Shipping and Returns

We ship USPS Priority mail (so we can ship to Post Office Boxes) anywhere in the USA for free via UPS Post. (5-7 days. 3 days if you live near Arkansas.) If you want Expedited service, you can pay an extra $15 (via this link) or call your order in during business hours and get that service for free (if you use a Debit card) or for a service fee of 3.5% of your order total if you use a Credit Card. (A $15 value)

Orders placed by 2 PM usually ship within a few days for standard/free shipping and the same day for our Expedited service. If you need your order shipped the same day, choose ‘expedited shipping‘ and pay $15 for 2 day USPS Priority mail service. (Or call 501-654-4330 during business hours and order over the phone) We also offer next day shipping for a $50 charge. You an order that service via this link but take note. USPS Express isn’t guaranteed to arrive on the next day like UPS or Fedex. It also requires we get it to our local post office by noon, so buyers beware. That $50 covers one product. Best to call and talk about it before going that route.

We do offer a 30 day money-back guarantee period (shipping is customer’s responsibility). If you used your unit, we charge a 30% restocking fee. Please call first for an RMA number and shipping instructions. We can also help you sell it local via Craigslist and get your full purchase price, especially in California where ozone generators are hard to come by.

7 thoughts on “Shipping and Returns

  1. Hi, I have one of your 10g Solid State Ballast 110V. Last week it stopped working, so I bought a new ozone plate. That helped it work for a few days, then today it stopped working. The plate is clean. When I plugged it in, the ozone plate goes blue for one second, then it stops. The red power light is still on. I tried touching the plate, but it gave me a huge shock. When I unplug everything, it will work again for one second once everything plugged back in. I get a subtle crisp, crinkling sound, but no blue light; no ozone smell. Please help.

    1. Never touch the plate when it’s plugged in. That’s like sticking your finger in a light socket. It sounds like the transformer is bad. We’ll replace it for free. Call during business hours and we’ll get one coming your way.

  2. Hi. I bought an ozone machine from you a few years back, but it stopped working. The plate is fine, but when I plug it in nothing happens. Can this be fixed?

    1. Yes. Go to your account, look up orders, and there you’ll find the tracking number for your orders and your old invoices

  3. Just caught up with our new gorgeous 15,000 unit. It took 6 days to get from you to southern MO! Leave it to the PO! They took so long I returned to CO before it arrived.
    I am a long-time customer and this is my 3rd machine. The other 2 still work, but we needed this new one for the higher humidity of our new home.
    I’ll write a review as soon as I get a chance to use this machine on Thanksgiving Day.
    Keep up the good work…
    If you are a newbie don’t miss the blog.

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