New Mite and Virus Killing Products

The US gov doesn’t like ozone. They however allow industry to utilize milder oxidizers (made my chemical companies near and dear to the Intl Corps hearts) like Hypochlorous Acid which is said to be harmless to humans but very effective at killing surface viruses. The good news is that HOCL also kills mites! And it’s safe to spray into your eyes, nose, and ears. Even your lungs. It’s a great solution for those who suffer from the types of mites that take up shop in the eyes, ears, and nose (heaven forbid, it’s a nightmare) .

Read my last blog post for a multi-tiered approach at addressing a mite infestation that also includes these two new products we sell (as an ‘add-on’ product; for sale with purchase of an ozone generator). I’ve been using this HOCL fogging gun for months now. I use it to spray down my bed, pillows, and car from time to time (during an ozone shock treatment usually) I’ve also sprayed it into my eyes, nose, and ears to make sure it’s safe (before recommending it to my customers) and so far, all good! It smells a little like hydrogen peroxide which is also a mild oxidizer. I’ve also used it to nebulize hydrogen peroxide and to spray that into my eyes, ears, and nose with no problems. I was starting to get nose congestion a few weeks ago and this seemed to make it go away fast. I’m happy to add this to my ‘anti bad guy’ arsenal and happy to offer this product to Forever Ozone customers. Enjoy! I know you will!

Click product picture to go to product page
Click product picture to go to product page

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