The Best Way to Remove Dust and Clean the Air in your Home?

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I quit selling air purifiers 10 years ago (online and in a brick and mortar store in Henderson NV) because I discovered that there were cheaper and better ways of keeping your indoor air clean, sanitized, and dust-free over purchasing an expensive air purifier. I just didn’t feel good making money from a product that was a waste of money. Now I’m happy as a clam, selling products that unequivocally positively impact my customer’s health, I no longer sell all of the products one needs to keep their indoor air clean and pure. I’m, however, happy to share with my customers my insight and expertise on this subject and give other products a free plug.

The ozone generators we sell sanitizes the air as well as all surfaces. It also kills mites and neutralized their droppings. They have the biggest impact on preserving your health since mold, bacteria, bug feces, bacteria, and parasites are the “bad guys” in your air that can rob you of your health, and nothing does a better job of killing those destroyers of health than an ozone shock treatment when nobody is home. Now let’s get on to the other aspects of dirty indoor air, mainly, dust.

The reason I slam air purifiers as a waste of money (and ineffective) is that they don’t move enough air to clean the air. The good ones, like Airpura, can remove dust from the air on the high setting but at the high setting they’re so noisy they’re impractical as a solution. The ONLY way to have clean, fresh air is to live in structure with an HVAC system! The air handlers in those systems are designed to filter all of the air in the structure two times an hour. All you have to do is leave the HVAC fan (uses around 120 watts – not bad) in the “ON” position during waking hours and to switch out the MERV 11 furnace filter every 20 days or so (they’ll turn black in 20 days – but better them than your lungs!) Of course, you also have to avoid smoking indoors and avoid using chemicals to clean (use the chemical-free options instead), but that’s all you have to do to address dust.

If you own an HVAC system, you should also invest in an induct UV system. They run around $100 and if you’re handy, they’re very easy to install, but I do recommend hiring a licensed electrician just to be on the safe side. Those UV lamps will do a good job of killing most of what passes by them 2 times per hour.
Lastly, you should consider buying house plants that are good “natural” air cleaners and give them plenty of love and water! A one-hour shock treatment of ozone won’t harm them, just don’t do long shock treatments as other vendors suggest – it’s a bad idea for many reasons – stick to our suggestions and you’ll be golden!

PS. If you own an air purifier, the only time it makes sense to use it is while you’re sleeping. When you’re not moving around, the better ones can remove dust from the air, but for my money, I like to go with my HVAC UV system.

2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Remove Dust and Clean the Air in your Home?

  1. I have 3 of the 10000 units and I want to clean out my shop, its about 4000 sq feet, how long and how many units do I use, and will it have an affect on my bird who lives in the shop? thank you

    1. Hi Matt. It will chase the bird away, and any critter. They will die if you run the ozone generator for hours
      on end. I like birds so don’t do that, scare it away before you do the ozone shock treatment.

      I think 30g is enough for 4K square feet. Do it at night when it’s cold, and 30 minutes will sanitize surfaces and
      drive away or kill bugs, drive away critters.

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