Medical Ozone Therapy Products

Ozone therapy works on a different dynamic than pharmaceutical drugs. Pmara drugs are made by ‘for profit’ soul-less Corporations that by their very mandate are in the business of turning a profit. Otherwise. They cease to exist. Simple as that. The best way to turn a profit is to manage not cure disease. Simple as that. This isn’t to say that doctors are not happy when their customers are cured. To the contrary. Most people who get into medicine want to be healers. Help mankind. Unfortunately. The system they sign up for is run and managed by Pharma. They fund the education. They create the drugs and products used to manage disease. Then there is the subject of “Climate Change” and some globalist beliefs that overpopulation is a serious threat to the survival of our species that warrants a covert depopulation agenda. Bill Gates comes to mind. If someone found a cure for cancer. Do you really think they’d share it with mankind?

Ozone Therapy has been around for over 100 years. In Germany, they’ve been curing cancer and many diseases for over 100 years. They’ve racked up over 6 million case studies our medical establishment refuses to consider. In the past decade. Ozone therapy in the USA and Western countries has gained traction with many NIH case studies to back its safety and efficacy.

There are many different types of ozone therapy. The most intrusive (requires going to the doctor) is called 10 pass ozone therapy. It requires removing blood, ozonating it, and then re-introducing it ten times. The sweet spot per studies for this type of procedure. The downside is that few doctors perform this service and its pretty pricey. Around $800 per treatment with several needed per week to combat serious conditions like 4th stage cancer. There are, however, less intrusive ozone therapy protocols that one can perform at home. Safely and effectively. If you have the right equipment and training. We provide both. The equipment and the training, for free. The most popular ‘at home’ ozone therapy treatments include rectal and vaginal insufflation. Limb bagging. And ozone tenting. Our protocol for ozone tenting does not include steam. Steam destroys ozone. We use steam to open your skin pores, but once the ozone part of our protocol begins? Room temperature and a high ozone concentration for 30 minutes.

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