works fine during the winter when it’s cold. Runs hot rest of the year. We’re happy with the cold running quartz elements that are humidity resistant, but we’ll continue to stock the old plates and transformers to fulfil our lifetime warranty promise.

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