dust mites

I’ve been getting 10-15 calls a week lately out of nowhere (used to get zero) about skin mite infestations and how our products are being used to treat the condition. What’s going on out there???  I thought I’d blog about this to pass along the feedback our customers have been giving me and offer an exclusive deal to help fight this menacing condition. 

1) Do ozone shock treatments in your living area and car.  One hour every 4 or 5 hours spaced apart for a week will kill any mite on any surface.

 2) Attack the mites on your skin with a triad of lethal mite killing weapons:  ozonated water, ozonated oil, and ozone from the end of a silicone tube to pound them relentlessly until you are 100% mite free. 

 Our DIGITAL WATER OZONATOR or our 1000 MG/H WATER AND OIL OZONATOR should be used for ozone baths and to shoot air ozone directly onto the infected areas (while outdoors or in an area with proper ventilation so that you don’t breath the ozone) and also to make ozonated oil. The ozonated oil should be applied just before you go to sleep. During the day you can attack the mites with the ozone water, at night, hit them with the highly ozonated oil you create with our water ozonator.  You can’t buy ozonated oil with a high ozone concentration because the ozone in the oil will revert to oxygen in 40 minutes at room temps. Sure, the oil will still smell like ozone, but will it have any ozone? No. The nature of ozone is to be very unstable at room temps and revert to oxygen, regardless of the media, air, water or oil. However, you can make your own ozonated oil with our 1000 mg/h ozonator with a fan.  (We give detailed instructions on how to do it)  I’ve found that oil made using our protocol stays for months in the fridge, and has excellent therapeutic qualities.  Research the oils before making them; some are not for human consumption (tea tree for instance). They’re only useful for skin ointments. 

If you feel sorry for mites, then you might want to reconsider using ozone to attack them from 3 fronts, the poor little devils won’t stand a chance!  But if you’re tired of having them wreak havoc upon your health, NUKE THEM WITH ULTRA HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF OZONE!  Going room by room won’t work, you need a whole home solution, and we have the best deals on entire home commercial ozone generators bar none!


  1. Have u observed the killing of a demodex mite with ozonated water? If so how long did it take for ozonated water to kill a demodex mite?

    1. No. However. I have killed them with a 30 minutes ozonated tent session. (Ozone sauna) You pop your head out of a heat sauna and run it at 110 degrees for 15 minutes. Open it up to let the heat out. Then fill it with ozone and let the ozone penetrate your skin for 30 minutes at room temperatures. Once you get out. You can run your hand over the infested area and let them drop onto a piece of white paper and use an amplifier tool to confirm the type of mite you have. Whatever type it is. It’s going to die. Our $129 ozonator can be used with the $130 ozone sauna for that protocol.

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