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How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19 Entering your House via Groceries, Clothing.

How do prevent bringing Covid-19 or any virus into your home from the outside? Simple. Create an ‘intake’ room where you perform a 30-minute ozone shock treatment on all incoming clothing, shoes, money, groceries, or deliveries. Simply leave those items in the ‘intake’ room, set your Forever Ozone machine for 30 minutes, close the door, and put a towel under the door (and turn off your HVAC system so that it doesn’t force the ozone out into the living area). It takes 40 minutes for the ozone to convert back into oxygen. Return after 40 minutes and open the window to bring in fresh air.

Covid-19 is now part of our landscape. Because it lives for who knows how long on surfaces, it would be wise to disinfect all surfaces of anything that enters your house with an ozone shock treatment to disinfect everything that was exposed to the outside environment. I read they found it survived over 17 days inside of the Cruise ship, so who really knows how long it will survive. I know how long it will survive if subjected to 5 ppm of ozone, minutes. Wouldn’t it be wise for all businesses to perform an ozone shock treatment every night to protect their customers and employees? I believe so. But don’t expect your government to offer up this solution. Ozone is the enemy of Pharma and chemical companies because of its ability to also kill cancer and other diseases. So educate yourself and act accordingly.

Learn how ozone therapy can kill coronavirus within a day. (and cancer, and lupus, and Lymes, etc)

Hard to Keep up with Demand!

Hard to Keep up with Demand!

We have 500 transformer motherboards (used to make our 10g transformer) and 500 plates arriving next week. (around 3-23) 180 sets are already sold. We had a run on ozone plates around the same time people started hoarding toilet paper. We have over 20,000 past customers, and several of them ordered 20-30 plates each, causing us to run out. We still have transformers made and ready to go, and everything else is ready to go. We just didn’t anticipate people hoarding our ozone plates. Now, we’re limiting ozone plate purchases to the number of transformers you buy or bought in the past. However, short term, based on sales patterns, most of those 500 plates/transformers will be gone before we get our next batch around April 4th. We will up our production, but as things get worse, panic can set in at any time and clean us out. Also, if people get wind of the benefits of ozone shock treatments to kill this virus? We may have bigger buyers step in and buy us out of supplies overnight. We are in uncharted territories, really.

We will never run out of ozone plates or transformers! We get shipments ever 2 weeks. There is no need to hoard our ozone plates. None whatsoever.

I also don’t get why people are hoarding toilet paper. You can go online and have Amazon deliver you TP any time. Why hoard it? I think that shows how the MSM brainwashes people to act irrationally. They put scenes of shopping carts rushing to the TP section and fighting over TP as if it were this years ‘hot’ Christmas toy. It’s insane! This just shows you the power of suggestion the MSM possesses. X amount of the general public is a brain-controlled monkey.

Our economy, sadly, and our dollar, the stock market is going to suffer severe once in a generation consequence due to this Coronavirus. The wise will be prepared and will not panic. There really is nothing to fear but fear itself! If you are prepared, if you have faith in God, if you are a good, decent person, you’ll be fine. This virus will change everything in the future the same way 9/11 changes everything having to do with civil liberties 18 years ago. Here is what I think about this situation and how I think we should react.

For starters, we should do away with the use of paper money during this crisis. Paper money harbors this virus for up to 9 days. In nine days, money changes hands dozens if not hundreds of times. China figured out that money was spreading the virus and has been secretly burning paper money or putting it into quarantine. Conspiracy theory advocates will deduce that this is just a pretext to move towards the “beast system” – a cashless society. Maybe so, but it is what it is. This virus is now part of our world and because of the dynamics (can last 9 days on surfaces, it can cause a heart attack the second time you get it) we will have to limit exposure here on out, and this move is a ‘no brainer.”

Secondly, our government should REQUIRE ozone shock treatments overnight in all businesses, especially eating establishments and stores. Ozone shock treatments (our protocol) kills Covid-19 within 10 minutes of exposure to 5ppm ozone gas (in an unoccupied area of course) Businesses should also leave their cash drawer open to kill the virus on the money.) You can’t wipe down all surfaces. You can’t wipe down clothing or paper products, packaging where this virus can survive up to nine days. Not doing this is negligent and assisting the world gov in their sinister depopulation agenda.

Thirdly, anyone with an AirBNB should perform and ozone shock treatment for now on, after someone checks out. I wouldn’t stay in one unless it was ozone shocked. The previous patron could have had it, sneezed, and the virus can be living on a surface or piece of furniture I touch and infect me or my kids. All hotels should also perform ozone shock treatments after each room is turned over.

Of course, these things will not happen because our government is more interested in kowtowing to the chemical and medical establishment than to public safety. Common sense is no longer common anymore. We keep electing Secret Society big Corp shills and we keep getting the same results. More JFK, 9/11, Epstein type lies. One thing is for sure. Your government will not protect you. They have different plans for this world. Only you can protect you, and job number one is to ‘wake up” and realize the truth. Then, act accordingly.

Ozone Generators Compared

Ozone Generators Compared

I spoke with a nice gentleman today, the owner of an ozone business in St Thomas Virgin Islands. He was telling me of his frustration with his Chinese transformer ozone generator bought from a guy he called “Charles.” He said his ozone ‘cannon’ arrived with 2 out of 5 defective transformers. He immediately called Charles, expecting him to make things right. Instead, he was told that his machine was tested to work before it left the ‘factory’ so he was shit out of luck. It was the carriers’ fault, call and bother them. He bought one of my 50K machines and I offered to throw in two free Chinese transformers at cost ($16), the kind in his unit. The kind with the ‘hot’ high voltage red wires that are glued to the ozone plate, making them effectively disposable. I have 20 of those I bought to test. All of the tested samples caught on fire if the fan quit blowing. All failed within a month if used over 12 hours a day. (Terrible invention – a knock off of my transformer my invention)

Those ‘hot’ high voltage red wires on the Chinese ‘double stacked” transformers, if those wires come undone (with high heat) can touch the side of the box. That poses a shock and fire hazard. Most of the cheap ozone generators sold on Amazon feature these disposable transformers. (buyers, beware). Out transformer has a lifetime warranty and was designed to last 10 or more years, even with daily use. (If connected to a fan and run in the manner we recommend, on 30 off 30 for as long as you want.) A 15-30 minute shock treatment is all you need to kill mold, viruses, bacteria, mites, etc at the concentrations our ozone generators create.

Forever Ozone has been in business for over 10 years, and we’re not in this to make money. Real Estate, other investments are how I make money. I got into this business for health and safety reasons. I knew that we live in ‘end times’ and wars, (burning plastic) civil unrest, pandemics (manmade or otherwise) were coming. I knew that owing ozone would represent the blood above the doorway to ward off the angel of death. I know our gov is part of a world order that has a depopulation agenda. I’m not happy about this. (Wrote a book about it in case you’re interested in this type of thing. If you want a signed copy, just let me know. I sell the hard copies for $10 to my customers and friends.) But I created our ozone generators to last, and to be highly effective. If your ozone transformer ever craps out, we’ll replace it for free, gladly! We want you to have ozone! Ozone kills the ‘bad guys” that can kill us. If you choose Forever Ozone, you are supporting a USA company that cares about your health. If you buy products with poorly designed cheap Chinese transformers? Good luck.

Chinese ozone transformer 10,000 mgh
Best Way to Get Rid of Odors

Best Way to Get Rid of Odors

Like all things, there is a ‘best way’ to do just about anything. In this article, a former IAQ tester will share with you what I believe to be the ‘best way’ to get rid of odors.

First, the worst thing you can do is to use Febreze or any other air freshener. They contain many cancer-causing chemicals. Forget about that. If you must mask the odor, use essential oils and do your lungs a favor. Secondly, the first step is to properly clean the floors of any dust (mop, vacuum, etc) Thirdly, to get rid of dust, all you need is to run the HVAC system 24/7 with a MERV 11 furnace filter. I’ve blogged about that several times.

If you want to get rid of pet odors, you’re dealing with urine. You’ll need to rip out carpets and pads. Next, you’ll need to douce the urine stain areas with enzymes. Lastly, you’ll have to perform a one or two-day ozone shock treatment in the unoccupied structure. The best way to do that is one hour on, one hour off via a 24 hour 30-minute timer.

If you want to get rid of cooking or second-hand smoke odors, then you’ll need to clean off surfaces with a de-greaser, clean the carpets with a degreaser (or replace them) and then follow up with a one to four day ozone shock treatment, on hour on and one hour off the whole time. This time, you’ll need to flush all of the byproducts of the oxidized chemicals (now tiny particles) out of the house via a negative pressure technique we preach. It involves opening all of the windows and doors and pointing a 20″ box fan outwards from the lowest window, the rest of the window sealed, to draw air in and force the air out via the box fan. If you don’t do this (and most ozone generator vendors only care about selling you and ozone generator, don’t care about your health, so they won’t tell you this) then those tiny particles will be breathed in deep into the lungs and like second-hand smoke, potentially cause problems for health. (humans and pets) So make sure to do this final step whenever you perform an ozone shock treatment to get rid of second-hand smoke.

Drinking Ozone Water for Weight Loss

Drinking Ozone Water for Weight Loss

If you’ve ever fasted, you know the first few days are the hardest. Your stomach will growl and make all kinds of funny noises. You’ll feel something moving around down there and wonder ‘what the heck is going on down there!” It’s all quite normal as your intestines empty and you’re left with just you and a whole other world, what some call your ‘second brain” that will conduct an all-out mutiny to try and convince your main brain to stuff some food down your throat.

Now, you can do one of three things. 1) Suffer through that tough spot like a battle-tested trooper. Just grin and bear it. 2) Give in and eat. Or 3) Drink some ozone water and quell the rebellion. I suggest you try #3 next time. Here’s why.

Drinking ozonated water on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning) will deposit that water right into your intestines. As fate would have it, the type of bacteria in your gut we call ‘good bacteria” is more plentiful than the harmful bacteria and yeast that ozone wipes out first, simply because of a numbers game. Your body knows what to preserve and what to kick to the curb. For instance, when you fast, your body first gets rid of the fuel sources that it doesn’t need before ultimately eating your organs for fuel right before death. Your guy needs the good bacteria more than the bad, and since the good way outnumbers the bad when you drink ozonated water, the good bacteria will get an upper hand at combating the bad guys (invaders like yeast) that really don’t belong in the first place. Those bad guys cause you to develop things like a sweet tooth or taste for types of food that are not good for you. As a matter of fact, after you fast for one, two, or three weeks, those bacteria all die off naturally and at the end, you crave mostly healthy good veggies and fruits most above all else. You lose your desire to eat junk food, candies, sweets naturally. And ultimately, you lose weight.

To lose weight by drinking ozone water, I recommend a 7-day water fast. Drinking the ozone water will help you mitigate the hunger pangs and your appetite for food in general. Yes, your gut might feel a little queasy as you detox, yes, you might develop a headache as toxins stored in your fat cells re-enter your system (take 2 aspirin and forgetaboutit!) but ultimately, it will give you the “UMPH” you need to get over the hump “Day 3 of a fast” from which it’s all downhill towards your goal of losing 20 or more pounds in 7-10 days.

New Website Format: Please leave reviews – ask questions.

New Website Format: Please leave reviews – ask questions.

This new Forever Ozone website format lends itself for much better customer participation. We feel this is the best way for our company to preach the virtues of ozone moving forward. By giving our customers a platform to share their experiences with our ozone generators with the general public, we feel we can continue to reach more people without having to spend money on expensive advertising campaigns. After all, paid ads aren’t exactly known for their objective impartiality, lol.

So if you own one of our machines, Won’t you join us in this new venture and create a new account so that you can post reviews and join our community? We’d really appreciate it.

We have over 25,000 past customers over the past 9 years. People move, change phone numbers, emails address, etc so we don’t store that type of info. We don’t spam our customers. All we retain is your name and order info from our end. When you call, we can look up your order but we don’t know where you live, your phone number or your email address. We don’t need or care about those things. If you order something, we’ll get that info so no need to store it. The reason why you want to create a new account is that you’ll be part of the WordPress family. You’ll be able to comment on millions of blogs worldwide. Most importantly, you’ll be able to help us better explain how ozone works for our future customers.

It really is us against the International Corporate world. We need to rally together and share information, and this new Forever Ozone website format will help us do just that!

Revamped Forever Ozone Website!

Revamped Forever Ozone Website!

If things look different, they are. In October of 2019, Forever Ozone changed its website platform from Shopify to WordPress. Why?  Many reasons.  Shopify was slow. Their platform caused us to lose valuable ranking in the search engines after the latest Google update. Shopify doesn’t support easy product reviews, something we really loved about our previous service and about our new one.  Basically, WordPress allows for a better customer interaction and better integration with social media, customer questions, reviews, and comments. All of the things we feel will help us connect better with our customers moving forward. 

We hope our customers take a few minutes to offer their input and experience using our ozone generators. We also hope you offer your advice on what you found works best to get rid of odors, kill mites or mold, etc. Forever Ozone is a team effort! Please help us help others, sharing is caring after all!


Info on how, why our transformers attach to a pivoting fan grill.

Forever ozone’s proprietary ozone transformers are made to attach to the front of a pivoting fan grill with the supplied zip ties. Some people also choose to attach them to plexiglass or wood via L brackets. However, they should not be placed on metal surfaces or carpet (for safety reasons) Let me explain.

First, why do we attach our transformers to pivoting fans vs using a 4.5″ computer fan like everyone else? A pivoting fan shoots the ozone straight us towards the roof can move much more air than a small 4.5″ computer fan. Obviously. Why is that important? Since ozone is heavier than air, blowing ozone towards the ceiling is advantageous as it forces air down to the ground level where it can be ozonated.

What’s the problem with placing our ozone transformers on carpet or on metal surfaces? Fire hazard. If it tips over, it can lead to disaster. Placing our transformer on top of a metal surface, for instance, a washing machine can also cause induction to heat up the metal surface if the side of the transformer comes in contact with the metal surface. This is due to the electromagnetic nature of the transformer. So basically, just attach it to a metal fan and if you must put it in ductwork or want to make a machine, mount it with L brackets to an acrylic plate first.

Which side of the ozone plate should face the fan?  If you run the fan on high, have it blow onto the backside of the plate. It will keep that side under 70 degrees and allow air to vortex around the ozone producing side of the ozone plate at a rate that will allow long enough interaction between the electrical spark and the air to create an optimal amount of ozone. Having the air “plane” around both sides (like a fin) will not cool either side properly and will rush by too fast to interact with the corona element. If you have the 9″ fan and run on low you can have the air blow onto the ozone producing side. On high, always best to cool the backside of the ozone plate.

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