False Ozone Generator Advertising on Amazon and Beyond Running Rampant

Usually. When you buy something on Amazon that says it has x amount of power. It has x amount of power. Such is not the case with ozone generators. I didn’t find ONE ozone generator that correctly stated its ozone output. ALL ozone generators sold on Amazon misrepresent the ozone production. Let me repeat. ALL!

Amazon sells old Chinese ozone technology that runs off ceramic ozone plates that produce 3500 mgh/ozone per hour. Some machines feature the double stacked transformers (a fire hazard, get way too hot) that are said to produce 10,000 mgh. Of course they won’t produce anywhere near that amount of ozone because they get over 140 degrees. Heat destroys ozone. The ozone machines that feature that technology produce ozone for a minute or two then start to produce a burnt ozone smell which is ozone that quickly converts back to oxygen. (from the heat)

The ozone machines sold directly from the Chinese factories on Amazon are lying about their ozone production. They claim to produce 30,000, 40,000, or more ozone. That is false advertising but when the fox is in charge of the chicken coup. That’s what you get. The customers don’t know any better. The Chinese manufacturers are lying. Amazon doesn’t seem to care or doesn’t seem to be able to decern the lies. The prices are cheap enough. Those same machines sold for $100 least year. But there is a reason they’re sold so cheap. One. The technology they sell is a known fire hazard. Two. They are disposable units. Note they don’t offer replacement plates and the plates will only produce a high concentration of ozone for a couple of ozone shock treatments. So they’re basically selling disposable ozone machines on Amazon fobbed off as something 10-20 times more powerful than what it is. Just thought you’d want to know. And if you want to invest in an ozone generator that works in high humidity environments. Doesn’t get too hot. Produces the amount of ozone advertised. Is designed and assembled in the USA. And will stand the test of time. You’re in the right place!

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