Killing Mites With Ozone

Ozone itself can kill mites, but we’ve discovered using ozone and bug bomb (foggers) is the most effective method for taking on a mite infestation. The ozone will break down the harmful pesticide residue and continue killing the mites. This is the Forever Ozone Mite Killing Protocol:

  1. Use a bug bomb like “Hot Shot” sold at Lowes or Home Depot. After four hours …
  2. Perform an 8-hour ozone shock treatment to break down the pesticide damage and continue killing the mites.
  3. Run your ozone generator(s) for 1 hour on, one hour off for those 8 hours.
  4. Continue with this protocol for a total of three weeks with at least 2 hours a day of ozone shock treatments.
  5. If you have a very nasty infestation, perform 2 more bug bombs (every 5 days, total 3 over 3 weeks)

After each ozone shock treatment, open all of the windows and place a fan in one of the windows (lowest) and force the air out from that window so that air is sucked in via the other open windows. This will expel any by-products or tiny particulate and flush it out, along with any dead mites.

How much ozone do you need to kill mites? Double the recommended amount of ozone. The recommended amount of ozone is 1000 milligrams per hour of ozone per 100 square feet with 10% humidity. At 50% humidity, you need 200 milligrams per 100 square feet, or 20,000 mg/h per 1000 square feet. So for killing mites, with 50% humidity, you should utilize 40,000 mg/h of ozone, 80,000 mg/h for 2000 square feet.

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