Forever Ozone has been providing long lasting, innovative ozone generators since 2010. We design our ozone generators to last, and only carry the latest in ozone generator technology.  We offer an industry best lifetime warranty.  Since we only sell Commercial “Shock Treatment” ozone generators, (no ozone air purifiers), we can ship our ozone generators to California.

We provide free ground shipping (2-5 days) as well as the option to upgrade your shipping to Expedited (2 day) or Next Day for a fee.  If you are new to ozone, we recommend giving us a call for a free consultation. We are also happy to take phone orders if you don’t want to pay online.

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Forever ozone ozonator

Digital Ozonator / Air Dryer

Our Digital Ozonator is back! We had this unit modified with upgrades that make it a 'medical grade' ozonator. It features a stainless-steel barb (the connector the silicone hose plugs into) instead of a plastic barb like most ozonators on the market. Plastic barbs crack and leach chemicals into the water. It also includes two glass bubbling stones (made in USA, lifetime warranty) that will not leach any toxins into the water. The air dryer is a useful addition because it helps create a more pure, clean ozone and limites nitrous oxide production, similar to oxygen fed ozonators. Retail $149. On sale for $129 / Free Ground Shipping.
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10,000 mgh all in one ozone generator

10,000 mgh All-In-One Air-Water-Oil-Car Ozone Generator

This ozone generator does it all! Medical grade quartz tube, 10 lpm air pump, glass bubbler, lifetime warranty. Can shock areas up to 1000 sq feet, ozonate water to sanitize your food. Ozonate oil for ozone therapy and more. Can be fed oxygen (optional oxygen concentrator, $400 more) or air via the included 10 lpm air pump. Wholesale to the public price of $499 for a limited time. Click the image above to go to the product page.

Cold Corona Medical Insufflation Ozonator

Features German designed parts (cold corona technology) and includes the things you'll need to perform ozone therapy: cold corona ozonator (Needs oxygen feed), ozone resistant stethoscope, limb bag, insufflation bag, and catheters. The ozonator also features an ozone destruct feature which comes in handy in office settings. Five year warranty included. Click picture for more.

Ozone Therapy Business Opportunity

Ozone Therapy Package

Do you want to perform ozone therapy at home? Provide it to your family and friends? Start a home business?
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45,000 mgh Commercial Ozone Generator Deal

Finally. A Commercial ozone generator that works in humidity, has a lifetime warranty, low price, and doesn't feature any 'prone to fail' parts! Introducing the Forever Ozone 45g Commercial Quartz Tube Ozone Generator (limited time) Deal! This is basically three 15,000 mgh, quartz tube ozone generators for the price of one. ($200) These are the type of ozone tubes Tesla invented to make ozone. This unit was designed to last 'forever' and features our next gen quartz tube humidity resistant ozone producing cell that never needs replacing and doesn't run hot like ozone plate technology which reaches temperatures over 140 degrees! Heat destroys ozone and creates unwanted byproducts that leave a 'burnt ozone' smell. This technology creates a sweet smelling ozone and unlike ozone plate technology, isn't diminished with elevated humidity levels. At 50% humidity, an ozone plate machine will have its ozone production reduced by 50% not to mention the reduction over time from heat. That's not an issue with our quartz tube ozone generator cells! Click the image to learn more. You can run this unit by placing it on front of a 20" box fan (on low) or behind it (on high, to suck air through the tube and to cool the transformer) a high velocity blower. Sucking the ozone through the ozone tubes at a gentle pace allows longer 'dwell time' to create ozone. Blowing air over an zone element at a high rate limits ozone production. Free shipping. Lifetime warranty. A great deal at $199 with free 2 day shipping.
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10,000 mgh ozone generator

10,000 mgh Quartz Tube Ozone Generator / Timer-Fan

Our best selling unit. A little larger than the 'bare bones' model, this model comes with a stainless steel handle, a fan, and a 24 hour, thirty minute interval timer. Unlike the disposable units you buy on Amazon. This one comes with a lifetime warranty. Is humidity proof. And doesn't have any replacement parts. And isn't designed with 'prone to fail' parts. You can also opt for a repeat cycle timer, a wireless on on switch, or a cell phone app timer for $8 more. Click the image to view the product page. $99.99 with free shipping to anywhere in the USA and no tax (unless you live in Wyoming) Click the image to view the product page.