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Forever Ozone only sells commercial ozone generators which are used by remediation contractors (and DIY homeowners) to remediate smoke damage, water damage, mold damage, crime scense cleanup, and for green pest control. Our units feature instructions on how to comply with California law, mainly, by posting a “Warning: Ozone Shock Treatment in Progress” on the front door to alert any Real Estate agents, family, friends, even burglars (yes we live in a litigious country) not to enter the premises.

Ozone isn’t for breathing, it’s a sanitizer. Like anything, there is a right and wrong way to use ozone. Used correctly, ozone is a God-send! It’s the only thing that gets rid of the stench of rotting flesh from a rodent in a crawl space or whatever. We give professional advice on how to flush the air out after the ozone shock treatment (creates tiny particulate) and bring in fresh air by putting a fan in the window blowing out, opening all of the windows, and creating negative pressure to bring in new, fresh air.

Here is the California law in question in regards to ozone air purifiers:

Standards for Indoor Air Cleaning Devices. Except as provided in Section 94803 (Exclusions and Exemptions), title 17, California Code of Regulations, no person shall manufacture for use in California 24 months after the effective date of this regulation, or sell, supply, offer for sale, or introduce into 4 commerce, any indoor air cleaning device for use or intended for use in occupied spaces unless the device is certified by ARB to produce an ozone emission concentration not exceeding 0.050 ppm, as specified in Section 94804; is labeled as required in Section 94806; meets all requirements of this article; and continues to meet all requirements of this article, including the ozone emissions limit as determined by the test procedure in Section 94805. § 94803.  Exclusions and Exemptions. (a) Industrial use: The provisions of this article do not apply to indoor air cleaning devices manufactured, advertised, marketed, labeled, and used solely for industrial use as defined in Section 94801(a)(15) above, provided that they are marketed solely through industrial supply outlets or businesses and prominently labeled as “Solely for industrial use. Potential health hazard: emits ozone.”   “Industrial use” or “industrial application” means the use of ozone in the following manner:  (A) purification of water in an industrial plant, water treatment facility, municipal water facility, or similar facility, and swimming pools and spas  (B) the destruction of microbes on produce in an agricultural processing plant, refrigerated transport truck, or related facility  (C) chemical oxidation and disinfection in the electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries  (D) bleaching and other processing purposes in the pulp and paper industry   (E) odor control from industrial stack gases or wastewater treatment facilities  (F) odor and smoke control in the hotel industry, provided no people are physically present  (G) mold remediation, provided no people are physically present  (H) fire and smoke damage remediation, provided no people are physically present  (I) odor control in the motor vehicle reconditioning and detailing industry provided no people are physically present. 

Our ozone generators have the required warnings and are legal to ship and use in California.

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