Our Ozone Transformers vs. Chinese Transformers

We knew that eventually the Chinese would copy our “open-air” or as we call it our “bare-bones” ozone generator design, and finally, they did.

Their idea is to stack two 5g ozone plates on top of each other and cement the red high voltage wires to those plates while allowing the high voltage to travel up and down the two columbs. This is a terrible idea for several reasons, mainly:

  1. The transformer has to sit flush (ours sit sideways for proper cooling) and this causes their transformers to get very hot.
  2. They also decided it was a good idea to electrify the the plastic mounts (columns) with high voltage electricity.
  3. They also decided to cement the red high voltage wires to the ozone plates. (ours has a removable plate) What happens when it’s time to change the plate? What happens if the red wire comes loose? What happens when the high voltage causes the plastic columbs or the plastic transformer to catch fire?

This new design needs to be changed as soon as possible to prevent problems. At the very least they should only use metal separators in the columns (common sense) and not plastic! That is rediculous. We don’t mean to help our competition but this is for the good of the ozone industry. Bad designs like this make all ozone generator manfuactures look bad in my opinion.

Our solid-state ozone generator transformer has an embedded ozone plate holder that allows for easy plug in and removal of the ozone palte. It was invented like this for 2 reasons. One, the shorter the distance between the ozone plate and the transformer the less electricity loss. Secondly, safety. The two red high voltage wires, if they touch, or come loose, can cause a fire hazard. If the solder (or in with some others such as this one cement) comes loose from the plate or white base, that live wire also presents a shock hazard. Those things are not an issue with our proprietary design.

If someone does utilize these devices, they place them on concrete and they don’t run them for very long. They’re sure to over heat in no time!

UPDATE: They took our advise and changed the column separators to metal. GOOD JOB! That helps with that issue. They still cement the wires to the ozone plates with a white cement that’s not available to consumers in the USA. Those transformers are basically disposable once the plates go bad, and based on the design, the plates are sure to crack and start sparking within no time, especially if the users run them for more than 10-20 minutes. Buyer beware!