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To achieve the high ozone concentrations needed to perform a professional ozone shock treatment, you need A) Enough ozone.  B) Enough air movement.  C) Cool temperatures.  D) Below 50% humidity.   

A. Heat destroys ozone. Most ozone generators on the market feature ozone plates that run hot. To test the temperature of the ozone plate in your ozone generator, but a $12 laser heat sensor and check the surface heat of your ozone plates on your ozone generator. If they run at 140 degrees or more, ozone production will be about 70% less than the stated amount. (this is common).  Consider buying a Forever Ozone “Cool-Tec” ozone generator. Those ozone generators are designed to adequately cool the plate and keep the plate temperature under 100 degrees. 

B.  Enough air movement.  If you have an HVAC system, you want to place your ozone generator right under the air return and shoot the ozone straight up into the air return. Consider buying one of our Commercial Ozone Generators with 2400 CFM fans (kit or machine) which blasts ozone straight up at high velocity.  If you have ceiling fans, turn them on. If you don’t have an HVAC system, place several 20″ box fans to churn the air.  Ozone generators do not create ozone, they convert air into ozone, so if you don’t stir the air, you don’t form ozone, simple as that.

C. The colder, the better.  Turn the AC on low or perform the ozone shock treatment early in the morning when the air temperatures are as low as possible. At 40 degrees, ozone does not break down for hours. It builds up, and you achieve higher and higher ozone concentrations. You need to realize at least six parts per million to kill mites, viruses, molds, parasites, bacteria, etc. within minutes, for sure within an hour (the goal).  

D. The lower the humidity level, the better. You want to limit nitrous oxide production (NoX0, and splitting the hydrogen content in the air creates NoX.  You can lower the humidity levels by utilizing fans or running a dehumidifier. Check to make sure your humidity levels are below 50% for the best results. 

Other considerations:

Of course, you must remove all pets (with lungs, fish are fine) and humans from the area, but plants and fish are fine. We don’t advocate long ozone shock treatment times so using the Forever Ozone protocol means you can leave the plants inside. Hit it hard and fast and get out is our simple, effective strategy that yields excellent results without any of the pitfalls others experience doing lengthy ozone shock treatments.  The reason we can advocate using two times more ozone than others is that we charge less for double the ozone than others charge for 1/2 as much ozone. In the case of ozone for sanitation, more is better. 

Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs (see EPA warning on ozone air purifiers) We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by Contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY! Please use as directed for air shock treatments, and only if you feel you can competently follow instructions.

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