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We now accept BTC or ETH at checkout!

We now accept BTC or ETH at checkout!

We added a feature to our shopping cart that allows us to accept Bitcoin or Ether as payment.

I’m a long-time crypto investor who just found out WordPress supports Crypto payments, so this is a ‘no-brainer.’ Just choose “CryptocurrencyCheckout” after you fill out your shipping information at checkout. Click on the blue “Pay with CryptocurrencyCheckout” button on the email you receive to make your payment via your wallet to ours. Simple as that!

The more online stores that join the party and start accepting crypto for payment, the better for the value of our crypto investments. If you own crypto, please pay with crypto and spread the word! Support businesses that accept crypto.

Forever Ozone’s Move to Arkansas Complete!

Forever Ozone’s Move to Arkansas Complete!

Today, 11/12/2020 we sign our new lease in Fairfield Bay Arkansas. I moved Forever Ozone from California to get back to nature. To family values. To sanity. It’s been a touch 10 days (moves are not easy) but we’re now set-up and ready to start shipping again!

We left supplies behind in San Diego to take care of the orders placed during this two week move but I see we ran out of our best sellers pretty quickly. We’re all stocked up on raw materials and will get all past orders out by tomorrow so that hopefully they arrive by this coming Monday. If you experienced a delay in your shipment, we will issue a partial refund of 10% to your order, along with our apologies.

This is going to be an exciting time for Forever Ozone! We are partnering with a genius inventor who lives here in Fairfield Bay to market many new products, including some new ozone inventions I’ll be able to share with you soon.

An big “THANK YOU” to all of our loyal customers! We look forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead and being able to continue providing you with the best ozone generators in the world.

office AR

Our physical address is 14469 Hwy 16 East, Ste 4, Shirley AR, 72153 just outside Fairfield Bay, next to the Craven’s and Dollar General store.  I’m so happy we’ve gone Country. 

New Commercial Ozone Machine – Humidity proof!

New Commercial Ozone Machine – Humidity proof!

I’ve been working on this product for a while. This so-called “pandemic” has really thrown a monkey wrench into production capabilities, so we’ve had to adapt. We made a deal with a large stainless steel fabricator to make us what I feel is the best commercial ozone generator on the market, at any price!

This commercial ozone generator solves a few problems, mainly:

  1. Humidity issues. At 70% humidity, the amount of ozone a ceramic plate ozone generator can produce is reduced by 70%. Up to now, the solution has been UV lamp ozone generators. The problem; they’re too expensive, (over $2000 on avg) and the UV lamps lose power with every use. This new quartz tube technology solves that problem. Best of all, it never wears out, no need for replacement ozone plates (quartz tube comes with a lifetime warranty, along with the transformer).
  2. Heat issues. Heat destroys ozone. Most ceramic ozone plates run at around 150 degrees! That’s not good, especially during summer months. This technology runs cool. Under 90 degrees. That helps prevent NoX production (that burnt ozone smell that lingers for days that you get when you utilize a ceramic plate ozone generator)
  3. Shoots ozone towards roof: This unit comes with a 9″ metal fan that slides under the ozone generator and will blow the ozone being produced straight up towards the roof. This is important because ozone is heavier than air, and most ozone generators utilize a 4.5″ computer fan and blows the ozone sideways. That will create an ozone cloud near the unit, but leave the air near the roof ozone free. This innovative design also allows you to attach an 12″ blower / PVC HVAC hose (sold for $170 more) for jobs that require blowing ozone into the attic or basement.

We also sell a 0-20 ppm ozone sensor for $299 (retails for $799 elsewhere) for our customers who buy our commercial ozone generator.

Shipping is free to the West coast, Central states and East coast pay’s $20 for UPS ground shipping. (Call to order if you’re not sure)

Warranty: Lifetime, transformer and ozone tube.

Starting to rebuild our stock. New products coming this week.

Starting to rebuild our stock. New products coming this week.

We’re finally going to be caught up on our backorders this week! Until we are caught up (by Thursday) we don’t want to up items besides the room $99 machine back in stock, out of consideration for those with backorders.

We’re also going to add several new products we’ve been working on to our product offering, so check back soon!

Update on back-ordered items.

Update on back-ordered items.

Thanks to all of our customers who have been patiently waiting for back ordered items! We received plates and ozone tubes today and will receive transformers and more plates next week.

Shipping went from $7 per kg to $40 a kg from China. This is why you’ll find even Amazon is taking weeks instead of days to deliver things as of late. It’s just to expensive to ship things by air, they have to go on the slow boat from China (until USA starts making electronic parts – don’t hold your breath!)

I’ll start putting things back up for sale in the coming days. I want to get throught the back-orders first (over 100) by Saturday. If you ordered something and have been waiting, it should arrive to you by early next week. If not, please give me a call at 619-874-3904 (my cell) so I can check on it for you. Please don’t email. I get over 100 emails a day, lots of spam.

Finally Caught Up!

Finally Caught Up!

Tomorrow we’ll get the last of the air ozone generator backorders out and start working on some stray phone orders that never got processed. I worked until 11 PM all last week and even this weekend to accomplish this feat. Let me explain why it was so difficult.

We do local ozone fumigation (pest control, to sanitize surfaces of viruses, etc) and since we ran out of our 10g solid-state ozone transformers, we went back to using our 3.5g, 5g, and 7g ozone plates. We have an ozone meter that works with a cell phone app to tell us the parts per million of ozone (we decided to sell this unit, ordered 10 that will be here soon. $500 for the standard model and $600 for the one with the cell phone app -wifi feature – a must-have for contractors!) and we noticed that the lower-powered units we were utilizing were achieving a higher part per million of ozone concentration faster than the 10g plates. We figured out the reason why. Placing several lower powered units around a residence does a better job than one or two high powered units. So we decided to discontinue selling 10g transformers (we will still stock the 10g ozone plates, however). We will now recommend 14g max per fan (two 7g transformers-plates) spread around your residence or office.

The seven-gram transformer and plate is our new ‘go-to’ product for ozone shock treatments. We can fit two of these transformers on a 9 or 12-inch metal fan pivoting fan that throws the ozone straight up towards the roof. We also designed several new commercial ozone generators we will unveil soon. They are encased and come with the ozone plate attached.

We are still waiting for out 5g ozone transformers and tubes. We should be getting them within the coming 2 weeks, God willing. These are some crazy times. God help us all!

Product – Order Update

Product – Order Update

We’re a two-person operation. Me and my son. That changes next month as I will join forces to expand the business and grow our product line but for now, that’s all we’ve got.

I’m spending 5 hours a day answering the phone and haven’t had time to answer emails lately. That’s a first. I’ll get caught up on emails this weekend. We’re struggling to fill backorders and create new product offerings at the same time. If you do have a backorder, can you please wait until next week please to inquire? We will be getting product out all this week and should be caught up by next week.

As for product update, we’re still out of the 5g ozone machine. We’ve ordered the parts over a month ago but the factory didn’t send it in this last batch. Reason? Fedex increased the shipping price from $8 a kilo to $40 a kilo, and they simply deducted product since I pre-paid shipping a month ago (rather than ask me for more money) That’s how they roll over there. I’m so blessed I don’t rely on them but for a few electronic parts. It’s hard to run a business like not knowing if what you order is what you’ll get.

Also, we’re re-designing our units to create more ozone. This downtime has allowed us to do a lot of R&D and testing. We have an ozone meter (we’ll soon start to sell it for $500 to contractors, others sell the same meter for $600) that allows us to see the parts per million we get when we perform ozone shock treatments in our area, mostly for AirBnB’s and a few Apt complexes. We’ve found we can create higher concentrations of ozone spreading machines about and using 5g instead of 10g ozone plates. They run a lot cooler than the 10g transformers and plates, so that’s what we’re going to offer in the future. Two 5g ozone machines spread 15-20 feet apart create a higher ozone concentration than one 10g unit. So a 30-50g machine for instance will create the same concentration as two 5g units spread 20 feet apart. We were shocked at the finding, didn’t expect that. So we’re going to change our product offering soon to something that will cost less and produce better results. And best of all, our ozone transformers have a lifetime warranty and removable ozone plates! The Chinese made machines are disposable and crap out within a year due to the way they’re engineered and designed. The thin strips of copper in the electronic timers, on off switch rust from the close, high ozone output, within a year, and that causes the unit to fail. Shipping it back for repair will cost you more than one of our machines. That’s why we say, eventually all ozone users will become Forever Ozone customers, lol. Just give it some time! Once you go through our competition repair process, you’ll see the light!

We thank you for your patience during this time. We’re excited for the upgrades we’ve made to our product offerings and will update our website this weekend. If you have a backorder, it’s coming (except for the 5g water machines, they”re a few weeks out still) Please wait until next week, or this weekend, to call. God Bless, and stay fearless!

Getting Supplies Today!

Getting Supplies Today!

Finally. Thanks for your patience. We should be able to get all backorders out by Thursday so that you get your item by the end of this week via USPS Priority-mail.

Looking forward, we have developed new machines during this down time that we will unveil tomorrow. Machines that do not require any assembly and stay cooler, create higher ozone concentrations. Check back soon for more information.

We’ll be able to get most backorders to you by the end of this week. By Wednesday, we’ll have some new unit offerings. Thanks again for the patience! Mike

Using Ozone to Treat or Cure Covid-19.

Using Ozone to Treat or Cure Covid-19.

I got a warning letter from the FTC this morning because one of my blog posts suggesting ozone therapy seems to hold great promise in the treatment of Covid-19. Also, it has been shown to kill the SARS coronavirus (similar to Covid-19). The lawyer’s warning letter said the things I blogged about (Blog post has been deleted) were unsubstantiated and not backed up by any medical studies and thus, was in violation of the FTC Act 15 U.S.C – 41. That law makes it a Federal Offense to advertise that a product can cure or treat a disease without FDA approved clinical studies, etc. The letter also suggested I make sure I am not making any claims on our website that ozone can treat or cure anything. I was given 48 hours to fix the situation.

I got some good counsel today, and boy did I get an earful! I was advised to put the disclaimer you now see on the bottom of most of our website and strongly advised against ever making any ‘cure or treatment” claims again. (Even though I don’t feel I did, and I certainly didn’t mean to do so.)

I got into ozone because I believe in ozone and what it can do, and to save people money! I can sleep well at night knowing the products we sell are loved by our customers. I love hearing the positive testimonials and feeling their ‘ozone love’. I feel I get ‘good karma’ selling the ozone products we invented and sell. I’m also happy that we take good care of our customers and make sure they use our ozone products correctly.

I do understand why our Federal authorities are cracking down on anyone who claims to have a ‘cure’ for Covid-19. That was not and is not my assertion, to be clear! Ozone has been approved by our government for use in a variety of industries, such as water treatment, food processing, smoke and mold remediation, and several other applications, but it has not been approved for treating any disease, at least not in the USA. So, to comply with the law, and that is my intention (in order to stay in business), I put a disclaimer on the bottom of most all of our website pages. (UPDATE: The FTC lawyer said we are now in compliance, no problems here, and thanks for said compliance moving forward.)

The EPA has not approved any ozone generator or UV machine to kill Covid-19. Why not, if both have been shown to kill viruses? Yes, but that does not mean the EPA is in the business of approving UV or ozone to kill anything or cure anything! I don’t want to speak for the EPA. Read why yourself here. I quote: “These are examples of pesticidal devices. A pesticidal device is an instrument or other machine that is used to destroy, repel, trap or mitigate any pests, including bacteria and viruses. Unlike chemical pesticides, EPA does not routinely review the safety or efficacy of pesticidal devices, and therefore cannot confirm whether, or under what circumstances, such products might be effective against the spread of COVID-19. Accordingly, List N only includes surface disinfectants registered by EPA and does not include devices.”

Forever Ozone does not claim that our water ozonators can cure or treat Covid-19, or that our air ozone generators can kill the Covid-19 virus (or any virus) on surfaces. I don’t expect any such studies to be performed in the USA either that would prove otherwise. It’s very expensive and the headwinds from certain industries and lobbies would not make that a prudent endeavor in my opinion.

So to recap, Forever Ozone is on a mission to educate customers on the best way to use ozone safely, act as a contractor in the eyes of the law to utilize ozone in the ways that are approved by our government. We’ll will continue to focus on taking good care of our customers and providing the best products at the lowest prices possible to our beloved customers. A big “thank you” to our 30,000 past customers for your continued support!

Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs (see EPA warning on ozone air purifiers) We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by Contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY! Please use as directed for air shock treatments, and only if you feel you can competently follow instructions.

Updated Product Status

Updated Product Status

The factory that makes our parts did their job. They handed our products off to the shipping company (in this case, Fedex) on April 15th. ETA was April 24th since the supply chain is backed up right now. I’ve noticed for the past few days that our products are being held up “on hold” so I called today to find what’s going on. I was told that there are not enough FedEx planes in the supply chain pipeline (FedEx piggybacks off commercial flights to move product from overseas) that things are backed up. The queue is usually a day or so but right now it’s 2-3 weeks, which is unbelievable to me. What used to take 3-4 days tops is now taking 2-4 weeks!

This dynamic ‘is what it is.’ I’m very frustrated but there is nothing I can do, and I pray our customers will likewise bear with us during this difficult time. The good news is that odds are we get our parts next week, from what I’m being told, and that we’ll have enough supplies to last about a month.

This downtime has given us time to experiment with new designs and come up with a few new innovations that create higher ozone concentrations. We’ll share that research and those products next week when we get our products. in stock. Because of this wait, not only will you have received free ozone machines (that is still in effect until the day before we get our shipment next week, whenever that is), but you will also get a machine that creates higher ozone concentrations once you do finally get your machine! That’s the silver lining in all of this I guess.

Looking forward, I do feel that the powers that be and the dynamic in play are going to make it harder to obtain ozone generators in the future. Not just from us, but from any source. What I am watching unfurl is a slow-motion economic train wreck that makes little sense to me. Having ozone in your corner will allow you to overcome many of the health challenges that we as a people, we as a Nation will be facing here on out. Ozone truly is a “God” particle that kills the ‘bad guys’ that can rob us of our health, and I am proud to offer a USA designed product that can stand the test of time to our customers.

Thanks again for your patience. Remember to always ‘mind your soul,” God Bless and take care. Mike