Wholesale Ozone Therapy Package


Perform Ozone Therapy at home!  You’ll also be able to buy our products at 10% off (to resell) as well as re-sell our ozone therapy bags and accessories.  We’ll also teach you how to make highly ozonated oil using our protocol.

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Everything you need to perform ozone therapy at a wholesale price. This package deal includes

1- 10,000 mgh Medical Grade Ozone Generator / 1-6 lpm 94% Oxygen Concentrator

1- Medical Grade Insufflation Ozonator / Ozone Destruct

1- Steam Sauna / Ozone Tent

1- Limb Insufflation bag

1- Ozone Bidet

1- Link from Forever Ozone to you (Your phone number or website)

There are no contracts to sign. Per the terms of service you click on when you check out you agree to indemnify Forever Ozone against litigation and agree to obey all local, State, and Federal laws with your ozone therapy business. You also agree not to advertise that ozone therapy cures any disease. If you do that, yikes! You’ll be in hot water in no time, so don’t even think about it!  Just allow people to enjoy your wonderful ozone therapy sessions without making any promises. You can share scientific research or anecdotal customer information to your customers, but please don’t promise any results or cures.


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