Tired of Mites? Behold. A ‘Final Solution’ that is 100% Effective vs Mites.

If any biological application in this matrix is worthy of having a ‘final solution’ conjured up that leads to the 100% eradication of this annoying, life disrupting pest, it is biting mites! They were no doubt spawned in hell. The measure of their creation is to steal the peace and health of humans. Based on the evidence (they only attack certain hosts in an environment), their seems to be a dark energy aura around these creatures and their mission to steal the peace and happiness of the victim/host. For these reasons. I am always looking for new solutions that work vs mites. This post is to share the latest.

I have hundreds of customers who have used our ozone generators to eradicate a mite infestation. I’ve spent countless hours over the years going back and forth, gathering information on what works and what doesn’t, and listening. A kind female customer in Louisiana shared with me a protocol she said helped her get over the final hurdle in dealing with her mite infestation, killing the mites that take up shop in her eyes and ears. (disgusting, I know).

When you’re a host, certain types of mites will find refuge in your ears and eyes. The solution for these kinds of mites: Hypochlorous Acid + hand held fogger. (product page) You can buy directly from Amazon or from us if you don’t have Prime (we will sell at our cost if you also buy an ozone generator from us) The mist that comes out of this rechargeable misting gun can be sprayed right into your eyes, ears, even lungs! This Hypochlorous Acid isn’t toxic to humans, but it is toxic to mites, viruses, and bacteria. It’s much milder than ozone, only about 1/4 of the oxidizing power, but that’s enough to kill mites if you hit them with this mist again and again over a few hour period. Relief comes almost instantly, and if you keep up with it, and ozone shock your environment (and fog certain areas, in particular you couch and bed), you will discover this provides the final nail in your mite infestations coffin. Indeed a final solution to the problem!

Now that it’s getting warmer, I will add one last step that you can also employ. Heat and reducing humidity. Most mites require around 50% humidity to survive. And high heat is known to kill mites and bed bugs. So the Forever Ozone solution to mites also includes the use of a dehumidifier and heat in the mite killing process. Put a space heater in your bedroom when you go to work, along with a dehumidifier. Crank up the heat to over 100 if you can, and humidity to under 30%. Spray your bed with HOCL first. Then drop the temperature as low as you can and hit them for 30 minutes with ozone to finish up the process. This process will send these little demons back to the depths of hell for good! (If you’ve ever suffered an infestation, you’ll understand my wording)

HOCL Acid Hand Held Fogger. $45
Fill with HOCL Acid. Safe for Humans. Fatal for Mites
Here is the HOCL we recommend. Around $30 for a years supply

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