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Before starting Forever Ozone, the owner Mike sold air purifiers and performed air quality testing in Las Vegas. He discovered that air purifiers were not effective at all, so he stopped selling them and focused on ‘whole house’ induct air purification systems which are effective (but very costly). Eventually, he got out of the air purification racket all together when he discovered the efficacy of ozone at killing mites and neutralizing their feces (number one indoor air allergen) You see air purifiers don’t kill dust mites or neutralize their droppings. To add insult to injury, air purifiers don’t even remove much dust from the air because they lack the ‘air moving’ capacity of an ‘air handler’ which is effective at filtering all of the air in your home 2 to 3 times an hour.

Mike took the time to write several articles that explain exactly how one can go about properly cleaning the air in their home without breaking the bank. They all center around the use of your HVAC system, MERV 11 filters, regular ozone shock treatments, and if you want to splurge an induct UVC system. If you don’t have an HVAC system and can’t let the fan run 24/7, then consider attaching MERV 11 filters to a $20 20″ box fan. That will remove more dust than a $500 machine (see proof) because it moves 3000 cubic feet of a minute of air vs avg 500 for an expensive air purifier. If you’re charged with providing clean indoor for your children, this is some free valuable insider information that will save you money and help you promote good health.

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Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs (see EPA warning on ozone air purifiers) We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by Contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY! Please use as directed for air shock treatments, and only if you feel you can competently follow instructions.

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