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We bought a $70 a year app for Q&A’s and are going to see if it works better than the free WordPress Question and Answer app that appears on each product page. Now. You’ll see two different Q&A boxes. The old one with hundreds of past answered questions. (But subject to spam bot questions we delete as fast as they pop up – very annoying). Or the new app called Q&A that is a paid for app that allows for a better back and forth between you and the website. You’ll get updated via e-mail when we answer, for instance. And most importantly. You’ll have to enter a reCAPTCHA to prove you’re a human to avoid the annoying bots.

I love answering calls about our products. But the more questions and answers we can accumulate for our products. The faster you’ll be able to get your answer. If you can’t find your answer. Just call Mike on his cell phone during business hours. 501-654-4330.

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