A Cheap Air Purifier Solution.

I got out of the air purifier business (sold air purifiers online as well as mold test kits, UVC in duct units, even nano tio2 liquid) because I realized that for dust, a MERV 11 filter is all you needed to take care of dust issues in a home. Most dust is in the 3-10 micron size, and a MERV 11 filter easily captures those particles thanks to an air handler’s high CFM air moving capability.

Besides learning that your HVAC system was your best air purifier option, I also found out that the most effective way to sanitize indoor air and all surfaces is with an ozone shock treatment. Sanitizing all surfaces and your indoor air with ozone also kills mites (and breaks down their feces – number one indoor air allergen). Well, that was it, I could no longer make money selling air purifiers. I need to feel good about what I sell – make people happy. 

Many customers have asked me about air purifiers over the years, some wonder if this machine or that machine is a good buy. I always say the same thing. ALL low CADR (clean air delivery rate) tabletop type air purifiers are a waste of money. I’ve blogged about it many times. However, what if you don’t have an HVAC system? Hmmmm. Well, I recently moved into a beach condo without an HVAC system myself, and that lead me to dig back into my bag of previously learned air cleaning tricks to create what I feel is the best cheap air purifier solution that we now offer on Foreverozone.com.

Being able to move a large amount of air is what is takes to effectively remove dust and mold from the air. We constantly kick up dust when we move around so being able to filter all of the air in a room 5-10 times an hour is what it takes to remove the allergens that constantly get kicked up as we move around. For the price, nothing moves more air than a 20″ box fan. (Good ones with a metal frame $22-$28) I like the Lasko brand myself. Metal frame, made in the USA, moves over 2400 cubic feet of air per minute. That takes care of the fan, what about the filter?

HEPA filters work, but the machines they’re in don’t move enough air. The exception is the Airpura brand. That 360-degree design brings in air from all angles and their 3″ HEPA filter works great. It moves enough air to get the job done. Tabletop air purifiers and small air purifiers? Total waste of money. Back to my choice of filter. If you don’t have an HVAC system that moves thousands of feet of air per minute, then the best solution is a 20″ box can and a MERV 11 furnace filter, our “cheap air purifier” solution. We add ozone, carbon, UVC, and Tio2 Mesh options, but the air moving and dust collection takes place with the box fan and MERV 11 filter. This combo will remove more dust (by volume) MUCH FASTER than any mid-range air purifier on the market. Having a high CADR (clean air delivery rate) is essential for removing dust, and while a box fan with a MERV 11 filter combo hasn’t been tested for CADR, this video does show that it has a very high clean air delivery rate. CADR is measured by CFM airflow rate x % efficiency at removing particles. While a HEPA filter can remove more particles than a MERV 11 filter, their low CFM airflow rate vs a 2400 CFM box fan still gives the dust removal title to our cheap air purifier solution. 

So here’s the deal. If you have an HVAC system, you’re good. All you need to do is run the system in the “ON” position 24/7 and then replace your MERV 11 filters once every 3 weeks or so. (they’ll turn dark gray / better them than your lungs!) However, if you don’t have an HVAC system, then I think our Forever Ozone Air Purifier Solutions offer the best “bang for your buck” in addressing any indoor air quality issue you might have. Dust. Mold. VOC’s, second-hand smoke, or all of the above. How? By attaching the carbon or MERV 11 filters to the 20″ box can and utilizing ozone shock treatments or UV – UVC oxidizers to the air, you can address any indoor air quality issue cheaply and probably more effectively than most expensive air purifiers on the market. TIP: I take the box fan/filter outside weekly and use a high-pressure blower (you can buy it in can form) to remove all of the dust the filter has collected during the week. During the week, when I vacuum, I suck dust right off the filter while the unit is still running. I think I can get this filter to last many months if I continue to do this. 

Clean air and clean water should be easy to obtain, but it isn’t. We need both to live healthy disease-free lives. The powers that be want to push ineffective, expensive solutions upon the masses while suppressing the amazing air sanitizing abilities of ozone. I think these air purifier solutions will out-perform the competition because it’s just a matter of CFM physics. You need to move a lot of air to filter out particles, and you need to utilize oxidizers to sanitize the air. The Bible says that the truth shall set you free. I agree. In this case, free of dirty air and free of wasting money on ineffective solutions in place of cheap, effective ones.