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New High Output Ozone Shock Machine Now Available.

New High Output Ozone Shock Machine Now Available.

30g ozone tubes / dark

I loved the $189 15g Stainless Steel machine we recently ran out of, but I decided not to re-stock that item. Why? Our 10g machine is more than enough for rooms up to 1000 sq ft and the 15g unit wasn’t strong to do an entire house. The best way to do an ozone shock treatment is by spreading machines throughout the space. Ozone generators convert air into ozone. Machines that tout 60 to 80 grams of ozone production can’t produce that much ozone because there isn’t enough oxygen in the area where you place said machine to create that much ozone in one hour! The oxygen in the immediate area will be depleted and the rooms on the other side of the house will remain oxygen rich and ozone deficient. So the best way to shock a house is to place one strong ozone generator near the air return, one in the master bedroom, and one in the main living area. If the house is 2000-3000 sq feet, the best way to accomplish this is with our new 30,000 mgh ‘bare bones’ ozone generator and one or two of our 10g ozone generators. That’s what a professional remediation company would use to shock treat your home and make sure you achieved a high parts per million concentration of ozone that will do the job right the first time.

This new 30g unit is solid. It sits on a 1/4 inch thick piece of plexiglass that’s 11×11 inches. I chose that dimension because it fits perfectly in a 11.5×11.5 mailing box from USPS. I can place a thick piece of cardboard or a 1′ thick piece of foam on top to ensure it doesn’t get damaged in shipping. Unlike the 10g tubes which are 1/8″ thick, the 15g tubes are 3/8″ thick quartz. As long as you don’t drop this unit, it will last forever! No replacement plates to worry about (which chances are you won’t be able to obtain in the future – just keeping it real) All you have to do to produce 30g of ozone per hour is place a box blowing into these tubes from a close distance. I place the tubes abutting the intake grill of the HVAC system in my home and the fan blowing on low from the back side to provide double suction on the two 3′ wide 8′ long tubes. This is the type of ozone that Nicola Tesla invented which creates a pure, humidity resistant ozone. Somewhat like a UV bulb, but better. UV bulbs slowly burn out, these don’t!

I’m working on creating a cheaper case for one 15g tube so that I don’t have to sell it for $189 in the future. I want to have the single 15g unit in the future sell for $139. I think I’ve figured out the new housing for that unit, I’ll unveil it in the coming weeks after some testing.

Thanks again for your continued support! I love ozone and what it does to promote good health and get rid of the ‘bad guys’ that seek to rob us of our health. And I love to provide the quality equipment at the lowest possible price, with great service. Any questions, give me a call! 619-361-5195 9-5 M-F CST. Thanks for reading, and God Bless!

15g ozone generator bare bones

New Mite and Virus Killing Products

New Mite and Virus Killing Products

The US gov doesn’t like ozone. They however allow industry to utilize milder oxidizers (made my chemical companies near and dear to the Intl Corps hearts) like Hypochlorous Acid which is said to be harmless to humans but very effective at killing surface viruses. The good news is that HOCL also kills mites! And it’s safe to spray into your eyes, nose, and ears. Even your lungs. It’s a great solution for those who suffer from the types of mites that take up shop in the eyes, ears, and nose (heaven forbid, it’s a nightmare) .

Read my last blog post for a multi-tiered approach at addressing a mite infestation that also includes these two new products we sell (as an ‘add-on’ product; for sale with purchase of an ozone generator). I’ve been using this HOCL fogging gun for months now. I use it to spray down my bed, pillows, and car from time to time (during an ozone shock treatment usually) I’ve also sprayed it into my eyes, nose, and ears to make sure it’s safe (before recommending it to my customers) and so far, all good! It smells a little like hydrogen peroxide which is also a mild oxidizer. I’ve also used it to nebulize hydrogen peroxide and to spray that into my eyes, ears, and nose with no problems. I was starting to get nose congestion a few weeks ago and this seemed to make it go away fast. I’m happy to add this to my ‘anti bad guy’ arsenal and happy to offer this product to Forever Ozone customers. Enjoy! I know you will!

Click product picture to go to product page
Click product picture to go to product page
Tired of Mites? Behold. A ‘Final Solution’ that is 100% Effective vs Mites.

Tired of Mites? Behold. A ‘Final Solution’ that is 100% Effective vs Mites.

If any biological application in this matrix is worthy of having a ‘final solution’ conjured up that leads to the 100% eradication of this annoying, life disrupting pest, it is biting mites! They were no doubt spawned in hell. The measure of their creation is to steal the peace and health of humans. Based on the evidence (they only attack certain hosts in an environment), their seems to be a dark energy aura around these creatures and their mission to steal the peace and happiness of the victim/host. For these reasons. I am always looking for new solutions that work vs mites. This post is to share the latest.

I have hundreds of customers who have used our ozone generators to eradicate a mite infestation. I’ve spent countless hours over the years going back and forth, gathering information on what works and what doesn’t, and listening. A kind female customer in Louisiana shared with me a protocol she said helped her get over the final hurdle in dealing with her mite infestation, killing the mites that take up shop in her eyes and ears. (disgusting, I know).

When you’re a host, certain types of mites will find refuge in your ears and eyes. The solution for these kinds of mites: Hypochlorous Acid + hand held fogger. (product page) You can buy directly from Amazon or from us if you don’t have Prime (we will sell at our cost if you also buy an ozone generator from us) The mist that comes out of this rechargeable misting gun can be sprayed right into your eyes, ears, even lungs! This Hypochlorous Acid isn’t toxic to humans, but it is toxic to mites, viruses, and bacteria. It’s much milder than ozone, only about 1/4 of the oxidizing power, but that’s enough to kill mites if you hit them with this mist again and again over a few hour period. Relief comes almost instantly, and if you keep up with it, and ozone shock your environment (and fog certain areas, in particular you couch and bed), you will discover this provides the final nail in your mite infestations coffin. Indeed a final solution to the problem!

Now that it’s getting warmer, I will add one last step that you can also employ. Heat and reducing humidity. Most mites require around 50% humidity to survive. And high heat is known to kill mites and bed bugs. So the Forever Ozone solution to mites also includes the use of a dehumidifier and heat in the mite killing process. Put a space heater in your bedroom when you go to work, along with a dehumidifier. Crank up the heat to over 100 if you can, and humidity to under 30%. Spray your bed with HOCL first. Then drop the temperature as low as you can and hit them for 30 minutes with ozone to finish up the process. This process will send these little demons back to the depths of hell for good! (If you’ve ever suffered an infestation, you’ll understand my wording)

HOCL Acid Hand Held Fogger. $45
Fill with HOCL Acid. Safe for Humans. Fatal for Mites
Here is the HOCL we recommend. Around $30 for a years supply
Now we know how and why the US Petrodollar will eventually fail.

Now we know how and why the US Petrodollar will eventually fail.

Saudi Arabia is trying to talk China into getting off the US Dollar and pivoting to the Chinese Yuan. On the surface, this is concerning because frankly, the main reason why the USA has enjoyed the economic status it has enjoyed for the past 100 years is because of the Petrodollar. When a country goes to buy oil from any oil producing country, save a few hermit states, (that we bombed to hell for doing so by the way), they have to buy USDs to make the transaction. This so-called Petrodollar has been our saving grace.

Our alphabet agencies learned long ago that technology would allow the ‘world order’ established around 1950 to create a ‘new world order’ during this crucial decade that ends 2030. Because the US is based on human rights, freedom, and liberties that are not congruent with a 100% lockdown police state, the type of world the next “world order” seeks, and thanks to technology can finally now have, China was determined to be the best fit to be the worlds next ‘superpower’ post 2030.

For those who love technology, fake computer generated realities, Facebook and social media, and not having to work, (or owning any possessions- a 100% share based society), this coming New World Order will be heaven! (Think the freak show that was “The Capital” in Hunger Games) This Utopian future according to the World Economic Forum, the people tasked with pulling the strings that will ensure we have this “financial reset,” will usher in 1000 years of world peace. (I think they got that idea from the Bible, just a hunch) What will we have to give up for all of this awesome NWO stuff like free healthcare, free education, free housing, green energy and the end of ‘global warming,’ and sharing everything? Our god given liberties. Our freedom. Our religion/belief system. (Nobody will own a gun in this future world/ that’s the first thing these types of folks come for) Everyone who participates in the commerce of this future NWO will be chipped and tracked 24/7. Even their thoughts will be known and recorded by Ai in the ‘cloud’ and ‘pre-crime’ as in “Minority Report” will be a ‘thing.’ This is one of those ‘it is what it is’ situations that is about to come to fruition, at least for those who consent to this future world. For those who say ‘NOT on my watch’? They’ll pivot to a better reality.

Side note: Did you know that Phillp K Dick’s books were written for him by a ‘voice in his head’ that said she was from ancient Greece? She penned his famous Sci-fi books (Minority Report, Blade Runner, Terminator, to name a few) to try and warn the world about ‘a group of murderous, evil conspirators who hijacked our Democracy and replaced it with a worldwide police state, eventually. Listen here to the interview where PKD makes this revelation. (1hr 40 minutes in) This entity (spirit) who wrote those books spoke all languages but her main language was Greek. She said she was around during the time in Greece when the concept of democratic style governments was formed, and she was sad that our experiment in democracy here in the USA was about to be hijacked by technology and come to an end. Replaced by a WORLD WIDE police state in the future. Of course those books have always been considered science fiction. But given this revelation. Are they? Or are they a glimpse of what our future holds in store? Very few people know this fact about PKDs books. I like to share this story when it fits as well as remind everyone that we live in a holographic electric universe. The double slit experiment proved that everything is just data, frequencies, waves of potential until witnessed at which time they manifest as solid matter. (This is how the future can be seen by entities beyond the veil or by people in this real who learn how to separate their soul from their body.) Anyway. I’m going off the rails here. Listen to that PKD interview to expand your world view and to gain knowledge few know. Then realize what is happening today is part of a larger agenda. The warning signs have been all around us for quite some time.

Back to our current mess. History teaches us that all Fiat currencies eventually become worthless. Just as the British Pound was replaced by the US Dollar at the end of WW2, the USD will be replaced by global digital dollar (SDR from the IMF) as the world’s currency once we pivot to a worldwide cashless society. I foresee the IMFs SDR (Special Drawing Rights) digital currency as a global currency that will be the only legal way to make purchases once we pivot to global government. However. To play in that world, one will have to accept the terms of service of their digital chipped money. That chip, when plugged into our future ‘credit score’ world which will also monitor everything we say, everything we watch, everyplace we go for our future world government once this ‘reset’ takes place. Covid19 was Act I. WW3 which started already and will spread once China takes Taiwan will be Act II. The economic end of the US dollar and the Civil Unrest that will cause all around the world will be Act III. Leaders like Biden and Trudeau were put in place because they will tap out and accept a communist/socialist styled NWO run by the WEF with China as the world’s new superpower. That won’t fly in Arkansas however. FWIW. And that future won’t be your future if you don’t consent. I 100% know this. Our world. Our reality is what we consent, believe, and love. In the blink of an eye the creator of your consciousness can put you in an alt universe where you get to live your best life if you have faith and just believe. (The universe is mental, in the final analysis) “As a man so thinketh, he becomes.” So yes, faith can move mountains, because the mountains don’t really exist but in our minds. In our Creators mind more accurately said. So don’t fear the ‘NWOs’ future! Be happy and thankful that won’t be your future.

Good news! Those things are still several years away. Also. The good news about the Saudi’s wanting to dump the dollar is this. China won’t go along with it!! At least not right now. Saudi’s may want to stick it to the USA, but China has a different agenda that requires their money (Yuan) remains weak. Why? China devalues their money to make their products more attractive in the USA marketplace and throughout the world! So, you see. We have a parasite host relationship with China. The world allows them to feed off of us (to our long-term peril) because it provides US consumers with cheap prices at the store. It also keeps inflation at bay. Imagine what inflation would look like if we couldn’t buy cheap crap from China? Yikes! So at this current time. The last thing China wants is to have the USD devalued and the value of their Yuan to go up. So expect the dollar (and the DXY) to continue to rise in over the coming months, not go down. This will also keep Crypto and Bitcoin in particular from going up too high during this phase of “The Plan,” something China and the IMF and even the USA on the down low doesn’t want for National Security reasons. I however love Crypto and will continue to invest in it (without margin. Margin = losing your money, not making money.)

So here is what the media isn’t telling you. China has the US over a barrel when it comes to Russia and Taiwan. They have been helping Russia skirt sanctions, and they will continue to do so. They will use Saudi Arabia and the Petrodollar as their aces in the hole. Yes. They can cause the devaluation of the USD at the time and day of their choosing. (for instance, if the US sanctions them – to prevent that from happening) My guess is that once they invade Taiwan, the USA will have no choice but to heavily sanction China. However. China knows this, and at that point, they won’t care. They will pull their Saudi USD card and give our dollar a double death blow. (Saudi ditching the dollar and US no longer being able to acquire cheap products from China) The sanctions will further exacerbate inflation and destroy our RE and stock markets, but my hunch is that Powell’s rate hikes will have already accomplished that. Prices at places like WalMart will immediately double or triple and when things run out? Shelves will remain empty. When we try to buy things from other countries, we will discover our money is quickly losing its value. Stagflation will kick in. People being broke, few items to purchase, and inflation to boot. What will happen to China’s money? China’s money is backed by gold. Having it become the worlds Petrodollar will cause it to quickly rise in value. Sure. The cost of the goods they sell will start to quickly rise. But so will their standard of living. That will more than make up for the lost markets of the West. I also foresee China taking out their competitors in the region (Vietnam for instance) to ensure they become the only game in town for manufacturing. This will result in China’s wealth ramping up over time, and the USA’s ramping down to third world status. All by design. All because the enemy was within our own ranks. When traitors are in charge, the ending is always predictable.

But what about all of the countries the USA defended and generously supported for the past 100 years? Will they come to the USAs rescue? LOL. The opposite. They will show their true hidden contempt towards the USA and our way of life during this time and jump on the China bandwagon! Mark my words! The world is mostly run by Satanic pedophile under-cover communist types that can’t wait for this future to come to pass. Even Canada will hand the keys to the country over to China without a shot being fired. Eventually, after a spell (years) of civil unrest, the future new world order, with China emerging as the world’s superpower, facilitated by the World Economic Fourm, will usher in a new world government that will be able to easily control the world. Our younger generation has been programmed to believe in global warming. The sin of Capitalism. Evolution and the nonexistence of a Creator. So, they will accept this future, I’m sorry to say. (Except here in the South. This part of the USA will become a breakaway region and fight to the death. Why I moved here!) Yes. The rural areas of America will forever remain free, live off grid and self-sustainable. And live disconnected from this future cashless, chipped, high tech new world order that is forming right before our very eyes. Like a slow-motion train wreak with loud Gregorian religious music blaring in the background as laughing old politicians cackle rubbing their hands in the background like gargoyle hyenas.

There’s no reason to fear what is coming in the future. Let them do them. You do you! We do need to change our attitude however, and de-program from the many lies that got us to where we are today as a society. Jesus said, “The truth shall set you free.” He wasn’t just whistling Dixie! He was telling you a deep truth. What you believe. You will attract. You will manifest. You will create as your future reality. So quit believing their lies and decide here and now that you will not consent to a future without freedom! A future where you’re every move, even your thoughts are monitored 24/7. A future without even the basic human rights that give your life dignity and meaning. Plan to live self-sustainable, then make it happen! I feel blessed of having ozone and stockpiles of vitamins to be my doctor. I also live in an area where one can live off the land and food are plentiful. I believe we need to wake up and face the future head on. Looking for solutions rather than lamenting or being fearful. Yes. We’ve been had. We’ve been lied to about so many things. There were too many ‘enemies in power around the world to stop evil forces from hijacking our future freedoms. However. That’s THEIR future! It doesn’t have to be yours. Unless you consent. So much about the evolution of our consciousness revolves around consent and the decisions we make. Decisions we were lied to and told are inconsequential but in reality, have severe long-term (even generational) consequences. And one thing is for sure. If we don’t plan for this forthcoming dystopian future, we’ll end up like the masses. Seeking handouts in a FEMA camp. Content to live off the ‘free stuff’ the NWO will hand you in exchange for your freedom. I’ve already decided against living that future! If you do too, continue reading my blog and supporting alt health companies like mine. The fun part about life is finding solutions! A positive way to look at the challenges ahead is that we’ve been driving our vessel down a long boring stretch of highway. Separated. Safe. Straight. Four lanes with occasional passing lanes. Now. We’re going to have to go off road. Blaze our own trail! Yes. We will encounter some running creeks that we’ll’ have to splash through and yes we’ll get a little mud on us in the process. We’ll have to climb some rocky, dangerous hills and that will leave us worn out, terrified at times, and achy at the end of the day. Yes, we’ll have to occasionally outrun bears and wildlife. Avoid snakes. But eventually we’ll learn. Adapt. Then thrive. And the best part? Getting back to nature is AWESOME! I can’t believe what I was missing until I started experiencing this new type of lifestyle recently. Men will be able to become men again. I don’t know about you, but I personally look forward to those challenges! Bring it! And I promise you this. I will be the last ozone vendor standing, even after China fail us. Why? I’ve seen the future. I planned for it. And I’ll be ready! With our Creators help and continued inspiration of course. Amen.

Why Forever Ozone is the best deal for an ozone generator.

Why Forever Ozone is the best deal for an ozone generator.

Why should you think twice before buying your ozone generator from Amazon or another vendor? Amazon and other vendors sells ceramic plate air ozone generators that are inferior to cold corona glass quartz tube air ozone technology we sell. Ceramic plate ozone generators run hot, and heat destroys ozone. Ceramic plate technology also suffers with humidity. The ozone output is reduced by the percentage of humidity. 50% reduces ozone production by 50%. 70% humidity levels means a 70% ozone production reduction. Every time. Guaranteed! That’s just the nature of the beast, and this is well known in the industry. Not so with UV or quartz tube technology however! Have you ever tried to price UV ozone generators? Jaw hit the floor however when you seen the prices? A 20g UV ozone generator cost over $2000! The reason we don’t charge that much is that our cost of goods is very low due to the fact we don’t have to advertise our products. We are the inventors and we have our electronic parts built to our specs meaning our products are built to last! That’s why we can offer a lifetime warranty. Another major difference between our products and Amazons. Their products seem to be built to crap out the minute the warranty expires. And ever try to cash in on one of their warranties? It’s a nightmare, and you end up paying shipping which sometimes is more than the product itself.

We’ve been in business over 10 years and have over 30,000 past customers. Amazon will never be able to offer the superior products we sell or provide the type of customer service we provide. Try to get an Amazon vendor to answer your ozone related questions! They’re just in it to make a quick buck. They don’t care about ozone. We do! So. To sum up. Enjoy the lower prices while they last. Gas prices will continue to rise, and that will cause everything to go up in cost over the coming year. Including ozone generators. And if things proceed as I see them progressing on the world stage? Then the entire supply chain will be disrupted and live as we knew it will have to change. So now is the time to get those things you’ll need to be your own doctor in the future.

Thanks again for your lasting support. God Bless! Mike

Importance of Breathing Sanitized Indoor Air for Respiratory Illness Suffers.

Importance of Breathing Sanitized Indoor Air for Respiratory Illness Suffers.

Every year, two things happen this time of year which causes a spike in respiratory illness (colds and the flu). One. The sun sets so deep in the sky here in the Northern Hemisphere that we don’t get enough vitamin D production. This causes our immune system to become compromised during the winter months and susceptible to respiratory illness. The second thing that happens is that we spend most of our days indoors. Indoors where the air we breathe is many times dirtier than outdoor air. This one-two punch is what causes the so-called ‘flu season.’ But this need not be.

If the entire world read my blog and bought my equipment, we wouldn’t have a flu season, lol. Everyone would supplement with vitamin D during the winter (and take immune system vitamins in general) and perform weekly ozone shock treatments in their home, as well as follow my other indoor air quality solutions found here in this blog. An ozone shock treatment will not only kill the surface viruses, molds, and bacteria, but they also rid the air of the dust mites (and their feces) which is the number one cause of polluted indoor air. (yuck!) (also see Dust mite feces cause that ‘old house’ smell that comes from 30 years of dead skin and dust mite poop floating around in grandpa’s house. Do him a favor and lend him your Foreverozone!

Our newest ozone shock treatment machines feature our humidity resistant quartz tubes that like UV ozone generators are 100% humidity resistant but unlike UV ozone generators are affordable (UV ozone generators cost over $1000) We may miss out on the residual replacement plate ozone plate purchases in the future. But guess what? That’s okay. There’s going to come a day when it’s hard to get replacement parts anyway, so why not make a machine now that is made to last 100 years without any replacement parts? The thought of having my machines around long into the future brings a smile to my face. Viva la resistance!

Mouthwash Kill Cold and Flu bugs in the throat. But Vodka kills it faster. Hear me out.

Mouthwash Kill Cold and Flu bugs in the throat. But Vodka kills it faster. Hear me out.

This recent headline caught the attention of my BS meter: “Mouthwash brands fight false Covid-19 claims after Republican senator claims it kills virus” Well. That’s what research studies suggest. Here are a few: Certain mouthwashes might stop covid-19 virus transmission Mouthwash can kill COVID-19 within 30 seconds of exposure in a laboratory, a new UK study revealed. Why? Other studies are suggesting covid and most ‘colds’ infect the lungs via the mouth and bad gums.

During the 1912 Pandemic, some people noticed that homeless alcoholics weren’t dying from the flu, despite living in terrible conditions. This lead a doctor I know to do a test to see what affect Vodka would have on Covid. He found that everyone who gargled with Vodka after getting a sore throat would quickly develop antibodies to the particular type of cold or flu bug that had set up shop in their throat, if they followed his protocol (His protocol also includes dealing with the nasal cavities) Vodka as you probably know is the main ingredient in hand sanitizer. It instantly kills 99.99% of any virus. That dead virus then finds its way into the blood via your gums or sub-lingually. You immune system then does it’s things. (You know what) And viola! No deep respiratory lung infection ensues. But don’t worry. He promised not to publish his findings. His findings are safe from going viral. He got the message. Pisses me off.

Mouthwash kills Covid in 30 seconds. Vodka kills it in under a second. Nuff said. You figure it out.

The people who run this world know this. They also know certain protocols and antiviral’s work. So then why do they insist on keeping this information repressed? Brainwashing people that nothing can stop Covid, so blow down to the lockdowns and mandates! Reason? It’s an AGENDA! I think any rationally thinking person knows this. So let’s stop pretending that 2+2=5, shall we?

The Truth About Thanksgiving

The Truth About Thanksgiving

Rush Limbaugh used to tell a story every Thanksgiving that exposed the truth about turkey holiday. He died recently, so to honor him I’m going to keep the torch lit on this “Rush” Thanksgiving tradition and share his version the true version of what really went down on the first Thanksgiving.

So as I recall Rush telling it, the first year was rough on the Pilgram’s. About one third died due to the harsh conditions and the lack of food. The problem was that the youth were charged with going out and gathering food via hunting, fishing, or gardening, and they were only 20% or so of the population. So they’d busted their butts to gather food for everyone only to end up with a tiny portion. Eventually, they’d just eat what they caught and that lead to one third dying the first year.

The person in charge of the colony knew he had to change things up the second year. Otherwise. He’d have the same result. Obviously. So he gave every family their own plot of land and told them that they could keep whatever they grew or caught on their land. Everyone would have to fend for themselves. No taxes. You catch it. It’s yours. Well. They had so much food at the end of the second year that they decided to share their bountiful harvest and good fortune with the Native tribes who kept their distance. (They couldn’t stand how the Europeans smelled and were hoping they’d fail, die, and go back to where they came from) This first exercise in free market economics and Capitalism came from necessity. Socialism wasn’t working. It took away the incentive to work. An inspired leader gave it back. The rest was the true history about our first Thanksgiving. So let’s all thank God for Capitalism and run all of the Socialist down to Venezuela! Amen


Wholesale Ozone Therapy Package Now Available

Wholesale Ozone Therapy Package Now Available

I’ve been praying and seeking guidance from my Creator on how to make ozone therapy 100 times more available to the masses. I was given a solution. Let’s see if this idea is heaven sent or wishful thinking. I believe it will prove to be the later.

Many doctors perform different types of ozone therapy with great results 10 Pass (taking blood out ten times, ozonating it, and putting it back) is most powerful way of flooding the body with ozone. Study after study has proven it’s both highly effective and super safe. (No side effects whatsoever).

Doctors who perform ‘ozone therapy’ can’t tout it as a ‘cure’ for any disease, even though the science suggests otherwise. It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to prove a cure. The process set-up that regulates and monitors any ‘cure’ claims was set-up by the Rockefeller big Pharma medical industry and is cost prohibitive to non-patentable medical solutions like ozone. Where there is a will however, there is a way.

Here is the basic vision of mine behind my quest to make ozone therapy great and accessible for everyone. 1) Put together a low cost package that includes everything needed to perform ozone therapy without the need of blood draws which does require a medical license and is subject to a slew of regulations. (Why it is expensive. $600 to $800 per treatment, and multiple treatments are necessary to treat most conditions.) 2) Create a flagship location to test the concept out. 3) Market this Package deal on the popular alt health Mike Adams show. 4) Introduce proprietary protocols and products not available elsewhere. 5) Help drive business to the folks who buy this package deal.

People who buy our ‘Ozone Therapy Package will receive all of the ozone therapy equipment they need to perform ozone therapy for themselves, their family, friends, and community (for profit) if they so desire. There will also bet some perks. A free link from our popular website. 10% off any re-sells of any of our products to their customers. Ozone therapy products like bags and catheters at cost. If they want to offer their services beyond that, they’ll have to check local, State, and Federal laws etc. We’re not set-up to provide that type of assistance (legal or tax help). We can’t get involved in the legalities of operating your ozone therapy business in their jurisdiction or counsel them on how to market their services. I know that in my jurisdiction, we don’t have to get any special license to perform this type of spa service as long as we don’t tout it as a cure or treatment for any disease. If we do that, then we’d be practicing medicine, and that would be against the law. However, since ozone isn’t recognized as medicine in the USA, we can offer this holistic alternative therapy within our ‘circle’ out there in rural Arkansas without any problems. If you live in a liberal run big city, you might have some issues. But here in Gods country, we’re under a different type of law. I’ll let you know how it goes and make some videos in the future. My intuition tells me that this much needed service will be well received in areas not down with the globalist world government agenda.

So on to the details. What do you get for $1369? 1) A medical grade ozone therapy machine for $300 (see below) that can be used for insufflations and limb bagging. Our 10g medical grade ozonator that can be used to make highly ozonated oil and be used to perform ultra high ozone concentration ozone saunas. An ozone steam sauna tent. A limb (leg) insufflation bag. Insufflation catheters. Our American made glass bubblers that don’t put impurities into the water or oil. And instruction on how to perform our proprietary processes for the ozone tent sauna as well as creating highly potent ozonated oils.

Forever Ozone Medical Grade Insufflation Ozonator

For insufflations, a low output ozonator utilizing German technology that features cold corona quartz tube technology is best. Medical grade ozone generators used for insufflations also have an ‘ozone destruct’ feature that comes in handy in dental and doctors offices, so that machine has that feature as well. One could utilize this for blood work, but that’s outside of the scope of what we’re trying to accomplish here. Our goal is to offer low-cost alternative to ozone therapy, not join the high end fray.

If you want to perform ozone therapy for yourself, your family, and your friends in the comfort of your own home (in a spare bedroom or out on the back deck for instance), nobody is going to stop you! If you also want to provide this service to your extended acquaintances (work and church associates for instance) at a low cost, say $40 for 40-minute session, we’ll teach you how to do that in a manner that doesn’t step on any toes. (Basically, creating a private association.) As long as you don’t advertise a cure or treatment for any disease, you’re good. I have a hunch word will get out without advertising plus we’ll be able to drive traffic your way. Both will be free to you which will allow you to keep your cost of goods down. This entire concept helps keep the cost of goods down. In no time, you’ll have the equipment paid off and you’ll be a heaven-sent service that helps keep everyone in your ‘circle’ healthy. Cost: Priceless!

We will require that everyone who purchases this package indemnify us at checkout (via our terms of service) for any ozone therapy related legal issues they may encounter. We know that ozone is safe, be we’re not going to purchase insurance to protect ourself from litigation. That just attracts litigation! Forever Ozone is set-up as an LLC. An LLC that doesn’t own any assets and doesn’t make any money. We sometimes operate at a negative, lol. All the money that is made goes to pay me and the people who work for Forever Ozone, not to the LLC’s bank account. The LLC isn’t rolling in money and has no assets. That’s our solution to keeping the sharks away (preventing litigation) so that we can keep our cost of goods and prices low.

So my vision is to have organizations. Churches. And large families (with hundreds of extended people) to sign up for our Ozone Therapy Package and be a blessing to their community all around the parts of the USA that are Gods country. (Definitely not DC, lol) You can’t put a price on ones health, and having this wellness tool at your disposal in these end times is something I feel inspired to say is something that will be a God-send to you and your community. (Click here to buy our ozone therapy package or to learn more) Check back often for updates on how this is going. (I’ll update this post from time to time)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me anytime. Our office number here in Arkansas (9-5 CST) is 501-723-8207. My cell is 619-361-5195. And our 800 number is 888-898-8764. God Bless you and your family this Thanksgiving and Christmas season and here’s to taking ownership of our health for now on and firing the criminals in charge of our health system. Amen!

Ozone Therapy Business Opportunity
Ozone Therapy Dealer
Low Cost Ozone Therapy Solution

Low Cost Ozone Therapy Solution

I love channeling my inner “MacGyver” to come up with creative solutions that I encounter in the game of life. Like it or not, there is an agenda in play that apparently can’t be stopped. An agenda which has negative health consequences for everyone who wishes to remain an ‘organic creation.’ i.e. not a genetically modified human.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that ozone therapy can and does counter the harmful effects from mRNA Vs. The next problem, and the solution to this issue required some creative thinking, is that ozone therapy is pretty much cost prohibitive to most folks. Well. I have come up with what I feel is a pretty viable solution! Home based Ozone Therapy Spas. Basically, anyone with a spare bedroom or back patio (in nice climate areas) can set-up a home ozone sauna business and make around $30-$40 per 40 minute treatment (per sauna) for a 30 minute ozone therapy session that will flood their body with ozone! We make the 10g medical grade ozone generator (comes with an oxygen concentrator) that can feed up to three steam sauna tents with enough ozone (over 50ppm) to perform a high quality ozone therapy session using our proprietary protocol. (Heat sauna first to open the pores, remove the heat, then introduce 100 ppm ozone and maintain it at around 50ppm for 30 minutes)

Most home businesses feature hefty up front costs and thousands a month in ongoing advertising expenses to ‘get the word out’ about the new service or venture you want the world to learn about. Not this business opportunity! We will drive customers your way by providing a link to your own website (we will create) that will be 100% turn-key. (We get hundreds sometimes thousands a visitors each day, all organic. We also have over 30,000 past customers.) I will also start to advertise on Mike Adams ” Natural Health News” website soon. I think that’s the perfect place to advertise a service that can reverse V damage and naturally address many disease conditions with 100% verified better than stellar results. (millions of studies) For $1,200 (price of Ozone Therapy distributorship) you’ll get a 10g ozone machine, oxygen concentrator, and steam sauna as well as your own website. You can also sell highly ozonated oil locally that is 100% potent. (Unlike the type they sell online that arrives ozone free unless it arrives frozen. We’ll show you how to make it. ) You can also sell our ozone bidets and ozone equipment and make a commission. And we’ll show you how to make an ozone exhaust for the tents that will send the excess ozone out the window. We’ll show you how to connect that to your tent.

I strongly believe this is a service that will be very much in need and in demand as the years pass. Why? Their is now plenty of data that suggests that Covid-19 and or the mRNA vaccines cause red blood cell ‘issues.’ Blood clotting and clumping. Low oxygen levels. A few ‘rare’ side effects as well as auto immune issues. Chronic headaches and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just to name a few of the issues ozone can address. Getting your blood right with an ozone therapy tent session will flood your body with the oxygen your immune system needs to win the war its constantly raging vs ‘the bad guys.’

My vision for these Ozone Therapy Home Spa’s (can be a home or retail locations) is this. Have our distributors offer a low cost ozone therapy business that can treat mostly family, friends, neighbors, church brothers and sisters, etc for free to family and friends and dirt cheap ($30-$40 for a total 40 minute session) for the locals. The thing is, this is not a “me-too” business. It’s hard to turn a profit competing with Amazon and Walmart or competing against already well established players. There will be no competition even against the established ozone therapy businesses. The people offering ozone therapy right now will not be your competition. Rather. This will offer a low cost alternative to people seeking ozone therapy. It cost around $800 or so for a 10 pass blood ozone therapy (works great) but prices out most people. The amount of ozone that enters the blood from our proprietary ozone steam sauna treatment isn’t something we can quantify however nor do we want to because we’re not trying to offer a medical procedure. We are simply pumping 2 grams of ozone into a small tent in 30 minutes (first ten minutes is the steam sauna portion, then the heat is removed and the ozone is introduced to the open pores) Your open pores will absorb high ppm concentrations of ozone (over 50 ppm) right into your blood (generally regarded as safe, no side effects) via the open pores. I’ve been using this type of ozone therapy on myself for years as well as family and friends and everyone raves about the ‘ozone high’ that leaves your skin feeling tingly as your body is flooded with oxygen. If you’re sick with a cold or the flu, you’ll trying to recoup from an extreme physical event, or you are sick with any number of diseases, you’ll notice a boost of energy from a 30 minute ozone sauna treatment. Since ozone therapy is tied to longevity via stem cell creation, and curing a number of diseases via boosting the immune system, my guess is that your ozone tent won’t be collecting dust!

So what do you think about my solution to the red blood cell/V issues of the day? Let me know below or give me a call. To become a distributor, check back in the next few days and we’ll have that option available to purchase. By the way, I have been asked if this is considered ‘practicing medicine’ and the answer is no. You won’t be making any medical claims. You’ll simply be offering an ozone steam sauna spa session. The customers may think, based on the research, that this type of ozone therapy will do x, y, or z, but we will strongly discourage you from making any health claims and for sure not to advertise or use the C word. (cure) We will however have photos taken of blood before and after treatments in order to provide anecdotal evidence that the ozone treatments help with red blood cell issues. That’s a given! And remember, the protocol I developed is different from the protocol used by most ‘ozone sauna’ providers. We don’t pump ozone into a 110 degree high humidity environment! The ozone will be immediately destroyed, so what’s the point if the goal is ‘ozone therapy?’ (I never understood that) What I’ve discovered is that yes, use the heat sauna to open the pores and sweat for a little bit (10 minutes or so) but then open the tent, let the heat and humidity out, and fill it with 100 ppm of ozone at room temperature. I don’t want to give away the exact process I’ve developed but it maintains 50 ppm for 30 minutes and then sucks all of the ozone out before opening the tent. A good amount of that ozone will enter your body via your open pores. (Yes you do this naked or in your underwear sitting on a towel.) And that ozone will stimulate your immune system and stem cells via a well know and well understood process that seems to work miracles per the literature out there on ozone therapy. So I think the time is right. The idea is great. So let’s see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?