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The factory that makes our parts did their job. They handed our products off to the shipping company (in this case, Fedex) on April 15th. ETA was April 24th since the supply chain is backed up right now. I’ve noticed for the past few days that our products are being held up “on hold” so I called today to find what’s going on. I was told that there are not enough FedEx planes in the supply chain pipeline (FedEx piggybacks off commercial flights to move product from overseas) that things are backed up. The queue is usually a day or so but right now it’s 2-3 weeks, which is unbelievable to me. What used to take 3-4 days tops is now taking 2-4 weeks!

This dynamic ‘is what it is.’ I’m very frustrated but there is nothing I can do, and I pray our customers will likewise bear with us during this difficult time. The good news is that odds are we get our parts next week, from what I’m being told, and that we’ll have enough supplies to last about a month.

This downtime has given us time to experiment with new designs and come up with a few new innovations that create higher ozone concentrations. We’ll share that research and those products next week when we get our products. in stock. Because of this wait, not only will you have received free ozone machines (that is still in effect until the day before we get our shipment next week, whenever that is), but you will also get a machine that creates higher ozone concentrations once you do finally get your machine! That’s the silver lining in all of this I guess.

Looking forward, I do feel that the powers that be and the dynamic in play are going to make it harder to obtain ozone generators in the future. Not just from us, but from any source. What I am watching unfurl is a slow-motion economic train wreck that makes little sense to me. Having ozone in your corner will allow you to overcome many of the health challenges that we as a people, we as a Nation will be facing here on out. Ozone truly is a “God” particle that kills the ‘bad guys’ that can rob us of our health, and I am proud to offer a USA designed product that can stand the test of time to our customers.

Thanks again for your patience. Remember to always ‘mind your soul,” God Bless and take care. Mike

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