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I believe ozone is a “god” molecule.  After all, “cleanliness is next to godliness”.  Why is that? Why is it that things that are unclean make us sick, and keeping the “bad guys” like viruses, bacteria, mold, and parasites away from us promotes good health?  You didn’t come here to hear me preach so let’s just say that it’s common sense to keep our living area as pathogen and allergen-free as possible, and doing so will promote good or better health. If that is your quest, you need ozone!

Ozone is quite utterly nature’s cleaner.  Without ozone, we’ll quickly succumb to the air pollution (human-made or from fires, volcanic eruptions, etc.) and die.  Common sense suggests that we should use natural substances found in nature to clean or even heal ourselves, but as the saying goes, common sense isn’t that common anymore.  We here at Forever Ozone like to keep things simple. For sanitizing your indoor air, for instance, all you need is a daily 15-minute shock treatment to kill surface molds, bacteria, and viruses and to keep your living space, mite and parasite free.  All you need to do to keep your house dust-free is run your HVAC system 24/7 in the “fan” mode and change your MERV 11 filter every three weeks (buy them 12 at a time on eBay for $5 apiece).  You need enough ozone power to do your entire home in one shot, and that’s what we provide.  Simple! 

The founder of Forever Ozone had a vision back in that lead him to re-create the ozone generator into a ‘bare bones’ unit that would lower the cost of ozone generators so that more people could afford them and so that they’d become more ubiquitous.  The goal at Forever Ozone is to lead someday an “ozone revolution” that will help promote better health, especially among the most innocent among us, children, who are most susceptible to the dirty indoor air because they take more breaths per minute than adults.  

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