Ozone Generators for Odor Removal. What is Needed?

What is needed is a lot more “ozone power” than what you get from the typical Chinese made ozone generator, the type you find on Amazon and eBay. Here is why.

1) Heat destroys ozone. The air glides over both sides of the ozone plates in those types of ozone generators at the same time, not creating the air friction needed to properly cool the ozone plate! A test with a heat sensor reveals that those ozone plates get up to 140 degrees. At those temperatures, the ozone plates hardly creates any ozone, about 10-20% of what they are rated to create.

2) Humidity in the air reduces the amount of ozone that can be created with corona discharge ozone generators. The UV lamp ozone generators (very expensive, some over $2000) can produce pure ozone with elevated humidity levels, but a 50% humidity level will reduce the amount of ozone that can be created by 50%. If the humidity is 70%, you get a 70% reduction, so on and so forth.

When you plug those two factors into a formula on how much ozone you need to create high enough ozone concentrations to permanently reverse second-hand smoke damage, kill mold, kill mites, etc, you find that one Chinese made ozone generator will only freshen the air, it won’t permanently get rid of odors, kill mold, kill mites, or basically do the job it was intended to do.

What is needed to get the job done right? That depends on the humidity level. Let’s say your structure is 1200 square feet and the humidity levels in your home are 50%. You need at least 24,000 milligrams of ozone per hour to create the high parts per million of ozone power to get the job done right. If you have a 2000 square foot structure with 25% humidity, you can get buy with 30,000 milligrams as well, so you see, the humidity plays a large role in determining how much ozone power you will need. We recommend using dehumidifiers to lower the humidity, and to lower the temperature as low as possible during the ozone shock treatment. We also recommend using negative pressure to draw fresh air in after the ozone shock treatment to flush out the treated air and bring in fresh air by opening windows and using a strong fan to force air out, with the help of a tarp and some duct tape.

Getting professional results with an ozone shock treatment is more than just buying a cheap ozone generator and moving it around. You need to take into consideration the humidity levels and buy enough ozone power to get the job done right, and you need to bring in fresh air after the ozone shock treatment, not just let the ozonated air to linger. You won’t hear that anywhere but here, but it’s the truth, and the truth shall set you free (of the problems associated with toxic indoor air, in this case)